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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Splice: Revealing Men’s Dark Side

Just so you know what I’m talking about. Splice is a movie showing right now (or so I’ve told) and it’s about these two scientists (a married couple) heading a scientific breakthrough of creating one-of-a-kind creatures (male and female) that could produce a certain compound that would cure certain medical diseases.

This creature is supposed to be a product of combining different specie DNA. So that means it is something that we have never seen before, it actually looks like a very large worm/slug-like creature.

Anyways, these two scientists are working for a giant pharmaceutical company, and being the company that they are, the upper management is more interested on mass producing the compound rather than the scientific breakthrough of being able to create a different kind of life form. They are actually more interested in the amount of money it could bring them which is not surprising.

But the two scientists were more eager to further take this experiment to the next level, so they added a human DNA to the existing specimen without the knowledge of the higher management. And that’s where the story began.

But of course I am not going to tell the whole story in this blog. I would just like to point out how this movie showed a very dark side of the male specie, in any form they may be.

I couldn’t remember the exact lines, but it was something like, you cannot contain two males in a single container or they kill each other. In the movie, the said worm/slug like creature evolved from female to male. What supposed to be a union between two creatures (since they thought they had contained male and female) turned into a bloody massacre.

Well, the half-human creature there named DREN started as female specie and when it turned into male, it became very aggressive and killed everyone on sight. Yes, when it was a she, it got little aggressive tendencies but not to the point of killing people. It did killed animals but not the people around it. But the moment it turned male, it seemed like it was hunting to kill. That is actually very disturbing.

I just have two scenes to prove this one. The guy scientist had intercourse with DREN when it was a female. Imagine that, the scientist had s*x with an animal. Next scene, when DREN turned into male, it actually raped the female scientist. I rest my case.

I am not actually saying that the female characters here don’t have a bad side. In fact, the female scientist was the root of all these problems. She was the one to convince her husband to actually create DREN.

But generally, these three characteristics must not be literally understood. But in context, yes, men have such tendencies. It is actually sad that this movie had to show how dark it is to be men.

JUST A NOTE: I do not hate men, hahahah I am just sharing with you what the movie was about. In my opinion, there are a few good men out there… well that’s the problem… only a few… so c’mon guys… you must take this movie as a challenge and show that MEN do have good sides too. PEACE!!! =P

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