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koko & everything else

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everybody's Getting Pregnant!

For a few days now, I have been seeing my high school friends, batch mates, acquaintances getting bigger… and I don’t mean that they are getting fat… instead, they are getting PREGNANT.

Just a little trip to the past… I remember when I was in my sophomore year in high school, our biology teacher made us watch this horrible video. It was video of a mother in labor. And yes, I was one of the very few who sat in front (coz I was trying to get near the air conditioning and that spot was well ventilated) and saw the actual baby splurging out of the mother’s vagina.

It was hell. I felt so weak in the knees that I ended up holding my class mate’s arm in disgust. I didn’t felt anything miraculous. It felt like our teacher made us watch a horror flick during class time. Since then, the thought of getting pregnant would be too far from my imagination.

But then, as I was saying, I have seen so many people getting pregnant. And they are not just people; some of them are close to me. And all I kept asking myself was, “how the hell would they get over the pain of getting that baby out of their womb?”

I mean, it is flesh tore up to make way for a human being. How scary is that?

But then, I feel something that jumps inside. How wonderful it may be to have a baby? I mean, is it worth the pain?

My mom always says I shall never reach the climax of my womanhood if I don’t get to be a mother. But then, I see so many women in their most powerful state, and they are not mothers. So how can she say that?

I am turning 25 this year, and I don’t think I am ready to be one. I see myself fulfilling my dreams without a child anytime soon. But yes, I do see myself with a kid one day. Maybe, I’d love to have a little kid of my own. But I am seriously considering ADOPTION. I mean, who am I kidding? I have the lowest tolerance for pain. And I couldn’t really imagine going through that pain. Unless there will be a PAINLESS way to delivering a little being. And I am not pertaining to a C-section. I mean, just plain painless. No needles, no cuts, something of an instant baby. Do they have one of those?

I know someday, if I get to have a kid, he or she will be so mad at me for posting this. But what can I say? I would need a LOT of preparation before I get to face that kind of pain. I mean I cry of simple stomachache. How much more if I get pregnant?

Tsk Tsk Tsk!!!!

Still thinking of ADOPTION… I mean, I shall not be less of a mother for not being the one giving birth… right? And it’s actually a noble thing to do, giving a new chance of life to an innocent creature.

Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock and even Katherine Heigl do that… so why can’t i?


  1. hahaha true Koko! I know for a fact that it's a little painful at first but then again you get sedated so you wouldn't feel the rest of it I myself got pregnant but it was all worth it, try artificial insemination first before thinking of adoption, at least with that it's still your own flesh and blood and you can say that "I'VE DONE MY PART AS A WOMAN-BEAR A CHILD, GIVE BIRTH AND RAISE A CHILD" OR just simply "MARIKO TAMURA WAS HERE IN THE WORLD AND THIS CHILD IS A LIVING PROOF!"

  2. whoah! stop right there Ko! ha ha ha
    First of all... being pregnant is one of the greatest miracles and i believe the only miracle that continuously happens every second around the world. You will start to have the "miracle" when you see that little embryo and the first kick in your belly... you will hopefully realize that another human being, alive and kicking inside your belly is a true miracle and only women have the privilege of experiencing that. #2 the pain is so worth it considering that all goes well. You won't even feel the pain, sedated or not... when the baby comes out! You're heart and soul will melt at the first glance of your child. # 3 you will perhaps may need a man but have now a choice of in vitro fertilization. We are so lucky a women to have the privilege of being part of that miracle. But then again..... not all us women are made to be a mother... so i wish you will find a spot in your heart to make the right decision about wanting to be a mother or not. you life will truly chance in an instant...

  3. ooops that was of yours a planned pregnancy is better and that was Tita Mabeth at your door steps LoL