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koko & everything else

Monday, July 5, 2010

Doomsday Versus Boredom

Today is July 7, 2010... and i am really having a bad day....

there are little things thats making me really pissed off today.... some i cannot share with this blog for it may be sensitive issues.... (by that i meant... someone might kick my ass staright to where i came from if i even blogged down a hint of what im saying)

so to keep my ass safe and sound... i wold rather just speak in general terms.... YES... i am having a bad day... hearing bad news... getting bad "emo" drama-rama and bad comments and snarls here and there....

but then i was chatting to my friend mai the whole day... well almost... as she was now complaining of a very BORING DAY....

so now... we came into this crossroad... is it better to have an INTERESTING BAD DAY? or have a DULL, ACTION-LESS BORING DAY?

i was quiet for a moment... (very quick moment) i spaced out for a little second... i was thinking if what would id rather have.... DOOMSDAY OR BOREDOM...

i would wanna say i would rather have a smooth sailing boring day... but then again... im more of the active type of gal.... i would rather have an intense DOOMSDAY event of my life... than just stare at the monitor for one whole day doing nothing and thinking about nothing... bored enough that i am not even interested to hear whats for supper tonigt....

so the VERDICT?

yep.... a bad day full of weird things and bad things and all sorta things would be fine by me... its better than nothing right?

BTW,,, one weird thing happened to me today... theres this person named ERICA CANTERO (something like that) she added me on Facebook... and i kinda just accepeted the invite without really looking at her profile... then today she sent me a message through IM and telling me over and over i was "GAGO"

hahaha i was smiling that moment... thinking... wow... just another weird thing today... but i had no energy to deal with it.... so the SOLUTION? block her... hahaha i mean i wouldnt waste my time finding out who she was... im just hmmmm what should i say... just plain tired of today's craziness.... another crazy person couldnt really make my day more interesting hahaha

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