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koko & everything else

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dumb + Dumb: formula to a smooth relationship

Few days ago, I was on my way home I turned my radio on coz I was kind of sick of playing the same playlist over and over again.

Great! It was GOOD TIMES WITH MO!, the only decent radio program I listen to every now and then. And on that day, they were talking about the “best relationship”. And knowing Mo Twister, he says the most psycho things, but deep down you know it’s pretty logical.

He was telling ANGELICOPTER that the best relationship would be between two stupid people. Why? Just imagine this scenario:

GIRL: Where have you been? It’s already 1am.
BOY: Uh… Work.
GIRL: Work? But it’s 1am!
BOY: I got lost on the way home.
GIRL: Awww my poor baby. I love you
BOY: I love you too.

See? It’s stupid but it’s simple. No complicated alibis. These people do not have the capacity to even think of anything. They just believe what the other would say. And everything is okay. Kiss, kiss, mwah, mwah.

With smart people, it would be different:

GIRL: Where have you been? It’s already 1am.
BOY: I was at work. Over time again.
GIRL: Oh yeah? How come I was calling you at the office and no one was answering.
BOY: Yeah I heard it, but I was so busy, I was the only one left so I didn’t bother to
answer it.
GIRL: How about your cellphone? I called you there a few times too.
BOY: Yeah, sorry about that. I put in on silent mode. I haven’t checked my phone yet.

And so on. This conversation would probably last for hours with the girl investigating every angle on why the guy came home late. But for stupid people, this issue would be a conversation that would run from 1 second to 2 minutes max.

Maybe that is why more and more people now are getting divorced. Maybe people are getting smarter. And in fact, they are so smart that they don’t even bother to get married, coz they think it will just be a waste of time since they will someday get separated one way or another.

Think of this. People are too smart that they even know what would happen in the future. How about that, it’s like people developed a certain ability to see the future and predict that every relationship would be torn apart in X number of months and so, getting married would just be a waste of time, effort and energy.

The so-called heart had become another functioning organ in our body and the metaphor it lives up to which is LOVE is nothing more but a mere figment of our imagination just like Santa clause and the tooth fairy.

I mean, I am as logical as I can get. But I don’t think LOVE is just for kids or just for stupid people as they say. It really does make the world go round. It makes life like Disneyland. It may not be as perfect as it may seem, but the fact that you are in Disneyland, it’s worth it.

So call me stupid if you must, but at least I enjoy LOVE as much a child enjoys Christmas. It gives you hope, it keeps you alive and yes, the pain would be dreadful than a disease, but again, it’s worth it.

However, yes, stupid people still makes the smoothest relationships. They just can’t get their brains working to even try arguing. They probably would be lost in their own alibis. HAHA!

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