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Monday, December 20, 2010


Subic is known for its beaches, for the safari and even for the monkeys. But who knew, Subic can be an adventure-seeker destination for a thrilling nature escapade.

Tree Top Adventure, located at Jest Area in Subic is the spot. At first glance, it was like being in the set of “Avatar” with tall trees invading the rest of the forest. Then looking closely, you’ll notice metal platforms and bridges connecting one tree to another. It was like having a city on top of the trees, seeing people walking and running here and there instead of Avatars or monkeys.

The adventure started with a simple briefing courtesy of the friendly TREE TOP staff. He immediately introduced all sorts of activities in the place.

Starting off with the trekking and jungle survival demo, which would involve hiking through the trail at the forest. It would take 30 to 45 minutes to go around the forest and would involve a basic workshop on jungle survival. It would be a good activity for the nature lover as you would be exploring and discovering different tree and animal species along the way.

Another way to explore the forest would be from the top by means of the “Canopy Ride” which we preferred to take because we were too lazy to walk. It involves chairs hanging on cables way above the trees. It was like seeing the forest in a bird’s eye view. It’s actually pretty amazing to explore the forest while different birds and insects are joining the expedition. It would feel like you are a part of the Tomb Raider journey, or if you are like myself, I felt like I was Lara Croft.

Next would be the famous “Interactive Free Fall”. Groups are teamed up in three’s according to individual weights. The ride would consist of a metal structure where in you will be harnessed to a horizontal pole around the waist area, and then you will be holding on to a rail just above your head and standing on a slim beam. If that is not enough to make your heart bounce out of your chest, the ride would go up and down about eight times as if you’re endlessly being thrown up and falling down over and over. After that ride’s over, do expect to get weak in the knees.

Next stop, “Superman Ride”! It is actually like that of the usual zipline set-up. You will be strapped on cables in a superman-like position. The only difference is the ride would start by pulling you backwards above the taunting trees that felt so tiny if you’re way up then pulling you again, this time facing ahead. Somehow, it felt like the ride should have been called “Slingshot Ride” because it really felt like that.

But the thrill and scare doesn’t end there, because for the finale, we went on for the “Tree Drop” wherein you will literally be dropped from the top of the tree, with harness of course. But the feeling was beyond imaginable. For a second or two, you will experience what it feels like falling without control. It was way exciting and scarier than riding a roller coaster. Because this time, you will be facing the ground, with just a harness on your waist just like in the movie, “Mission Impossible”. The difference is this involves a quick drop that ranges from two to three seconds maxed. And facing downward, it was like you will be face flat on the ground. But then, around 5 feet off the ground, the drop will smoothly end, it kind of made me feel like praying for gratitude for my second life.

But if you feel like this is too much for you, you could opt for the “Silver Surfer Ride” where in you will hang from a structure that goes left and right, swinging you a few times. It was like surfing without water and high above the ground.

Subic really did evolve from that US Military base we once knew. At present, it is a nearby available destination for families and friends whether you’re looking for thrills or just plain fun. The good news is, it wouldn’t cost much and would not burn a hole in your pockets. Packages at Tree Top Adventure starts at around P500.00 only and the complete package would be around P1,500.00.

For more information on Tree Top Adventure, log in to http://www.treetopadventuresubic.com or call (047) 252-9427.

Monday, December 13, 2010

To find or not to find a DATE?

This morning while I was taking a shower, my mind was flying wild with my imagination and it dragged me to think about dating.

Dating or hooking up is hard. The hassle of getting to know people is a mind-blowing exhausting activity that I don’t like to drag myself into. Then there’s also the risk of meeting borderline psychos that could be fatal.

I’ve had my share of scary or funny dating stories. Some are quite nice to talk about, especially if it’s the funny in a “blooper” kind of way, but some, I don’t dare to share. Just the mere thought of it makes me cringe.

Then as soon as I went out of the bathroom, I asked the first three people I saw: my mom, my yaya and my guy friend who slept over the night before.

Is it so hard to date? Or is it harder to find a date?

Well, both are hard. But I guess the quick conversation led me to the thought that finding a date is harder. It’s not because less and less people are available, but it’s more of the “how to attract people and let them know I am worth the try” kinda thing.

This made me pause a little bit. They were right; getting someone’s attention is harder than actually being on a date. The first step is always the hard one huh?

My mom said it’s all about the physical appearance. Yes, people may say they don’t care about looks but then, it’s always the looks of a person that catches the first glance. Once you’re hooked with the looks, then you’ll be tempted to get-to-know the person. And that’s the only time you’ll get to appreciate the personality. Hooking up/Dating usually goes this pattern: “Outside then Inside” and not the other way around.

She (my mom) has a point. Yeah, no matter how many people swear that they don’t care about the looks, they are bound to get hooked by it no matter what.

So… if this is the case… isn’t it a little too discriminating? I mean, let’s face it, not everyone are blessed with Angelina Jolie lips, Katy Perry eyes and Megan Fox body. How about the rest of us? If you’re the average gal around the corner… who would dare ask you out if you’re standing next to a Barbie doll look alike?

Maybe that’s why online chatting had been invented. I mean, even without the flawless looks, you could attract people through conversation. But then, I tried one of those chat rooms, I met quite a lot of people I enjoyed chatting with but when I met them up personally… I died with boredom plus they weren’t really eye-candy.

So maybe it’s good to try speed dating? I haven’t really tried it… but then, at least you get to talk to the actual person, even in a very limited time. And you would be pressured to talk to them even without the physical attraction coz you are bound to sit in front of them for a time. I mean, the person’s there… the least you could do is talk…
So with all these mumbo jumbo of dating… what have I really learned?

That it’s best to know your best assets and enhance it… both outside and inside. If you have quite nice pair of eyes… why not improve it with make-up or something? or if you got nice legs, wear shorts. Then don’t forget what’s there on the inside… show your sense of humor… intelligence… your free spirit or whatever. Maybe the key is balance. You may not be as hot as Beyonce or as funny as Ellen Degeneres… but at least you got a bit of a thing or two you can be confident about…

Or maybe, if you believe in fate and destiny…. it is just a matter of being the right package for the right person. But to the rest of the world like me, it wouldn’t hurt to be a better person… it would be easier to market a good product with a little advertisements than a bad product with false ads. And don’t forget to improve physically… sometimes it’s also about the packaging.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The day was 10-10-10 and it was time for the RUN FOR PASIG RIVER. A run for a cause: aiming to raise fund and save the famous Pasig River. It was also the day of my very first run in my life. And a chance to fulfill one experiences listed in my birthday bucket list.

But what supposed to be a “fun” run turned into a nightmare… my friend, Mai gave me the perfect term for it, “HELL RUN”.

It was disorganized for a lot of reasons; here are some:

1. No designated parking slots
2. No proper signage; directions
3. Recruiting uninterested and non-participative registrants who walked their way towards the finish line
4. Crowd control was a disaster…. They did not anticipated the swarm of runners and ended up in one place with lack of space
5. Lack of liquid supply; Runners would appreciate more water stations… we would even appreciate beverage selling booths… we just need to be hydrated
6. Again, another crowd control disaster – we were running with people who weren’t even registered…
7. Lack of security – I was pushed out of my line while I was trying to get the finisher’s band… and guess what, no security personnel was there to respond
8. Poor time management

So what did I get with this experience?

1. I signed up for a 3KM run and ended up walking and running for I think, more than 5km… coz I got lost and the parking I was able to get was like 1.5 to 2km away from the starting and finish line. And coz of the crowded space, I spent like an hour or two just looking for my running buddy.
2. I got pushed around and suffocated with sweaty crazy and angry runners while we were trying to get hold of the finisher’s band
3. The only souvenir I got from this run are photos I took and that piece of paper with a number on it that wasn’t even taken much importance to
4. And I got sore feet for running, walking, skipping, jumping, gliding and dancing past the “walking” runners! It was a full body work-out, I tell you

To summarize it, IT WAS HELL. But I still intend to join more local runs soon, maybe just not as big as this one… I’d rather join those little runs in Global City. It’s a bit more expensive but I’ll take that over getting abused by circumstances.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Birthday Bucket List

Little less than a month from now, I shall be turning 25. I’m a quarter passed life… my good friend even went through a what you call “quarter-life crisis”… but for me turning 25 meant a year closer to the END.

Okay, don’t freak out. I am not EMO… it’s actually one of my motivations in life. I believe that the more I think that there’s an END to this life, the more I get things done. It drives and pushes me to my limit and even more, coz I kinda feel like the clock’s ticking and the end is just around the corner.

I am not insane. Well, you can say I may be a little cuckoo to obsess about death. But I just don’t want to end up being stuck in a coffin and everyone at my funeral couldn’t even think of anything that I’ve accomplished. I would want to say that at least I have tried and did one thing successfully. Even just once would be enough to make me happy and just experience LIFE.

Sandra Bullock also believes in that, she tries anything even once and that includes eating a Jalapeno chili, the hottest chili ever found in Mexico (I think). And even Angelina Jolie somehow does the same thing. She also feels that she’s running against time, and that she must do things NOW coz she may never get another chance. And look at her now, UN Ambassador of Goodwill. I think being a little insane could actually take you somewhere. And that’s me now.

So at age 25, I have prepared a list… like that in the movie, I have my very own BUCKET LIST. But unlike in the movie, I am not planning to do it on my 70’s. Instead, I’ll be starting early… 25 is perfect. You’re legally and morally an adult (and society expects you to be one). You are old enough (and earning) to do things without asking your parents’ permission (or money), and your body not young enough to break a bone and not old enough to break a hip.

So here goes my BUCKET LIST… (Listing it randomly and some of it are marked DONE)

1. Eat something exotic (and that includes snake, reptiles, insects, etc)
2. Sky dive
3. Explore a cave… DONE
4. Climb a mountain… DONE
5. Climb a bigger mountain
6. Try a water sport … DONE
7. Learn a water sport
8. Dive with sharks
9. Swim with a huge marine life… DONE (whale shark)
10. Have a baby
11. Have at least three houses
12. Own a motor boat or a yacht (why not)
13. Learn how to sail
14. Drive a race car (Nascar, F1 or even F3)
15. Build a charity shelter for animals
16. Put up my own restaurant
17. Put up my own resort
18. Own a beach house
19. Road trip… DONE
20. Dinner with a big time politician or business tycoon
21. Learn an extreme sports
22. Get an award for business
23. Get published for a literary piece
24. Get an award for a literary piece
25. Visit the Amazons
26. Travel to exotic places
27. Ride an elephant
28. Own at least 1 luxury car
29. Swimming pool at my home
30. Run in a local fun run
31. Have at least a million dollars in savings
32. Eat a whole family-size pizza on my own
33. Be financially stable before I reach 30
34. Join a triathlon

It’s not done yet… but I could work on this list for now… Hmmm I wonder how long it will take to accomplish everything. HAHA!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Relationship FAQ: Partner with the same or different profession?

This has been one of the most frequently asked or pondered questions when it comes to relationships. Should we or should we not date someone with the same job? I am not Doctor Love and I am no expert with relationship tangles as well. But based on experience… I think for me, I would rather be with someone who is not doing the same work as mine.

Although, it may seem so ideal that you date your co-worker or colleague just because you might be able to spend more quality time together being in the same turf, it might result to long term disasters when not cautious.

SCENARIO #1: Your partner is your boss
Advantage: If your boss is really head over heels in love with you and is clouded by that emotion, it might mean a step or a lotta steps up the career ladder. Or the least would be, you could get a little here and there rest, get away with the little things, just because your partner got your back.
Disadvantage: Your other co-workers may think of a lot of bad things about you including the S-L-blank-blank word. Or your boss (coz he/she might be too guilty to function) may be tougher on you just to prove to your other co-workers that you don’t get special treatment for dating him/her.

SCENARIO # 2: Your partner works the same “job” as you
Advantage: You may enjoy a lot of things in common coz of pursuing the same career. You may even be finishing each other’s statements by now. And everything is clicking the way things you would want to click coz you are just so alike.
Disadvantage: It gets boring. You get stuck with the same world. You wouldn’t get a piece of what the other half of the world may be doing. Your conversation topics would be so redundant that you will end up fighting on little things like who gets to take a shower first.
ANOTHER DISADVANTAGE: You may likely be sharing the same workload, same duration of work time that you memorize by heart what the other’s schedule might be. That if the other one, even try to take a little more time on work… you might freak out and even think that your partner is lying, cheating or drifting away.

These are just some of what might happen in the process. And I know, it is not something you look forward to. Just to show you why I would rather date someone on other fields, here are some of the advantages.

- No one would think the other is smarter or dumber
- No one would get bored of the same topics coz you just wouldn’t end up
doing the same thing
- You and your partner wouldn’t disagree on a sensitive “work” issue coz most
of the time, you are clueless with what he/she is talking about that you
end up just admiring how smart your partner is for knowing such a thing
- You are going to have a lot of compliments from your partner of a JOB DONE
coz he/she is also clueless of what you do
- You wouldn’t get into debates coz you wouldn’t really be debating over the
same thing
- When the other messes something up at work, the other would be very
understanding and supportive coz he/she will never be part of that failed
- And lastly, your partner cannot scold you for the stupid things you like to
do at work

But of course, there will also be disadvantages, like big efforts on the quality time part coz there is a big possibility that you don’t share the same work load and schedule. But then, with great effort and advanced technologies like using the phone, email, webcam, text messaging and so on, your quality time may be longer than you would expect. And it is actually an advantage coz you will miss each other and when you get to see each other… There would probably a lot of sweet nothings on your way.

Too sweet? No, just PRE-DIABETIC...

A few weeks ago, I was taking everyone to the hospital… making sure they were in tip top shape… worrying that their health may be in danger…

A few weeks ago (but later than what I mentioned before), I felt so tired, exhausted, dizzy and my head almost felt like exploding. Then I got a blood pressure reading of 70/30 something… that was way too low…. Just ask anyone…

I got so freaked out with it… that I convinced myself that it was time to see the doctor… for myself… this time. But first, I went straight to the laboratory to have my blood tested…

Complete blood count: Check!
Lipid Profile: Check!
Fasting Blood Glucose: Check!
Thyroid Function Tests: Check!

Yep! Done it all… I was even freaked out with the size of the syringe that the lady at the lab brought out… Good thing though that the lady there was so gentle I didn’t even felt a sting when she pricked me.

I think it took a couple of days before I finally got my lab tests… that was also grocery shopping day for me. So before heading home for the results… I went shopping.. for food! Yep something I love… something that I’m excited for!

I swore… I thought all I needed would be a little ferrous sulfate dose… coz I really believed that I may just be a little anemic. So I was shopping guiltlessly for hours before finally seeing the results…

By the time I got to see the results, it was dinner time. But then, before I even took my first bite. I opened the envelope from the lab… and there goes my nightmare!

Everything was actually fine… I wasn’t even a little low on RBC… I got most of the stuff normal… Except for two things… HDL count (so called good cholesterol count) and FBS (fasting blood sugar).

HDL was a little low… but not exactly to be panicked about. But when I saw the results of my FBS… I felt my heart pumped so hard and so fast that I couldn’t even drink.

I thought I just misread it or something. But it was so real that I quickly grabbed my phone and started texting my friend who happened to be studying medicine. When my phone beeped, I grabbed it as fast as a flash of light and read what she thinks about it.

Then, the scariest message ever, “might be pre-diabetic”. She suggested that I better see a doctor fast.

I am 24 years old at the moment just turning 25 next month. And at this age, diabetes would be far from what I was expecting. I have never felt so scared. I have a little knowledge with the condition. Aside from the fact that diabetes is in the family history, I even wrote for a magazine that tackled it. So in terms of basic knowledge… I knew just too much not to get worried.

That very next day… I went to the hospital. I didn’t want my mom or my yaya to be with me. That’s just how I do things when I get scared. I don’t want those people who took care of me since I was a kid to see how freaked out I am.
I went to the hospital and searched for an endocrinologist or diabetologist available. I was gulping on Gatorade on the process to ease the tension. Then luckily, there was one available who was said to be one of the best in that hospital.

As frugal as I am, that moment, I never even thought how much I may have to pay just to see that doctor. All I wanted was to know for real what was going on.

As I waited for my turn, I was looking around to check out other patients. It hurts to see that the patients I was waiting with are as old as my own grandmother. And the irony was, my grandma had even normal blood sugar.

When my turn came up, the doctor’s secretary even got surprised to find out I was the patient. And she asked how young I was. I mumbled my age and just smiled weakly.

My doctor was actually very friendly. She asked all sorts of things. And she was checking out my results. She said, I shouldn’t be too worried… although in all honesty, she said that it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do something about it.

For one, she gave me a BIG NO to iced tea. Wow… my all-time fave drink. Gone. Then she asked if I was a coffee drinker. Of course, I was. So limit that to two cups or less a day. Then exercise… uh-OH…. I confess, I am as lazy as a sloth when it comes to exercise. The most work-out I do is walking from my bedroom to the bathroom and back. So… she suggested that I do at least 30 minutes work out a day. Then for rice… half would be enough. No more sweets on a daily basis… here and there would be okay as long as it’s gonna be just a bite. Then soda… only those with no sugar… and I can only drink that at most three glasses a week. More veggies, fish, fiber and fruits. That’s basically it.. if I remember correctly.

Then… yes… medication and regular blood sugar check. I had to take meds daily to prevent the progression to diabetes. And blood check… at least once a month for now till our next check up… which is in November.

Two weeks had passed since my first visit to the diabetologist. And I just recently got my blood sugar test again. It went down favorably… more than expected actually. But I am still trying to limit everything I eat… since exercise is far from reality. I still can’t manage to bring my body to moving so much especially in the morning. So I just try to check and be very careful with whatever that goes in my mouth.

Although I think I can deal with this better than most have expected out of me, but the thought that at age 24… I got into this mess… well it was a tough lesson that I’ve learned the hard way. Ever since, everybody has been telling me to watch what I eat… but I didn’t listened… coz I thought being the non-smoker and seldom drinker that I am would be far from such illnesses. I really thought that being young could mean being invincible by such conditions.

I was wrong. So for now… on my third week of diet and getting better actually with the balancing act, I still don’t exercise and still running away from the mere sight of an icy cold iced tea… But at least I am still exhaustingly coping with it… and though I know putting myself in this situation actually meant one step closer to full blown diabetes, at least I am trying to delay it… BIG TIME… as much as I can actually… and it has been taking a lot of self-control and discipline… something that I really didn’t think I was cut for.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Splice: Revealing Men’s Dark Side

Just so you know what I’m talking about. Splice is a movie showing right now (or so I’ve told) and it’s about these two scientists (a married couple) heading a scientific breakthrough of creating one-of-a-kind creatures (male and female) that could produce a certain compound that would cure certain medical diseases.

This creature is supposed to be a product of combining different specie DNA. So that means it is something that we have never seen before, it actually looks like a very large worm/slug-like creature.

Anyways, these two scientists are working for a giant pharmaceutical company, and being the company that they are, the upper management is more interested on mass producing the compound rather than the scientific breakthrough of being able to create a different kind of life form. They are actually more interested in the amount of money it could bring them which is not surprising.

But the two scientists were more eager to further take this experiment to the next level, so they added a human DNA to the existing specimen without the knowledge of the higher management. And that’s where the story began.

But of course I am not going to tell the whole story in this blog. I would just like to point out how this movie showed a very dark side of the male specie, in any form they may be.

I couldn’t remember the exact lines, but it was something like, you cannot contain two males in a single container or they kill each other. In the movie, the said worm/slug like creature evolved from female to male. What supposed to be a union between two creatures (since they thought they had contained male and female) turned into a bloody massacre.

Well, the half-human creature there named DREN started as female specie and when it turned into male, it became very aggressive and killed everyone on sight. Yes, when it was a she, it got little aggressive tendencies but not to the point of killing people. It did killed animals but not the people around it. But the moment it turned male, it seemed like it was hunting to kill. That is actually very disturbing.

I just have two scenes to prove this one. The guy scientist had intercourse with DREN when it was a female. Imagine that, the scientist had s*x with an animal. Next scene, when DREN turned into male, it actually raped the female scientist. I rest my case.

I am not actually saying that the female characters here don’t have a bad side. In fact, the female scientist was the root of all these problems. She was the one to convince her husband to actually create DREN.

But generally, these three characteristics must not be literally understood. But in context, yes, men have such tendencies. It is actually sad that this movie had to show how dark it is to be men.

JUST A NOTE: I do not hate men, hahahah I am just sharing with you what the movie was about. In my opinion, there are a few good men out there… well that’s the problem… only a few… so c’mon guys… you must take this movie as a challenge and show that MEN do have good sides too. PEACE!!! =P

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everybody's Getting Pregnant!

For a few days now, I have been seeing my high school friends, batch mates, acquaintances getting bigger… and I don’t mean that they are getting fat… instead, they are getting PREGNANT.

Just a little trip to the past… I remember when I was in my sophomore year in high school, our biology teacher made us watch this horrible video. It was video of a mother in labor. And yes, I was one of the very few who sat in front (coz I was trying to get near the air conditioning and that spot was well ventilated) and saw the actual baby splurging out of the mother’s vagina.

It was hell. I felt so weak in the knees that I ended up holding my class mate’s arm in disgust. I didn’t felt anything miraculous. It felt like our teacher made us watch a horror flick during class time. Since then, the thought of getting pregnant would be too far from my imagination.

But then, as I was saying, I have seen so many people getting pregnant. And they are not just people; some of them are close to me. And all I kept asking myself was, “how the hell would they get over the pain of getting that baby out of their womb?”

I mean, it is flesh tore up to make way for a human being. How scary is that?

But then, I feel something that jumps inside. How wonderful it may be to have a baby? I mean, is it worth the pain?

My mom always says I shall never reach the climax of my womanhood if I don’t get to be a mother. But then, I see so many women in their most powerful state, and they are not mothers. So how can she say that?

I am turning 25 this year, and I don’t think I am ready to be one. I see myself fulfilling my dreams without a child anytime soon. But yes, I do see myself with a kid one day. Maybe, I’d love to have a little kid of my own. But I am seriously considering ADOPTION. I mean, who am I kidding? I have the lowest tolerance for pain. And I couldn’t really imagine going through that pain. Unless there will be a PAINLESS way to delivering a little being. And I am not pertaining to a C-section. I mean, just plain painless. No needles, no cuts, something of an instant baby. Do they have one of those?

I know someday, if I get to have a kid, he or she will be so mad at me for posting this. But what can I say? I would need a LOT of preparation before I get to face that kind of pain. I mean I cry of simple stomachache. How much more if I get pregnant?

Tsk Tsk Tsk!!!!

Still thinking of ADOPTION… I mean, I shall not be less of a mother for not being the one giving birth… right? And it’s actually a noble thing to do, giving a new chance of life to an innocent creature.

Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock and even Katherine Heigl do that… so why can’t i?

Monday, August 2, 2010

I write like CORY DOCTOROV

I hot this from http://maierz.blogspot.com/... she tried this I WRITE LIKE... and got interested... and tried it myself....

and voila!

I write like
Cory Doctorow

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

who the hell is CORY DOCTOROW???

sorry if i seem stupid... but in all honesty... i dont know this Cory. wait let me GOOGLE this one...

Dumb + Dumb: formula to a smooth relationship

Few days ago, I was on my way home I turned my radio on coz I was kind of sick of playing the same playlist over and over again.

Great! It was GOOD TIMES WITH MO!, the only decent radio program I listen to every now and then. And on that day, they were talking about the “best relationship”. And knowing Mo Twister, he says the most psycho things, but deep down you know it’s pretty logical.

He was telling ANGELICOPTER that the best relationship would be between two stupid people. Why? Just imagine this scenario:

GIRL: Where have you been? It’s already 1am.
BOY: Uh… Work.
GIRL: Work? But it’s 1am!
BOY: I got lost on the way home.
GIRL: Awww my poor baby. I love you
BOY: I love you too.

See? It’s stupid but it’s simple. No complicated alibis. These people do not have the capacity to even think of anything. They just believe what the other would say. And everything is okay. Kiss, kiss, mwah, mwah.

With smart people, it would be different:

GIRL: Where have you been? It’s already 1am.
BOY: I was at work. Over time again.
GIRL: Oh yeah? How come I was calling you at the office and no one was answering.
BOY: Yeah I heard it, but I was so busy, I was the only one left so I didn’t bother to
answer it.
GIRL: How about your cellphone? I called you there a few times too.
BOY: Yeah, sorry about that. I put in on silent mode. I haven’t checked my phone yet.

And so on. This conversation would probably last for hours with the girl investigating every angle on why the guy came home late. But for stupid people, this issue would be a conversation that would run from 1 second to 2 minutes max.

Maybe that is why more and more people now are getting divorced. Maybe people are getting smarter. And in fact, they are so smart that they don’t even bother to get married, coz they think it will just be a waste of time since they will someday get separated one way or another.

Think of this. People are too smart that they even know what would happen in the future. How about that, it’s like people developed a certain ability to see the future and predict that every relationship would be torn apart in X number of months and so, getting married would just be a waste of time, effort and energy.

The so-called heart had become another functioning organ in our body and the metaphor it lives up to which is LOVE is nothing more but a mere figment of our imagination just like Santa clause and the tooth fairy.

I mean, I am as logical as I can get. But I don’t think LOVE is just for kids or just for stupid people as they say. It really does make the world go round. It makes life like Disneyland. It may not be as perfect as it may seem, but the fact that you are in Disneyland, it’s worth it.

So call me stupid if you must, but at least I enjoy LOVE as much a child enjoys Christmas. It gives you hope, it keeps you alive and yes, the pain would be dreadful than a disease, but again, it’s worth it.

However, yes, stupid people still makes the smoothest relationships. They just can’t get their brains working to even try arguing. They probably would be lost in their own alibis. HAHA!

the penniless hardworker and the couch potato millionaire....

Life is cruel.

“Where’s the justice in that?” my friend told me while we were chatting over YM. We were actually yapping about how unfair life can get when here we are working our ass off while some people we know are not even working like we do and yet they are driving sports cars.

I am dumbfounded when I realized this. I graduated from a very prestigious university in the country and yes, I may not be a straight-A student but still, I wasn’t that bad at all. I was working with an “okay” publishing company before then decided that I need to be more involved with my parents’ business. And by that, it meant turning down a great opportunity to work with a big and famous corporation here in the Philippines.

And now, I am running the family business, with an okay income, with a second-hand car who’s very good to me although could be a little pain-in-the-ass sometimes, with an okay house with my mom, yaya, three dogs, one cat and a hamster, with little savings and no investments whatsoever.

Then there go some of the people we know…

They are driving great, powerful cars, talking on their state-of-the-art cellphones, tweeting on their iPads, living in the most sought-after condo in the metro, and getting six-digits income from their “part-time” jobs.

Where is the JUSTICE in that? And they weren’t even the most promising students then.

I have been racking my brains with this for days now. I mean, I need to have something to call MINE. I mean something not branded by my parents. I even want to have my own pad… not so big, but just something that I can call my own home, the fruit of my labor.

I haven’t been able to see whatever kind of fruit yet from my so-called labor. I really don’t like the feeling of living from one bill to another. I am a decent human being and I don’t deserve to live to pay the bills. Where’s the LIFE in that?

So what made me become a penniless hard worker while some can be the couch potato millionaires? Is it like fate? Or is it just plain life’s humor; the wickedly ironic kind of humor?

I still can’t figure out why this happens. But like the movies say, there will always be a happy ending to those who suffer in the beginning.

There’s just a little tiny thing that’s bothering me. Am I still in the beginning? Coz this freakin feels like it’s been going on for so long already.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

ANIMO LASALLE! Doctors of DLS-UMC... living up to the Lasallian Values....

i admit... i am no fan of hospitals... i dont like speaking to doctors coz they seem to always have bad news (some kinda new illness ive developed... yes... i dont live a healthy life so probably its my own fault.... but thats not the point hehe)

but aside from the doctors' habitual bad news speech, they seem to be irritated, in a hurry, bored, tired/exhausted to explain... etc.... (even if it was the patients' fault that they cant explain how they are feeling... some doctors are just plain rude)

but just this week... i brought my grandma to the hospital... she wasnt really horribly sick... just some things to check on when you get to a certain age... so i got her to DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER....

no... i didnt brought her there coz i am just so loyal to my alma mater... (although yes, its related to DLSU-MANILA... its still not the same place) i chose it coz i trust the name... i mean here in the philippines... DLSU is a name popular to all... and i thought they wouldnt try to stain that name synonymous to excellence... right?

anyways... we got there... we were scheduled... however... kinda mixed it up... the doctor were supposed to see was out for that day... so i hurriedly asked the info desk for another cardio available that day...

the guy on the front desk typed somthing and VOILA ... a doctor and a room number...

so i got my grandma there... although the place was not air conditioned... and it was pretty warm... it wasnt as bad as some hospitals... ( and i do sweat a lot... so even if it was air conditioned... i may feel some heat ... still)

by the time the secretary called up my grandma's name... my first thought... "OH NO... HERE COMES THE LONG TALK FROM THE DOC"

BUT HEY>.. I WAS WRONG.... the doctor, Dr. Nicolas was very pleasing... she was so nice and really checked on my grandma... she spoke to her very nicely... and very respectful... and she constantly looked at us... to make sure we follow what she was explaining... for the first time i felt very relaxed and very safe with this doctor... A ROUND OF APPLAUSE for DR. NICOLAS....

then she gave us a referral for consult to the neurologist.... we were sent to DR. ESAGUNDE's clinic...

i thought.... okay... maybe we just hit the jackpot with DR. NICOLAS... but hmmmm maybe this next doctor would be the doctor image up in my head...

but to my mistake... again... DR. ESAGUNDE was plain... GREAT!!! he explained so thoroughly what the condition may be... how it can affect.. all the complex medical stuff he interpreted so simply... for us to understand...

he really made us understand all the details... even my grandma was impressed with him... he was gentle, very accomodating and very friendly.

i cant believe i would say this... but i kind of enjoyed the trip to the hopsital...

i dont know if its their training there or what... but the DLS-UMC doctors are people to be praised... aside from their very respectable positions, they are good people who try to reach out to their patients...

i mean.. ive seen doctors... many of them... but very seldom do i find these kind... specially in the same roof...

this experience kinda made me feel so proud that im a LASALLIAN.... this is a LASALLIAN values expressed in the form of service...


Thursday, July 8, 2010

STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY: The devastating "Ituro mo, Katay ko" Signage along Daang Hari

i will leave for a while the usual angst and sarcasm i do around this blog page... to go and say something about ANIMAL CRUELTY....

first... i shall not pretend that i dont eat pork... chicken... beef... YES... i do eat those things... i am no vegetarian.. i completely love food and all its variants...

but as i was driving to work... i was driving along the end of daang hari toi alabang... it was right beside the newly opened seaside market... and this shocked me more than anything....

on the far side of the seaside market was a little fenced area where GOATS are kept captive.... although i found it cute for them coz some of them were running around... from afar you would think they were playing with each other...

it was really nice... but then to my horror... i saw the signage... hanged against a small shack beside the fences... it says...

"ITURO MO, KATAY KO" (Translation: POINT IT, AND ILL BUTCHER IT... or something like that... i such at translations)

i am so devastated for the little GOATS... i mean there they were playing and running thinking they are well taken cared of... If only they could read the sign...

what gives US the power to end some innocent creature's life... it really feels bad... for how many days now... it has been bothering me...

i am no hypocrite... i do eat meat... buit the way it was presented in the scenario... it was plain cruel...

i feel so bad for them.. and now sometimes... i feel so bad too when i eat... although,.. yes... a sunmptious meal would still flip me over... but the way these animals were killed everyday just for us human beings to feed... it was disgusting...

and so... yes,,, i am not gonna turn into a vegetarian anytime soon... but i wanna share this,,, to all people out there...

JUST STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY... do you think that signage is simply captivating??? NO... it is simply cruel, ignorant... plain BAD.

let those animals live the life they want... free!

I mean, yes, we need to eat... but do you really have to do it like that? JUST STOP...

NOTE: I shall try my best to capture a good photo of the place... its just hard driving and taking a pictuire at the same time.. but i will SOON... promise....

Monday, July 5, 2010

Doomsday Versus Boredom

Today is July 7, 2010... and i am really having a bad day....

there are little things thats making me really pissed off today.... some i cannot share with this blog for it may be sensitive issues.... (by that i meant... someone might kick my ass staright to where i came from if i even blogged down a hint of what im saying)

so to keep my ass safe and sound... i wold rather just speak in general terms.... YES... i am having a bad day... hearing bad news... getting bad "emo" drama-rama and bad comments and snarls here and there....

but then i was chatting to my friend mai the whole day... well almost... as she was now complaining of a very BORING DAY....

so now... we came into this crossroad... is it better to have an INTERESTING BAD DAY? or have a DULL, ACTION-LESS BORING DAY?

i was quiet for a moment... (very quick moment) i spaced out for a little second... i was thinking if what would id rather have.... DOOMSDAY OR BOREDOM...

i would wanna say i would rather have a smooth sailing boring day... but then again... im more of the active type of gal.... i would rather have an intense DOOMSDAY event of my life... than just stare at the monitor for one whole day doing nothing and thinking about nothing... bored enough that i am not even interested to hear whats for supper tonigt....

so the VERDICT?

yep.... a bad day full of weird things and bad things and all sorta things would be fine by me... its better than nothing right?

BTW,,, one weird thing happened to me today... theres this person named ERICA CANTERO (something like that) she added me on Facebook... and i kinda just accepeted the invite without really looking at her profile... then today she sent me a message through IM and telling me over and over i was "GAGO"

hahaha i was smiling that moment... thinking... wow... just another weird thing today... but i had no energy to deal with it.... so the SOLUTION? block her... hahaha i mean i wouldnt waste my time finding out who she was... im just hmmmm what should i say... just plain tired of today's craziness.... another crazy person couldnt really make my day more interesting hahaha

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse Review

i am not going to give the usual movie review... well that is surprising...! (sarcastically said)

I am not a fan of TWILIGHT and NEW MOON... i watched the first one in DVD... and i wasnt impressed... it was poorly directed and i just couldnt get the idea of a LOVESTRUCKED vampire... i mean... i love vampire movies... i watched INTERVIEW IWTH THE VAPIRE, UNDERWORLD, etc... it was action-packed and yes, there may be the angle on love... but not so much revoilving around it... but witrh TWILIGHT... it was like the world revolved around love... and even a creatuire without soul... yes... i am pretaining to EDWARD ( and just by mentioning his name could make a pack of girls screaming with infatuation) would feel this kind of LOVE that could surpass any mountains ,,, blah blah blah.... and even create a war coz of that blah blah blah....

okay that whole paragraph sounded like BLAH... i know...

and i couldnt believe im gonna say this... ECLIPSE was great... THANKS TO ITS SCRIPTWRITER...

the dialogues... were just clever... its funny but not STUPID FUNNY... it was sort of plavced in the right places... it was well thought out... creatively written i could say;... i mean it were simple lines... but had double meanings to it... and it fits perfectly to the situation, to the character and all that...

and i would like to announce that i am in favor of the DOG... yes.... i liked JACOB... not because he is hunky... but he fits the werewolf character... ahahaha he really is like a pet to BELLA>... hahaha

there was this scene... when JACOB (as a dog) went up to BELLA and like rubbed his face against bella... and bella brushed his head.,.. (yes... like a dog) and i kinda thought it was cute... hahahah

and i love how egotistically conceited JACOB was... bbut still had this DOGGY like PUPPY like character... sweet... just like a dog

i know i am seeing Jacob as a dog... but he really was like that in the movie...

another thing i find decent about this movie... is well DAKOTA FANNING being the bad ass guardian of the Volturi... well she has grown up... and i like how emotionless she was in the movie... playing all cool and just plain BAD....

though i would love to see more action... fight scenes with the creatures... but it was fine.... atleast the ECLIPSE was well written and executed very smoothly... not like that of NEW MOON... which had the worse ending of all time... no thanks to the director... hahaha

Monday, June 28, 2010

Three things i would spend on...

im not the type of person obssessed with gadgets... i dont go out every night or even during the weekends to go clubbing.... i do travel but then not all the time... so its not actually the big splurge for me.. i go out of town once or twice a year... just a weekend off from work to de-stress... but that was it...

but i do spend on things.... three major things to be exact.. and these are not common at my age... i mean im 24... turning 25 this year... but i spend big on our HOME....

yes... my HOME... from the flooring to the bathroom... to the bedrooms... i mean my house is not huge... its kinda little... tiny even... but i see to it that i make it special... with my own personal touch... i just finished the bathroom... which i thing i did a good job making it really easy on the eyes... a little trace of classy look to it coz i used glass shelves... but an "oceany" feel with the waves across the room... wel i dont know if other people would love it... BUT I DO (and thats the impt thing for me ... coz im the one living there you know)

my next project is the kitchen... but i think it will cost me huge... but i am still trying to save up for it... step by step... then after that... the front gate... im gonna put a tiny breakfast table there... just for me and my mom to have coffee in the morning... hihihi we love our coffee...

NEXT thing i do spend much on... my CAR.... not because i am those type of person who tries to pimp up their cars... i just want my car to be in top shape... less risk.. and less expenses in the long run... but it cost a little fortune to do that... but having a car gives me the sense of freedom, direction and well... its convenient to drive a car to work than riding buses,,, jeeps,,, etc...

right now my car is running okay... just got it registered... but atleast... i can drive legally.. with the registration and license... i can drive at peace coz i know i wouldnt get into major accidents coz of bad car maintenance.... and less stress and exhaustion... coz well iTS CONVENIENT to drive... comfort has its price

and the last thing i spend moolah on... FOOD!!! yes... okay i am not some glutton in the Bible on something like that... and i dont eat fancy as well... but i love food... period... i dont eat a lot... well a little more than the average... but then... just the feel of eating... tasting... cooking and even baking... its just wonderful...

to even push on tha fact of my love for food.. one of my favorite errands is grocery shopping... i mean most girls my age... they would love to shop for shoes... but not me... i would rather spend the entire day at a huge grocery like Makro than spend the day at the mall shopping for shoes... i mean.. theyre shoes something i step on... as long as its comfy... its okay... and i got one pair of fave shoes... its my sneakers which i wear alsmost everyday... sometimes not... coz then ill be wearing rubber shoes or slippers...

so see??? im not really frugar or KURIPOT in tagalog... but i just dont spend on things that i dont find necessary...

i mean i spend on my house... coz at the end of the day... my home would be my sanctuary... away from work... where i can spend some time alone.... or with the people that i love... having dinner... or simply snuggled up on my bed watching DVD... its just priceless...

and my car... my car is like the reflection of me.,.. you see... its a n old car... but its motivated... doesnt mind getting a little dirty... would face bumps here and there... and yet still lives on its principle in life (to get me home safe and sound) as for me.. to give the people around me something to be proud of...

okay and FOOD... we need food to live... and you can grab a taste of everything in life by tasting their food... i mean... if i would love to see and feel what it feels like to be rich... ill eat something fancy with a glass of wine prehaps... or if i wanna feel the street life... then ill eat fishballs and even isaw... if i want the fast life.. go to mcdo... or just feeling homey and all.. then a home cooked meal would be lovely...

well i just spend wisely...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


the other day,,, my mom and i were able to convince my grandma to stay at our little home in Cavite for a little vacation...

after grueling hours of pleading and negotiation... my grandma agreed and off we went as fast as we can....

so okay,,, the intention was to DE-STRESS my grandma... but there's little agenda behind it... i want to eat good food... and LOLA (grandma) just makes the best ADOBO....

I would love to share the recipe with you guys... but then i had second thoughts... coz i was thinking of puting up a restauirant someday and im gonna make this one of our specialties hahahahah

but i wouldnt deny you the privilege of staring at it hahahaha

Friday, June 18, 2010

BANG! There goes my face....

on my way to work... literally... i was walking towards our site (where i work)... i was carrying my bag, my laptop bag and our food ( i bring food to work btw)

well i work in a mall... so i pass by the ACTIVITY area with the stage and everything...coz i use the side entrance of the mall... so there i was walking.. and i realized,,, there were chairs arranged in front of the stage...

i was wondering what could be the event today... i checked the event line up a few days ago and i wasnt aware that theres an event today...

so i was walking... trying to take a peek at the banner on stage and check what could the event be....

i wasnt really looking where im going ... i was just focused on reading the small banner on stage.,...

i was walking and reading at the same time....

so... BANG! there goes my face....

I hit my face so hard on the post... my face smacked right there...

after that... i stared on the post... and realized how stupid i was... hahahaha and the funny thing was... there were two men staring at me and shocked....

i just smiled... and laughed... then i went on walking towards the office... laughing to my self... hahaha

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Schools have the weirdest rules...

I came across this video at Yahoo.com... it was about school bans the weirdest things... like one school tried to ban wearing colorful wrist bands coz it was too "distracting" and some school even banned giving father's day cards to the dads coz it was said to be affecting kids who were raised by a single mom...

now i know it may be reasonable... but then how about kids raised by their dads alone? so maybe they should also ban giving mom's day cards to the moms... or maybe they should ban giving cards to anyone at any circumstances... like for chistmas... some people do not celebrate christmas... or on valentine's, it may be too unfair for that one single lady to see her other friends getting cards...

so cards must be banned altogether right?

back to the weirdest school rules...

back in i was in highschool... it was the golden rule that the girl's skirts must be strictly two inches below the knee... i couldnt get that... i mean we were in different heights... so making it standard is completely useless... coz it will not look like the "standard length coz kids do come in diffrenet sizes".

then they had this rule on wearing either white and black hair ties only. i dunno why... maybe to make the kids look all so dull...

i came from a provate school so i think being "private" meant being DULL and LIFELESS>.. we are not allowed to wear anything that may be too flashy... like the hair ties... it must be either black or white and thats it. Oh and we werent allowed to have a different shade of hair color.

but someo f my classmates protested on this. saying they werent "pure Filipina", some of my classmates were part-foreign and its natural for them to have different shade of hair other than BLACK...

back then, i was sporting the brunette look... i had my hair dyed brown... then i was called by the Vice-Principal for Discipline, coz of that...

i simply said... "i am not pure filipina."

and i couldnt belive that she fell for it. she quickly apologized for taking me out of my class and that i can go.

okay heres the fact... YES i am not pure filipina... BUT i am part Japanese... which means there is no way i could have natural BROWN hair... HAHAHA i mean have you seen Japanese people? they do have black hair like that of a Filipina.. and thats why they dye it brown or blonde...

hahaha and for years i was there... and got away with it...

I actually got away with a lotta things... like NO MOBILE PHONES on campus... they were freakin inspecting our bags to check if we are bringing "INAPPROPRIATE" objects to school... and what i did then was hide my phone in a lunch box... EVERYDAy.... and once im done with the inspection... i just put it on my pocket... DONE

It was weird for schools to be imposing rules like that... when THEY themselves couldnt follow it...

like in a class... teachers would tell us... do not drink sodas. do not eat junk foods. just healthy veggies and fruits...

and the bell will ring.... KKKKKRRRRRRIIIIINNNNGGGG.... once at the CANTEEN... VOILA>... JUNK FOOD KINGDOM>... candies, chocos, chips, sodas... everything!!!

way to go... teachers will be seen getting junk for themselves as well... whatta role model... hahhahaha

So for me... just dont say, teach or even ban something that you yourself would do... students have brains you know..and they got eyes... they could see... and thats why they laugh at you... not because they are just being bad or bratty... they are just capable of thinking... and seeing the irony and weirdness of what youre imposing.

PEACE... this is not to teach students to be bratty (COZ YOU ARE NOT ENETITLED TO DO SO... UNLESS YOU ARE CAPABLE OF DEFENDING YOURSELF COMPLETELY and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR ACTIONS) but this is intended for schools to actuially think out of the box too... coz sometimes what youre doing... is just plain.... FUNNY... hahaha

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sex in the City 2: On every angle

i have always been a fan of the Sex and the City series on HBO... and when it ended, i was almost into tears... (thats an exageration, but i really got sad)

so when the first sex and the city, the movie came out... i was so psyched to see my favorite writer (carrie bradshaw - a fictional writer haha) again... and on the big screen...

this time, a second sex and the city came out... and without second thoughts... i just said... i HAVE to watch it... and with this kind of movie... the only people perfect to share the bonding experience was ... with my closest friends... we were supposed to be six... minus 2... for some reason they couldnt make it...so there we were... four of us... me, julie, paula and nadaine....

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Character Update

Carrie Bradshaw, now on her 2nd year in marriage with Mr Big (John James Preston) who has been the person she had a rollercoaster love story with from the series... she will be very scared of being just another "ordinary" married couple... and she will eventually fly to Abu Dhabi with her bestest friends to re-connect with her old self and somehow think about her life as a married woman.

Charlotte York - Goldenblatt, ever so conservative in the group now with her two daughters... and her lovely hubby... she is now a full time house wife with a Hot Nanny... she becomes stressed out in the movie with her kids and paranoia over her nanny and her husband... this paranoia will take her to abu dhabi later on...

Miranda Hobbes, still highly successful... but her law firm's new partner is stressing her out which will lead her to quit and temporarily stay at home with her family... but then her nature is just too career-oriented that she will get exhausted with being just a house wife... and this will take her to Abu Dahbi

Samantha Jones (my favorite), after making Smith one of the most popular actors in town (and even out-of-town, coz he was in Abu Dhabi filming), he called her up to be his date at the movie premier... getting her gals with her... they attend the premier and eventually Samantha got invited by a hotelier in Abu Dhabi for a business trip... and so Samantha convinced her girls to come with her for an adventure... ALL EXPENSES paid...

OKAY AT THIS POINT I AM NOT GONNA TELL YOU THE WHOLE STORY... i am just going to comment on different points...

1. Samantha is my favorite - well.. she is fun... open and almost a maniac in a way... but her loyalty to her friends... is beyond... she had her ups and downs... and mostly her life revolves around SEX (which i think she shouldve been the lead of this series... she is the SEX part ... and the rest of the girls signified the CITY jhahahahan but then when it comes to her friends... she will leave anything and anyone.. for them... not much a FAMILY person... but she will baby sit for her friends and attend children's parties for them... She may be WAY OUT THERE... but she will be someone that all of her friends could count on...

2. This is not a DATE MOVIE... this is a friend's movie... it may seem like a shallow movie... but from where i come from... i feel this movie... i mean... YES... the love of your life will always be a priority but then... without your friends... you couldnt really stand up straight... its your support... p[eople who will literally catch you when you fall... (and maybe laugh at you after that) but really... at the end of the movie... i felt so happy that i spent it with mt best friends... i mean my friends and i has been together for almost ten years... a lot has changed... were working now... living diffrent lives... but at the end of the day... they are still the ones i run to... for such moments that i feel confused and down... and although... i have my own priorities now and so are they... like a partner, a boyfriend, a child, or a booming career... it still feels good to just have coffee with them....

3. ABU DHABI - at first, i loved it... i mean the adventure, the sights, and just being in a really different scene... its exciting... and i even told my friends that maybe one day we should go there... but the CULTURE... it was scary.... and as the movie went on revealing the different kind of culture and customs that i may face when i get there... well... i have to think about it now... like a thousand times before i go there... hahaha i dont wanna end up like them... and i so dont wanna end up like samantha... hiding from the police and security and ends up sneaking her way out of the country hahahahaa

LAUGH-O-METER RATE: 10 out of 10
OVER ALL RATING: 9 out of 10 (coz i still want the series hahaha)

8065 Bagnet - more than the food experience

well all i can say is the food is yummy... well im talking about the Original Banget recipe they had.. it was served with rice, atsara and green mangoes with bagoong... just plain WOW... however i wont recommend the Kare-Kare Bagnet... it wasnt as yummy as the original... it doesnt look pretty and the taste is not great either....

(PHOTO: from Top: Bagnet Kare Kare and Original Bagnet)

but the very reason why i keep coming back and bringing more people with me each time is the whole new dining experience youll get from that place...

actually it was a tiny oplace in makati that at firsat wouldnt really be inviting to check out... but once you get inside.,.. the cool ambiance... the relaxed setting would make you feel so comfortable... it was very artsy at the same time very relaxing... this is something i look for in a restaurant... it was defeinetely worth checking out

but aside from the cool decors... they got stuff there that you wont see anywhere else... like instead of serving an appetizer while waiting... you can like read from their book collections, or maybe write messages on the wall... or maybe on your table... it was liberating... and some nights they got this quiz night thing... that makes the stay worthwhile and FUN

TRIVIA: it was owned by KITCHIE NADAL's sister and partners... my mom went around the place and like interviewed peoiple... haha

Check them out on Facebook as well... if not, then experience it yourself... its along Estrella Street in Makati

Independence Day Parade - the COWS are coming OUT

we saw these on our way home from work...

you see i live far south (Cavite) and we have to like go through this long road called Daang Hari (which is like so dark at night, streetlight posts are actually there for no reason coz the freakin lights are never turned on)

so aside from Daang Hari... we also have to go along Aguinaldo Highway (its the national road to the south)

and surrounding these long roads are rice fields, corn fields or some kinda fields that i really dont know which is what... (I dont really know agriculture or anything related to that matter) well to cut it short there were lotta GREENS out here...

so its exopected to see cows, goats, hoirses and even carabaos EVERYDAY././.

but last June 12, 2010, It was the Philippines' Indepeendence Day... we were on our way home... and just so i thought that the heavy traffic may be over by 9PM (coz news said most major roads will be closed for the parade that day)

but i was WRONG and i didnt really expected to see this kind of parade at night...

Friday, June 11, 2010

YES, we do have small eyes... but WE ARE NOT THE SAME AS THE OTHER

ever since i was a kid,,, people would come up to me and say... "hey, are you Chinese?" in these circumstances, i would always tell then a plain "NO"

i get all sorts of reactions, some of the most common response would be:

1. "Really? coz you look like Chinese."
2. "Hmmm Korean? Taiwanese?"
3. "Yeah right?! Youre Chinese! or maybe half?"

and i would always say... "NO"

sometimes when i get really snarly... i owuld say "NOT ALL "singkit" are Chinese."

I have nothing against Chinese people i think they are great specially those here in the Philippines who has a good living.... and i am friends with some of them... and some Chinese people looks really beautiful... and i almost envy their skin... i mean they are falwless... and its amazing!

but i am not Chinese... it is a fact that i would like to point out... its not being discriminating... its noit being "against" of the other race... I AM JUST NOT CHINESE

I am half-japanese... in JAPAN... not in CHINA or KOREA or some other country with small eyes...

culturally, we are so different and if you look really closely... we dont look the same eithre... and we speak different languages, for God's sake...

and this happens again... this time in a wider context...

the famous,,, KARATE KID... i love that movie when i was a kid... it was dramatic and heroic and plain entertaining... and they were doin KARATE from JAPAN....

but now theres a remake... KARATE KID... i love Jackie Chan... i even love Jaden Smith... but to use KARATE KID as the title for that movie is simply STUPID...


not karate... not in any way karate... and KUNG FU is from CHINA... if they wanted to tweak the story to get Jackie Chan... they should have made the title into "KUNG FU KID... the cousin of KARATE KID... " or maybe KUNG FU KID: Inspired by the KARATE KID" hahahah i know these titles would sound silly... but then atleast they are not causing confusion... specially in the west...

we on the eastern side of the globe would really really want to keep our identities intact... like... not all people in the west is an American right?

i am proud of my race... as much as the next Chinese guy would be proud of his race... we are not better than the other, we are equal but we are just not the same...

I HOPE THIS COULD SOMEHOW make people aware of the value of our identities and individualities...