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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Commit to a New Year Resolution Permanently: How to Stick with It

SOURCE http://www.thecannon.ca/cms/viewpoints/gallery/7992/iStock_000017646689XSmall.jpg

We are all guilty of breaking our own promises to ourselves… and yes, I am talking about that New Year’s resolutions we have made in the past that we continuously break… year after year! Somehow, breaking our resolutions almost becomes a habit: a real bad habit that’s hard to break.

How many times have we said to ourselves that we will stay fit for once? How many times we swore not to procrastinate? How many times have you told yourself that this is the last stick you’ll ever smoke? Well, how have you been lately? Are you slimmer? Did you work doubly hard this year? Are you smoke-free? I guess not, because IF YOU DID, YOU WOULDN’T EVEN READ THIS BLOG ANYMORE. 

I dug up a couple of ways how we can stick to our resolutions for 2013. It may not be a 100% effective… but then again, I guess another year of trying to stick with our resolutions wouldn’t hurt. We’ve been doing that for a couple of years now, anyways. So here it is, five ways to stick with your resolutions for 2013.

1. Involve another person. Somehow, we have a nasty habit of breaking our promises to ourselves guilt-free but so hard for us to break promises to a person very close to our hearts. We can share our resolutions to our moms, best friend or even to our lovers. This way, not only will you have someone constantly reminding of your New Year’s resolutions, it would also be hard for you to disappoint or frustrate them.
2. Write it down. Have you heard of the saying, “easy to say, hard to do”? Well, that’s true in most cases especially when it comes to resolutions. Writing it down makes it accurate and precise, rather than just blurting about it spontaneously and forgetting it the very next minute. It gives finality to what we promised. You can even sign it to give it more value.
3. Post it. No, it is not just about posting it on your favorite social media. It is about posting your resolution to a spot where you can always see it. The spot should be somewhere you wouldn’t miss. For me, I have what I call a Vision Board. I created a collage of all the things I want and don’t like. Since its right in front of my working table, it’s hard for me to miss it. I even put motivational quotes there too. Other spots that may work out for you would be your mirror, your fridge or even your rearview mirror (if you drive).

SOURCE http://heleneoival.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/resolution.png

4. Join a group. Although our resolutions may be unique by purpose and reasons, the deed may not be as different from the resolutions of others. For example, if you promise to quit smoking this 2013, then there may be another person who wants to achieve the same thing. It’s not a bad idea to get together with that person or a group of people sharing the same resolution and stick with it together. It may be easier to get through the process if you know you are not alone.
5. Mark it permanently. I know you may be confused but what I mean about it is to get a tattoo. It may be a phrase or an image; something that represents your resolution and have it permanently inked on your body. Not only is it an artistic and creative way to sticking with your promise, the pain that comes with it makes it more meaningful and personal. The promise is not just simply said, it is marked and it would be really frustrating not to stick with it if you see it every day on your skin, mocking you of your broken resolution.

The first four ways are simple and anyone could just do it. But the last one is a little more sensitive and requires professional help that is legit, true and safe. That’s why the first thing you should do if you want to go through the fifth way is to look for a tattoo artist that can deliver safe and beautiful masterpieces, after all, there’s no turning back if you decided to get inked.

One good people you can count on when it comes to tattoo are the guys from Chilli and Ink. The artists behind it are real time artists who not only respects ART, they also believe that a person who wants to get a tattoo must not only do it for the sake of fashion and trend, the mark should be personal and close to the heart. But what’s even better with them is that they also serve great food as you get inked… you can even bring in your whole barkada with you on your special ink day. They can chill and dine as they wait for you as you make the most permanent mark of your life.

For more information on CHILLI AND INK, you can visit them at 51B Magiting Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City, 1101 Quezon City or simply give them a call/text at 0943-2705875 or 4345517. You can also visit their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ChilliAndInk.

To help you stick with your 2013 resolutions for good, CHILLI AND INK is giving away ONE (1) P1000.00 OFF Discount Voucher* to ONE (1) lucky person! All you have to do is to LIKE and SHARE this post (to Facebook or Twitter or both) and LIKE the official FB page of Chilli and Ink.And finally, comment in your NAME and SHARE LINK to the comment box below. Deadline of the mini-raffle is on January 6, 2013. 

*Discount Voucher is applicable to Tattoo worth Php3,500 and up

Friday, December 21, 2012

PRC Holiday XXX (Xciting Xmas Xtravaganza): Santa’s Treat for the Naughty or Nice

Santa got a little help this yuletide season, as he got the troops of PRC Inc. to give out exhilarating gifts that will make your holidays not just special but a XXX level! Yes, you heard it right! It’s time for PRC HOLIDAY XXX (Xciting Xmas Xtravaganza)!

The season couldn’t be any more exciting as loads of prizes are waiting for the whole family to enjoy. There’s plenty for dads, there’s tons for mommies and there’s a truckload for the kids and even to the extended families. And what’s more thrilling about this promo is that it doesn’t really mind if you got a little naughty or been a perfect angel, everyone is welcome to join the fun! All you have to do is LIKE any of PRC INC’s HOLIDAY THEMED PHOTOS and PRC Inc Facebook Page and get ready for the ride that will smother you with gifts, after gifts!

LIKE THIS PHOTO and WIN P10,000 worth of PRIZES

The rule of the game is to LIKE and share the great news with your friends to activate the raffle draw. Raffle draw activation rules comes with every holiday-themed photos, it means that if you don’t get to win on the first raffle draw, you still have a great chance of winning in the next couple of draws.

More than anything else, the PRC HOLIDAY XXX (eXciting Xmas eXtravanganza) is more than giving away prizes, it is also about giving back to the community as selected holiday-themed photos also activate outreach activities. In fact, for every thousand LIKES until reaching the 5000 LIKES target, chosen beneficiaries like Precious Heritage (Target of 1000 LIKES activates feeding program), Kanlungan ni Maria (Target of 2000 LIKES activates medicine distribution), ABS-CBN Foundation (Target of 3000 LIKES activates cash donation), among others will receive a little helping hand from PRC INC in the form of medicines, feeding programs and cash support. 

Just to keep you even more ecstatic, prizes to be given away includes gift certificates from Julie’s Bakeshop, Toby’s Sports, RUNNR, PRC merchandise and the most anticipated, Noche Buena Gift Baskets for you to enjoy! Yes, more than Php10,000.00 worth of prizes are waiting for you, and all you have to do is click the LIKE button!

This is just team PRC’s way of thanking everyone for the great year they had this 2012. Their simple way of giving back to their supporters and to the community for the many successes they were able to enjoy!

For more info, you may visit http://www.facebook.com/PRCInc

PRC Inc. is an integrated marketing communications company with PR as its core competency. Our services include brand and corporate PR, mounting of media related events, tactical monitoring and crisis management. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Calamity season underscores need for readiness


The height of the wet season in the country isn’t getting much help from the spate of other natural disasters like earthquakes and a string of typhoons. While such upheavals may be considered normal because of our orientation along the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, there’s the even larger context of climate change whose impacts are felt all the way around the world.

Climate change or global warming has become evident in recent years as regions experience extreme climates, from warm seasons hitting record-high temperatures to wet seasons exhibiting massive precipitation. This is precisely the reason why organizations from both the public and private sectors call for extra vigilance.

As an advocate of safety and awareness, Eveready Philippines is taking an active stance in educating the public about being always ready when disaster strikes. “Now that we are at the height of what we can rightfully call ‘typhoon season’, Filipinos are again reminded to ensure that their family is always ready,” says Energizer representative Johanna V. Emata “This, of course, starts with awareness of certain situations and proper knowledge of which equipment and supplies are needed to be ready for any type of calamity.”

Keep up with the latest
The first thing to do at the onset of any calamity is to keep watch over the situation regardless of whether you are located near disaster-prone areas or not. This means keeping constantly updated with breaking news about the progress of the storm and related developments over television or radio.
It also helps to be oriented on PAGASA’s Public Storm Warning Signals (PSWS) as well as their recently released color-coded rainfall advisory, which would help people be ready for any possible situations. While PSWS corresponds to increasing storm intensity from PSWS#1 to PSWS#4, the rainfall advisory tracks the level of rainfall that determines rising water levels.

Code Yellow means heavy rain that will deposit about 7.5 to 15mm of water—a situation that requires constant monitoring of the weather condition because of the possibility of flooding. Code Orange, on the other hand, means intense rain that will deposit about 15 to 30mm of water. This code requires people to be alert for possible evacuation due to threat of floods. Code Red, like any other red-alert status, means danger. With more that 30mm of rainfall, low-lying areas are to expect serious flooding that would require residents to immediately evacuate.

Knowing these facts offer foresight and provide a chance to be always ready for possible disaster. Being ready means having ample time to strategize on which areas to avoid, how to safeguard property, or, at worst, evacuate the premises.

Basic Needs
If you and your family do get caught in a situation that leaves little or no margin for error, it helps to be prepared and armed with the right equipment and supplies. “Faced with an emergency disaster situation, what you have inside your home, or ultimately inside your bag, may spell the difference between life and death,” says Emata. “Being prepared with the right tools will definitely ensure you and your family’s survival.”

Securing the basic necessities of food, shelter, and clothing is of utmost importance. Making sure that the household is secure and waterways are free of debris are essential, as is stocking up on provision like bottled water and food that have a long shelf life.

An emergency kit that includes a multitool knife, First Aid materials, transistor radios, and flashlights should be accessible at all times. Cell phones should be charged in case of power interruption and emergency numbers must be on hand.

Help is on the way
It’s also important to stock up on long-lasting batteries. Aside from powering radios for information and flashlights for navigating through the dark, a good set of batteries powers signaling devices that can spell the difference between getting rescued and being left behind.

Eveready, the country’s leading battery brand, took the initiative to equip emergency response units like the Philippine Red Cross and the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council with hands-free Energizer Headlights and Batteries needed to conduct rescue and relief operations.

Through partner organizations GMA Kapuso Foundation and ABS-CBN Foundation’s Sagip Kapamilya, Eveready also provided emergency lights and battery energy to families affected by massive flooding during the recent southwest monsoon (habagat) rains in most of Metro Manila and  large parts of Luzon.

As a brand that has empowered Filipino lives for decades, Eveready reiterates the importance of being vigilant and ready at all times. “Given that our country is very much prone to natural calamities, we should all take time to prepare and invest on the safety of our families and homes,” says Emata. “It is a small price to pay considering the value of the things and the lives that you can save.”

Thursday, October 18, 2012

NOV Fashion Show: It’s a whimsical November for Fashion After All

Ladies, gentlemen and all trend movers out there are invited to witness a night of creative manifestations and worldly inspirations combined together to create a whimsical fashion from the fresh faces in the industry. This is the NOV Fashion Show happening on November 17, 2012 at the slick lounge of KYSS in Makati Avenue (just beside A.Venue).

The fashion event features promising new talents in fashion design, styling, hair and make-up artistry and modeling. Divided into four parts, headed by the three designers and a stylist stimulated by four themes: candies; shine and sparkle, black and the Dark Knight.

But of course, the experience wouldn't be complete without a spanking after-party where everyone can meet and get acquainted with the stars of the night. Aside from great music, lively entertainment and a few classy drinks, guests can also look forward to take home thrilling prizes from the raffle draw. Special awards should also be expected; just a piece of advice though, it would surely pay off if you come in all trendy and stunning for the night.

The night will showcase creation by designers Mavic, Ayee Ferrer and Denise Nayve. Stylist Julie Wee will also present her creative juices with a special segment during the event. Hair and make-up artists Myke Legaspi, Charisma Vergara, Bee Enriquez, Arianne Cuenco, Jerry Consulta and Indira Cobarrubias will also keep us updated with the latest trends in their respective art. And of course, no fashion show would be complete without the charming men and women who will walk the runway: Anne Clerigo, Arran Robledo, Bea Lopez, Belle Cortes, Carmina Saguin, Charlie Madriaga, Cole Mercado, Edgar Salgado, Gail Isabelle Yambot, Geralyn De Leon, KC Mendez, Kim Paez, Marie April Malabanan, Mariko Sato, Mary Day Alberca, Michille Dela Cruz, Nikki Ivynne Merino, Romer Sualog, Stephanie Ongkiko and Zhawen Manalo.

The NOV Fashion Show is presented by MAMS, BYS Cosmetics and SM Accessories. It is co-presented by Pumped Shoes and brought to you by JMT Creative Studio, Naughty Needlez, Subic Grand Seas Resort and Subic Halfmoon Beach Resort. NOV Fashion Show would also like to thank its media partners: Circuit magazine, Orange Magazine TV, ZenHealth magazine, Urban Scroll, Pinoy Sound Radio, Fashion Intern Ph, Ms. Dani Baretto of Style is Eternal and PRC Inc. 

Don’t be outdated, ride with the trend. Like Nov Fashion Show on Facebook by visiting http://www.facebook.com/NovFashionShow. For inquiries, call or text 09154695099 / 09223769847.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Came, I Ran, I was limping but Survived Outbreak BGC

I grew up loving zombie movies, and just recently I got so hooked with watching Walking Dead that I ended up watching the two whole seasons twice! I couldn’t imagine how life would be if a real outbreak does happen in real life, and soon my curiosity and wonder if I would survive an actual outbreak got the best of me. I then took up all the courage and signed up for one!

Eating light dinner just before the run
Trying to scare the zombies away!
Goofing around instead of stretching LOL

Well of course, it wasn’t a real one, but it was close enough. Last July 28, 2012, I came and ran at the Outbreak Manila – BGC with my cousin, Pegs! Although it was encouraged to come in costumes, my cousin and I decided to dress casually and comfortably. I mean, c’mon, if we were in a real outbreak, would we really want to dress up first? Would you?

We were in the 17th wave and it was already dark by then (8:30ish PM?). And to make things worse and more challenging, the rain started pouring in as our wave was called in for the briefing. Well, for me, I didn’t mind the rain although I did have a hard time since I was wearing contacts. I also forgot to do some stretching and warm ups (but then it’s alright coz it was a real test if I will survive an outbreak – no one stretches and warms up in the Walking Dead right?).

My heart was pounding with excitement and fear. For one, I was terribly frightened by the zombies (even though I know they weren’t really real) and second, the dark made it scarier! But hey, if it were a real outbreak, chances are I would be really running in the dark right? But then we came prepared and brought with us LED flashlights, which I think was a smart move since it helped me big time throughout the course.

With the sound of the alarm, everyone started running. We tried to stick with our plan of not going separate ways but as soon as the first zombie showed up, I was running mindlessly, little did I know that Pegs already got pushed and had a few bruises. But good thing, she quickly got up and get on with it.

When things cleared up, I slowed down a bit and waited to see if Pegs was anywhere near. But it was a bit hard to wait because every now and then, zombies showed up chasing the crap out of us. Soon, I noticed Pegs and we started to run together again.

That didn’t last long though as more zombies blocked our way. We were dodging and moving left and right, making sure the zombies wouldn’t get even a single life flag. But as I was running, I bumped into a hooded girl whom I thought was one of the runners. Then I felt it like a knife on my gut (well not exactly but my heart was pounding like it was), the hooded girl turned out to be a zombie and she quickly grabbed my life flag. If I were in a real outbreak, I consider that moment as the moment I dropped half of my bullets. And now I am running with just a gun and an axe (in my imagination).

It went on for quite a while, but before even reaching the second kilometer, I got into a terrible accident. A zombie was running after me and I sprinted as fast as I could, which I think I did awesomely coz the girl behind me got caught while I outran the walker. But the intensity of the run (and someone accidentally hitting my thigh with his knee) got me injured. It hurt so much that I was limping towards the water station (safe zone) out of breath! Pegs was already there when I arrived and she was also having a hard time running because of her bruises from the early attack.

I gulped down two cups of water and rested for a while. But since I felt that staying there would just be a waste of time, I started to get back on the course, limping, hopping and running. But I wasn’t able to get too far when a swarm of zombies came and soon, my thigh got so bad that I had to go to the medic.

The guys who rescued me were nice and applied a liniment on my thigh (though it didn’t help much, I’m sorry to say that). I rested again for a bit and stretched my legs, hoping it would get better. After a few minutes wasted, I decided to get back on track, but I tried to take it a little slower this time.
Then here’s the great part. I think zombies still had a little humanity left in their hearts. When they saw me limping alone in the street, most of them turned the other way instead of chasing after me. Some even pretended not to see me. I guess the whole injury was able to help me survive it. I was able to safely walk a few kilometers safely, without losing anything but my thigh, I guess.

But don’t get me wrong; even though there were fewer zombies, the walk with a hurting leg was a great challenge. I had to go to another medic to help me stretch it so that I can manage to walk. There were so many obstacles and walking alone in the dark surely got me terrified. The medics wanted me to just hop in to the ambulance, but I kept insisting on finishing it. If this were a real outbreak, there’s not gonna be an easy way out so I might as well push my luck.

Survival against the zombies wasn’t the only challenge; it was also the walk down the dark and slippery road on an injured leg. As painful as it was, I continued to walk the haunted path until I came across a maze. Oh my god, of all things why do they had to build a maze. I am so bad with direction and I have always feared getting stuck in a maze. But I had no other option and there weren’t anyone to be with. So with all the courage that I had with me, I got into the maze alone.

I came across a few dead ends but luckily, there weren’t any walkers around. I slowly walked so that no one could sense I was there. I tried to walk against the walls of the maze, so that I could feel if anyone was near where I was. Soon, I finally saw the exit and hurriedly got back on the course.

After the maze, I felt a sense of hope that I could survive this outbreak. Until I reached the latter zone of the course…  more than fifteen zombies blocked the road and several abandoned scattered the street. This was the perfect version of my dooms day!

I tried to walk slowly. Other runners were running and already panicking. I tried to lay low so that the zombies wouldn’t see me walking alone on the other side of the road. I almost got out of the horde of zombies, until one walker noticed me. She was indeed very hungry for flags and she totally lost her humanity, she quickly grabbed my flag and I hurriedly limped my way out of there.
Finally! I reached the safe zone. And guess what?! I managed to get out with two flags left. One red flag and a white one that I got from Juice.ph and Eyp.Ph. The extra white flag could be a lifesaver, if things got out of hand. And as I walked down the safe path towards the finish line, I was so happy to see Pegs, still alive! She even managed to survive with three flags (although she lost a flag right there at the finish line coz things were getting crazy with the scanning of bibs and stuff).

King of Pop and I
Real great stuff from the artists at the Outbreak
Thumbs Up for the Awesome Time!
Survived!!! Wooohooooo!!!!
I'm cold!!!
And that’s my story on how I came, ran and survived Outbreak Manila. If it were a real outbreak, I may have ended up with no weapon and a broken leg, but then the important thing was I SURVIVED… alone! Yes, for me it gave me a sense of hope that in case a real zombie outbreak happens, I would probably have a higher chance of surviving and not turning into a walker.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Music + Fashion = URBAN ATHLETICS Pulse Saturday: We Got Dibs 2

I am a virgin when it comes to hip hop music and fashion. So forgive me if I mix up the performers and the songs and all the little details of the night… but one thing’s for sure… I had a blast at the Urban Athletics’ Pulse Saturday event.

Urban Athletics on Regular Days
Urban Athletics on Pulse Saturday

I have to be honest, the moment I walked in the Urban Athletics store… I was shock! Not in a bad way though, I just got surprised with the total make-over. I mean, I’ve seen the place on a regular day, though I know the place’s cool and all… for this night… it’s a total party haven!

The music was also pumping! I mean, yes, I may not know every single song on the playlist and I only heard it a few times on the radio, but when you’re there, you get to enjoy it… and really, I never thought I would appreciate the hip hop scene until that night.

Ooohhh before I forget, I did enjoy browsing the store’s shoe displays… I love the brands that I saw like Reef, Sanuk, Converse, among others. But I did love the other stuff too like the shirts and all… That’s why I couldn’t wait to see the new product lines and brands to be launched that night like SUPRA, Empire X Fanboy, The One, WIP Caps and Vurs. And I tell you when they presented the new releases, I didn’t thing anyone was disappointed because everything was stylish and fresh. The crowd couldn’t wait to get their hands on it.

As for the performers of the night, there was MC Dash with his new album, Kenjohns, Thyro with the beautiful and talented Kat Alano, Muriel and R&B artist, Quest. I have to admit, they made me see the other side of the music. I saw how creative, passionate and alive they are… more than their music, the way they performed and really connected to the crowd were inspiring.

And I didn’t mind seeing a few celebrities like Will de Vaughn, Gab Valenciano and even, Shirley Fuentes! The flowing beer was also a treat that I couldn’t say NO to. Mr. Toby Claudio of Urban Athletics also graced the event!

But what really got me tuned to the event was the launch of the clothing line with a purpose that’s exclusive at Urban Athletics. Vital Urban Revolutionary Standards or VURS is a line founded by Eric Villarama and Lamont Waters: a genius creation filled with simple yet powerful words and images that are socially conscious and inspirational.

In fact, it supports MTV Exit in their campaign against human trafficking by donating 15% of purchased VURS merchandise to help fund the project’s activities to fight social injustices. VURS is doing something grand and other people should start following their footsteps. This is a great example of how individual efforts is better than depending on the government too much in solving our problem coz the truth is, the government couldn’t do it on their own and they need us and companies like VURS to make a difference.

We Got DIBS 2 of Urban Athletics Pulse Saturday happened last July 7, 2012 at the Urban Athletic’s Greenbelt 3 branch. The event was hosted by Tyler and Suzie of Magic 89.9 and was made possible by Team Strata, media partners Urban Myx, Magic 89.9, JACK TV, and Clavel magazine with drink sponsors Bigshot Energy Drink, Tanduay Ice, Manila Beer and Coors Light.


About Urban Athletics

On the street, it's not about what you've got, but what you can do with what you have.
Inspired by the raw originality of the street is a store that brings modern urban lifestyle to the forefront: Urban Athletics.

Urban Athletics bravely combines athleticism with urban fashion. As new fashion forms broke out across the globe, we saw how sportswear evolved into streetwear, and vice versa. This fashion phenomenon led us to bring together elements from skateboarding, parkour, music, street culture and everything in between to allow every urban hipster invest new styles and make a statement on the streets.

Other sports and street wear brands offered by Urban Athletic are Adidas Originals, Converse, Vans, Radii, Zoo York, Nike 6.0, Zuriick, Manhattan Portage and more, forms a cutting edge store that infuses attitude with style.
Urban Athletic is located at the 2nd level of Greenbelt 3 in Makati.

For more details, updates, and events by urbanAthletics, call (632) 501-3274. You can also visit the website, www.urbanathletics.com.ph or you can find them on Facebook or Twitter.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Useful or Useless

Source: http://www.whatwinnersdo.com/wp-

"It is better to know useless things than to know nothing" - Tom Stoppard

As I was doing my quotation surfing, I came across this particular quote under uselessness quotes. I smiled as I was reading it because I kind of said something like this before. I am a wide reader and every now and then, I get to read a lot of information that not necessarily needed for everyday life. One time I told something about how the earth moves and shifts continuously to a friend. She just stared at me and told me that why on earth should I need to read about such things, I am no scientist. But all I said was, it may be useless now but someday... somehow I can use that information for greater good. Then time came when I was meeting up a client who was really strict and serious, I didn't know how to get his trust and humor doesn't work either. After I did my presentation, we chit-chatted for a while. That was the worst two minutes of my life because everything I said seem dumb for him, until I somehow mentioned that earthly movements. Somehow, that got his attention and we exchanged several thoughts on it. I finally got his trust and friendship and even got awarded the deal.

And that brings me to one of the usefulness quotes I read that Henry Ford said:

"Whatever you have, you must either use or lose"

That piece of information was useful for me and that's what I had then. Everything you have should be utilize or just throw it away. Do not be a clutter... use whatever you got or just forget about it. That's how life goes! You have to know how to work with the information you have. Coz its about how you lived your life and make the most of it.

"You live on earth only for a few short years which you call an incarnation, and then you leave your body as an outworn dress and go for refreshment to your true home in the spirit. 
- White Eagle

As one of the quotes on afterlife says, we are here for a very short while... So make the most out of it so in the end, as we leave our mortal life, we can say that we did utilize that seemed to be useless life and made it into a useful life.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Run of the Year: Valucare Run 2012

A half of the year had passed and just decided to join my very first fun run of the year. I’ve been very lazy and inactive… 2012 was a year of many changes for me (including work) and now, I just decided to change my lifestyle altogether (well, not that much but I decided to make it a little healthier).

So I went on and joined the Valucare Run last June 16, 2012. Without even doing some pre-work-outs, I joined a 3K long challenge. Although, I jogged (once) and tried playing football (once!) this year, aside from those two (which made me a cripple for a week), I had zero work-out for the first half of the year!

That's me on the left and my running mate, Peggy on the right

I invited my cousin Pegs to be my running mate. Unlike me, she enrolled at the gym and even run regularly whenever she can. So she is rather more prepared than I was. But well, I really didn’t care and just went on. My only goal was not to finish the run and not to finish last. Good thing is I actually attained my goals!

With Chona, running aficionado!
Check out my bib number... weird that of all numbers....

We got there before 5:30AM… Driving early in the morning was refreshing… no traffic and fresher air! As we got there, a lot of runners were already there stretching and all. We weren’t that late and we even caught Julieanne San Jose (did I spelled her name right?) sing. After a couple of minutes, we were instructed to get ready for the run… and so it happened!

Getting ready for the run!

Just a few minutes before the gun shot, Running host Boy Ramos even lead a simple pre-run stretching. As the gun fired, everyone started running. I had a great start. I ran but then after a couple of steps, I got caught in a running barkada (aka running fence). Yes, those were the guys who ran together and blocking other’s way. I found myself on a running obstacle course, making me more exhausted than I already was.

Searching for my running mate!

By the time I got out of the mess, I found my running mate too far for me to catch up. So instead of running after her, I just decided to run on my own pace. The weather is nice… windy and cold… but good thing it didn’t drizzled while we were running. After what seemed like forever, I finally saw the 1KM mark. GREAT! I am still alive!

That's me... sleeping while running! LOL

Getting so close.... few more steps!

Then a couple of minutes of running/jogging and mostly walking fast, I saw the 2KM mark. I just thought, FINALLY… just one more KM to go and I’m done. That boosted up my energy a bit. And when I finally saw the FINISH line, I got so excited that I ran a little bit faster!

Finally! I’m done and I saw my running mate taking photos of me… ALIVE! LOL

The Valucare Run 2012 was amazing! The race started almost on time and it was very organized. Water was plenty, so runners weren’t that scared of getting dehydrated. There were plenty of freebies too! Although the rain poured on us making it a bit hard to visit every booth in the event, all in all.. I think the guys behind the run did a GREAT JOB!

Me and Pegs with Ms. Rizza from Dermplus
ValuCare Run 2012 benefits BANTAY BATA and the EAT BULAGA’s PLASTIC NI JUAN project. And so, it felt really good to know that you are really a part of something that can help the kids for a brighter future.  This event is presented to you by Value Care Health Systems, Inc. in partnership with Veritas 846 Radyo Totoo, Chris Sports, Pocari Sweat, TravelTime Travel and Tours, Crossover FM 105.1 Manila, Malaya Business Insight, FAME, Inc., DiabetEASE, Zen Health, and Travel Plus. In cooperation with FTX Gym, Kangoo Jumps, Adbocan Organic Spa, Nature’s Spring, King Sue, Blush and Brush, 4U Souvenirs, New World Diagnostics, Walter Health Nutrition, NEO, DermPlus Sunblock, TopHealth Medical Clinics, St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City, DLSU Medical Center, Makati Medical Centre, Shakey’s, BDO, Patient First Medical Center, Calamba Doctors Hospital and Assist America.

I hope there’s gonna be a PART 2 of this run!

BTW, here's the result courtesy of Runningmate.Ph

Rank 64 
Category 3k 
Time 00:25:08
Pace 0:08:22

Rank 87
Name MARIKO Tamura  <<<<<<< This is ME!
Category 3k
Time 00:27:45
Pace 0:09:15