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koko & everything else

Tuesday, May 3, 2011



I’ve been a food lover for decades… and my pal, Maiers is a living witness. During the earlier years of my life, I can eat all day long but now, I mellowed down a bit. But having heard of this food heaven called Midnight Mercato, I JUST CAN’T RESIST… I needed to get there… ASAP!

Last April 30, 2011, since I was invited to the christening (or should I say to the reception afterwards) of my friend’s son at Paseo de Magallanes… Mai, Haz and myself decided to go to Midnight Mercato after the party.

But since, Midnight Mercato starts at 10PM and the party ended around 6PM (or earlier), we had a few hours to spare. So, of course, we ended up killing time at the nearby Starbucks.

Our journey to Midnight Mercato started at around 9:45PM. I, being the designated driver… Haz as the passenger and photographer and Mai, as my trusted navigator or my HUMAN GPS!


Well, not entirely. But we kinda lost our way to the spot. And later on figured out that the Mercato Tent moved to another location… It was kinda my fault since I remembered reading it in their website but forgot to mention it to Mai. Since, I really have a brain of a 2year old when it comes to location finding, my companions were already used to it and just asked our way to the place.

When we got there, the place was packed! And it starts with the parking slots. You have to line up just to get a decent parking spot and the sad news is, there were a lot of jerks trying to cut in line. And although I would totally go berserk with that situation, I just held my breath and prayed to God to bless me with patience.

And the fact that I needed to GO (as in nature is calling, in short, I needed to take a leak) I was extra patient that night and just excite to get in and find a decent restroom.

But the bad luck just came pouring in. When we finally got in, the only restrooms available were two portalets (one for girls and one for boys). But still, even though I don’t normally use portalets, I just gave in. There I was, standing behind two girls, waiting for my turn… things just needed to get worse than it was. SOMEONE DROPPED A BOMB. and that moment one, I wished I had an actual bomb and threw it at that GIRL… but then… I shouldn’t be too inconsiderate… she needed to release it… poor girl (I just wonder how she cleaned up afterwards since there was no WATER, not even for flushing LOL)

Anyways, forget the long queue in parking and the LACK OF RESTROOMS. I still can say that I had much fun at Midnight Mercato. Too bad though that I was full from earlier activities, coz if not, I would have eaten so much more!

But for that night, we decided to try our luck with some cakes, sausages and nachos.

Cakes were mediocre. It was dry and no WOW factor. But then, it was cheap… so I think I got the quality for the price I paid. And the nachos was no different. It was the regular nachos I can get from mall stalls.

But the Hungarian sausages were quite good. I got the regular and spicy ones. And I just couldn’t complain.

I also tried that Non-alcoholic fresh fruit champagne which really tasted like Cali (but not better). But the “sago’t gulaman” Mai got, was really a total waste of money. MAS MASARAP PA YATA BUMILI NG PALAMIG SA KALYE and you can just pay 5 or 10 peso for it.

To sum it all up, BITIN AKO SA MIDNIGHT MERCATO trip. And I am really planning to go back and try more food. But hopefully, I can get to pick the right ones coz some of them were really not as superb as I expected.

To know more about MIDNIGHT MERCATO, just go to their website, or better yet, try it yourself. The trip is worth it! They promised a LOT OF FOOD CHOICES and I think they kept their promise on this one. You just gotta be more careful which ones to try and which ones to run away from! LOL!