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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Save a Fortune with DIY Room Make-over!

One of the many things I enjoy is watching home improvement TV shows and videos. I am always amazed with how people are able to make an ordinary room into a masterpiece. And most of these people are no experts… most of them are ordinary people without any design or architectural background… all they really have is a creative mind and a lot of drive.

In the Philippines, I noticed that not many people engage in DIY. Although Pinoys are great in creating alternatives, most of the people seek the services of professional painters and carpenters to fix their home and even their furniture. But in other parts of the world, men and women alike build their own cabinets and even paint their own home, it’s because unlike here, the cost of getting professional help abroad is too expensive.

Simple Tools that can Create a Masterpiece!

So what they like to do is just buy stuff at the nearby depot or supplies store and install/do it themselves. It saves a lot of money and it can also be a good time to be all creative! With DIY, you are able to personalize your home!

As for me, I hate spending but I love trying to make our home better. A year won’t pass without me doing something or improving something inside the house. I already made my mom and my yaya beds… although that didn’t worked out well coz I think I suck at measuring things LOL… but I also repaired our dining table chairs, and that went well… if you may ask!

Today, I decided to allot one day to do a room make-over. You see my room had white walls and it kind of makes me feel like I am inside a mental institute; the only thing that’s lacking is the straight jacket. So a couple of days ago, I bought some supplies like paint, sponge and masking tape. I use one of my old magazines as cover to not mess up the entire room and started painting.

Above: Before the DIY Make-Over / Below: With the Red Accent Wall

I started with one of the walls and started sponging it with paint to convert it into an accent wall. The red paint contrasted with the previous white wall. At first, as I was painting the tope left side of the wall… I felt a bit scared that it might not look well… the red paint smudged on the wall resembled blood… and that got me thinking twice with what I was doing. But then, since I already painted a part, I just continued anyway.

After a few minutes, I was able to fill up the wall… and it was great! I loved the effect of the red paint. I feel like it totally showed off my personality. It had a fiery vibe to it, but the sponge effect also made the wall a little toned down.

While letting the wall dry up, I turned to my bare shelf at my working area. I had it installed a few months ago but decided not to have it painted (coz I was thinking of painting it myself). Since I was already covered with paint, I decided to paint it too. The red solid paint really worked well. It gave life to my working area.

Left: The Newly-Painted Shelf of my Working Area; Lights On
Right: Lights Off; Pink Light On

Then I remembered I had pink lights stashed somewhere in my bedroom. It used to be our light at our snack bar near my school back in college. I tested it and surprisingly, it still works! I installed it below the shelf thinking it would make my table brighter. But the pink light made more than just brightening up the table. It actually made my Vision Board amazing!

Panoramic Shot of my Newly-Decorated Room!
I think I spent less than Php500.00 to get the paint, brush, sponge and masking tape. The lights would probably cost less than Php300.00. So all in all, I think if I got everything brand new, I would have spent less than Php1000.00. Without the labor cost, I think I saved as much as Php500.00! That Php500.00 could be spent on something else like utilities and food. Or you could just keep it and add it into your savings!

Monday, May 28, 2012


Brgy. Puray with the Energizer and One Million Lights Team

Solar Powered Light Set with 2 Solar Panels

Last May 26, 2012, I joined a very noble project with the PRC Inc. Team at the ENERGIZER-ONE MILLION LIGHT event at Brgy. Puray, Rodriguez, Rizal where a distribution of solar-powered lights to 280 families, who had been living in the dark for years, took place.

Personally, I never thought there’s still a place in Rizal (which I really consider as part of the Metro) where electricity is a mere distant dream but as soon as I hopped in the PRC van and headed there, I realized I was so clueless of so many things… the barangay is situated within mountains where the roads are still rough… power is surely out of reach.

When we got to Barangay Puray, people were already settled in the town’s covered basketball court. All thanks to Governor Ynares I guess (the name’s all over the place… but no offense to that… I think they really need a place to unwind). But what really surprised me is that they were a lot of people there; kids were everywhere, there were even some elderly that “WALKED” their way there just to get those lamps.

We had a chance to chat with some of them and they said they left their houses at 5AM and arrived at the court at 11AM. And the sad truth was, the travel was so long, since they travelled on foot since for them any mode of transportation is already a luxury they couldn’t afford.

I spent the day just observing these people and I realized how spoiled I may seem like. For them, my lifestyle would be that of how I perceive Paris Hilton's. I feel so bad of myself for taking for granted what I thought to be just another commodity. But for them, electricity was just another thing; it is a treasure that they aspire to get.

I know their local government is doing a LOT just to give their community a chance of a better life. But with the geographical location of the place and the fact that NOT a LOT of PRIVATE Companies are willing to help to get electricity in the community, I think it will take a lot of effort and time to get power into this town.

The Light-Less Barangay Hall
Textbooks stocked at the Barangay Hall for the children of Brgy. Puray
People of Brgy. Puray waiting for the program to begin
I am so glad that I joined this event. I love the fact that Energizer went out of their way and gave out a huge donation just to make this project work. I mean, it might seem so little of a light, but for them, these are already something that could help them have a better life. And through ONE MILLION LIGHTS Philippines, Energizer was able to reach out to these people.

Rizal was just one stop, and there are plenty more of places they need to get to, to share the gift of light.

Distribution of the Solar Powered Lights
Energizer Team explains usage and care for the Solar Powered Lights

Did I mention that ONE MILLION LIGHTS Philippines’ Country Manager is an 18 year old guy named Mark Lozano? This young lad is just the boy you would be so proud to be associated with. According to his mom, she saw early signs of his very noble acts even when he was younger. At 10, he liked the idea of giving out his toys to less privileged kids. At 18, he already gave out so many lights and a huge amount of hope to so many people in the country. If this guy ran for president in the NEAR FUTURE, this is the perfect guy. What more could he do in the years ahead? I AM SO SURE, IT WILL BE GREATER. We have here a modern day HERO for you!

Sports for the Future: Toby’s Sports and PLDT-Smart Foundation’s Summer Tennis Festival

presents this year’s winners for categories 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18
and under category, boys and girls division, with coach Chris Kuwarto,
tournament director, Bobby Claudio, chairman Toby’s Sports, Toby Claudio,
president retail division and Atty. Al Agra representative, Futures Foundation. 

Last May 14 to 20, 2012, the Toby’s Sports (in cooperation with PLDT-Smart Foundation) Summer Tennis Festival happened. A week-long completion for budding tennis players was a success, in fact, it was filled with adrenaline-pumping action as these kids fought for the win. But despite the rush and excitement, (and of course, the goal to win) the kids played friendly and fair, something that sports truly develop in each athlete’s heart.

Toby’s Sports, the country’s leading sports gear and apparel retail store, is a real sports advocate. The company truly understands the importance of sports in every person’s life. It is not simply for the health-buff or for the active people. Sports can also be a way for the future.

The Ceremonial Serve at the opening of the Toby's Sports and
PLDT-Smart Foundation Summer Tennis Festival at Rizal Memorial Stadium 

I was on the opening of the event and I had the privilege to sit down and talk with Toby’s Sports Retail Division President, Toby Claudio himself. At a glance, Mr. Toby is the perfect image for the sports store. He is tall and had the athletic stand.

When I met him, he was dressed simply but sporty. But you can sense that he is a very passionate guy, mostly passionate with sports. I saw him from a distance, watching the little athletes during the event. His eyes are already sparkling with pride as he knows these kids are on the right track for a brighter future.

When I got a few moments with him, my first question was, what was their purpose of putting up the Toby’s Sports Youth Foundation (the company’s arm responsible for such sports fest). And his answer was also as simple; he said that the foundation’s mission was to help kids play.

In his words, “We firmly believe that sports, fitness and an active lifestyle should be part of every kid’s childhood…”

He said that having an active lifestyle developed early in the kid’s life has so many benefits; one of it is having better health in the future. He addressed his concerns that more and more kids nowadays are getting obese because of computers and other gadgets.

DOUBLES WINNERS. Doubles champion and runner up in the 18 and below,
boys division (3rd from right) champions Arc Dolorito and Dheo Talatayod,
and runners up Joel Cabusa and Emil Cariga with  Coach Chris Kuwarto,
tournament director, Bobby Cludio, chairman & CEO, Toby’s Sports, Toby Cludio, Toby’s Sports president retail division  and Atty. Al Agra, representative, Futures Foundation. 

The foundation aims to develop programs and sports clinics to encourage more kids to live a more active life because kids should go and play; and sports is the best bet for that. In fact, in sports, kids will not only learn to play, they can also develop other values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline and camaraderie. Plus, it gets the kids away from bad vices.

And for many years now, Toby’s Sports Foundation has been actively involved in setting up tournaments, not only for tennis but also for three other sports like basketball, volleyball and badminton; the most popular sports in the country. But at present, Toby’s Sports is also aiming to expand its sports development programs to other sports such as football, among others. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Going Bananas Over Banana Boat Sunscreen

There’s only two seasons in the Philippines, and that’s rainy or sunny. And that’s getting trickier than it used to be. Like today, just this morning, I woke up with extreme sun rays putting my face on fire… then this afternoon, it’s already raining non-stop. With such type of weather we got, it’s hard to pick the right clothes. We end up wearing sleeveless tops to prep for the heat but bringing along our jackets, in case it rains. We can never be more prepared, so the best thing to do as well is to be prepped for the sun and the simple answer to that is to wear sunscreen.

We all know our current sunshine is not as favorable as it used to be. And in fact, it is more harming than helpful. That’s why most dermatologists and other skin experts campaign on the use of sunscreen. It’s not only anti-aging, but it can also prevent far more serious skin conditions.

Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion is formulated with AvoTriplex technology, a three-way skin protection that starts the moment it lands on your skin. It stabilizes UV rays as it touched your skin, protects your skin from sunburns and it stays longer than ordinary sunscreen lotions.

And the effectiveness of Banana Boat Sunscreen lotions were exhibited at the recently concluded Banana Boat’s Fun Under the Sun Media Relay Challenge at Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo.

The relay started with shooting hoops then a relay at the resort’s Blind Man’s trails that’s filled with challenging obstacles. After the tricky mazes and obstacles, it was off to the gulping down of halo-halo before finally marking the end of the relay by hollering “Banana Boat!”.

Every part of the relay was done under the heat of the sun, but the media teams had so much fun without worries because they were protected by Banana Boat. “People want products that can keep up with their active lifestyle and products that won’t let them down and breakdown easily. Banana Boat Sunscreen lotion offers superior protection that fits any active lifestyle,” Banana Boat Sunscreen Brand Manager Kristine Benigno said.

Banana Boat Product Line:
Banana Boat Ultra Protect line available in SPF50 and SPF80 variants with Aloe Vera and Vitamin C & E
Banana Boat Sport line available in SPF50 and SPF110
Banana Boat Kids line available in SPF50

“Our vision is to be the leader in protective family sun care. Banana Boat is a family brand and we offer a wide range of products for you and your family,” Benigno said. “We want your family to enjoy memories under the sun. Because, as we all know, the best memories with kids and loved ones are spent outdoors,” she added.  Truly Banana Boat lives up to their promise, “We’ve Got You Covered!”

Banana Boat Sunscreen lotions are available at leading supermarkets, drugstores and health & beauty stores nationwide. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A piece of YOU in your BATHROOM: American Standard Designer Collection

Wilcon Builders Depot American Standard Showroom

I have always been a bathroom lover; for one, I love the feeling of taking a bath after a long day and the privacy I get in it. In the bathroom, I get to be myself without inhibitions; I can even sing out loud and dance like crazy, without spectators all around.

And that’s why our bathroom should also match our personalities and our lifestyle. Of course, no matter how much I would love a Jacuzzi, my lifestyle and the space wouldn’t really allow it. And that’s why American Standard, a leading manufacturer of bathroom fixtures, went out of their way to create a bathroom fixture line designed to match an individual’s lifestyle. The company collaborated with leading designers across the globe to conceptualize five intimately fashioned models based on the five lifestyles of the modern era: Enchanted, Alchemist, Time Traveler, Wilderness and Illusionist.

Enchanted (CONCEPT)
The enchanted is for the driven individuals on the beginning of their life’s journey. They may be single or just starting out a family of their own. The CONCEPT design for the enchanted is strong yet oozing with simplicity. The soft rims of the edges make it suitable for children; it can also be played with funky a colors that entail the young spirits of the individuals in their early voyage.

 Time Traveler (NOBILE)
The time travelers are those successful enough to get back in time and bring pieces of history into the present. They are the ones who are content and desire the rich stories of the past. International designer Ronen Joseph’s NOBILE is the perfect artifact for time travelers. The design concept plays with historical curves of a lady’s shoes and the roman pillars. This design is for the wise, the established and the curator of one’s own life. 

Alchemist (VENTUNO)
The alchemists are the people who already set foot on their turf. They are strong and powerful enough as the leader of the pack. And their bathroom is not shy to reveal that sense of accomplishments. The VENTUNO design by Italian designer Franco Bertoli expresses that pride without apprehensions. The VENTUNO is the Lamborghini of Bathrooms. You cannot simply let the possessor of this bathroom as someone meek and docile.

Wilderness (LA VITA)
There is a point in a person’s life when we reach that sense of wisdom. We already understand that no matter which road you took in the past, it will always lead back to nature where we all came from. And for the individual who already grasped this reality, it’s inevitable not to live within it. LA VITA is the Mother Nature-inspired concept of American Standard. The rims and trims of the fixtures imitate the slender lines of nature. The whole line will simply turn any bathroom into a natural paradise.

Illusionist (EUROZEN and SATIS)
The illusionists are the individuals who possess the power in the likeness of a royalty. They are beyond limited with life’s struggles and pressure; and they are not afraid to be different and to take risks. The illusionists can get whatever their heart’s desire and one of which may be the EUROZEN and SATIS. The two most hi-tech designs do not only possess superb creativity, but it delivers comfort beyond expectations. It’s a bathroom rockstar who wouldn’t just give you music but also a great time even in the most intimate spot of the house.

Ms. Rose Ong, Executive Vice-President of Wilcon Builders Depot
Welcome Remarks
American Standard Bloggers Briefing (May 10, 2012 - Wilcon Builders Depot Balintawak)

Mr. Noel Tolosa, Marketing Manager of American Standard Phils.
American Standard Presentation
American Standard Bloggers Briefing (May 10, 2012 - Wilcon Builders Depot Balintawak)

Winners of American Standard Raffle and Contest
American Standard Bloggers Briefing (May 10, 2012 - Wilcon Builders Depot Balintawak) 

American Standard products are available at all Wilcon Depot and other leading home improvement stores nationwide. For more info, you may also visit their website www.americanstandard.com.ph

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Run that CARES: ValueCare Run on June 16. 2012

The ValuCare Run 2012: We VALUE Health; WeCARE for Life, which is slated on June 16, 2012 at Bonifacio Global City, started registration on April 20, 2012 until June 10, 2012. 

Interested Participants may register at selected Chris Sports Outlets (SM Annex North EDSA, SM Mega Mall, Glorietta, SM Mall of Asia, and Festival Mall). Race distances are as follows: 3KM, 5KM, and 10KM. Registration fee for 3KM and 5KM is at 500Php. For 10KM, registration fee is 650Php.

Race Kit is inclusive of singlet, race bib, d-tag, and bag tag(for baggage counters). Shoe bags will be given to all runners on the event day. 

All registered participants may get a chance to win a trip for two (2) to Boracay (with Airfare and Accommodations) at the raffle draw. 

The ValuCare Run 2012 will support ABS-CBN Bantay Bata 163 and Plastic Ni Juan Project. This event is presented to you by Value Care Health Systems, Inc. in partnership with Veritas 846 Radyo Totoo, Chris Sports, Pocari Sweat, TravelTime Travel and Tours, Crossover FM 105.1 Manila, Malaya Business Insight, FAME, Inc., DiabetEASE, Zen Health, and Travel Plus. In cooperation with FTX Gym, Kangoo Jumps, Adbocan Organic Spa, Nature’s Spring, King Sue, Blush and Brush, 4U Souvenirs, New World Diagnostics, Walter Health Nutrition, NEO, DermPlus Sunblock, TopHealth Medical Clinics, St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City, DLSU Medical Center, Makati Medical Centre, Shakey’s, BDO, Patient First Medical Center, Calamba Doctors Hospital and Assist America.