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koko & everything else

Monday, August 2, 2010

the penniless hardworker and the couch potato millionaire....

Life is cruel.

“Where’s the justice in that?” my friend told me while we were chatting over YM. We were actually yapping about how unfair life can get when here we are working our ass off while some people we know are not even working like we do and yet they are driving sports cars.

I am dumbfounded when I realized this. I graduated from a very prestigious university in the country and yes, I may not be a straight-A student but still, I wasn’t that bad at all. I was working with an “okay” publishing company before then decided that I need to be more involved with my parents’ business. And by that, it meant turning down a great opportunity to work with a big and famous corporation here in the Philippines.

And now, I am running the family business, with an okay income, with a second-hand car who’s very good to me although could be a little pain-in-the-ass sometimes, with an okay house with my mom, yaya, three dogs, one cat and a hamster, with little savings and no investments whatsoever.

Then there go some of the people we know…

They are driving great, powerful cars, talking on their state-of-the-art cellphones, tweeting on their iPads, living in the most sought-after condo in the metro, and getting six-digits income from their “part-time” jobs.

Where is the JUSTICE in that? And they weren’t even the most promising students then.

I have been racking my brains with this for days now. I mean, I need to have something to call MINE. I mean something not branded by my parents. I even want to have my own pad… not so big, but just something that I can call my own home, the fruit of my labor.

I haven’t been able to see whatever kind of fruit yet from my so-called labor. I really don’t like the feeling of living from one bill to another. I am a decent human being and I don’t deserve to live to pay the bills. Where’s the LIFE in that?

So what made me become a penniless hard worker while some can be the couch potato millionaires? Is it like fate? Or is it just plain life’s humor; the wickedly ironic kind of humor?

I still can’t figure out why this happens. But like the movies say, there will always be a happy ending to those who suffer in the beginning.

There’s just a little tiny thing that’s bothering me. Am I still in the beginning? Coz this freakin feels like it’s been going on for so long already.

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