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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lighting Up One Life after Another: Energizer Night Race 2013

Many would think that the Energizer Night Race is just another trend… running + night + lights = fun! But let’s get down to what the race is truly about: it is about spreading “PositivEnergy”; it’s about making people realize how important energy is and how it should be conserved; and it’s about creating a chance for our less privileged countrymen to experience “light” not as a luxury but as a right and privilege.

Not many understand this fact of life but somehow through the Energizer Night Race happening all over the world, somehow a portion of people now has a “brighter” image of what this cause is all about. And it does not hurt to learn, while having fun in the process.

That’s why Energizer Philippines makes every single of its race more interesting and enjoyable for the participants. In fact, at the recently concluded night race last May 4, 2013 at the Bonifacio Global City, aside from giving away prizes for the top finishers, they also had a side contest through the singlet design contest where the participants with the most creative and best “quote” also goes home with special prizes.

Aside from the usual route as well, they also created the dark tunnel, where the creative singlets will glow impressively in the dark. This is a favorite among the runners… some even disregarded their time by stopping and taking a photo of themselves. This goes to show that the run is not really about who gets the fastest time, it is really about having fun and doing something significant for the benefit of the society.

Of course, PRC INC was there as well, not missing the moment to support such noble cause. And although I wasn’t able to run, being there and seeing the beauty and nobility of the race is good enough for me. It gives me hope that people can really help one another, in the most creative ways possible.

For the race results, you may check out this LINK.

For more information on Energizer Philippines and the annual night race, please do check out http://www.energizerbatteries.com.ph/Energizer/NightRace. You may also LIKE them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/energizerphilippines

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Julie’s Summer Temptations: Summer Breads Launched

While everybody’s preparing for the summer season, cutting down on carbs and staying sexy for their beach escapades… I was preparing myself too. I was preparing my tummy for a sumptuous summer treat that could tempt every last one of your bones: it’s not sexy… it’s yummy!

Last May 4, 2013, Julie’s Bakeshop and I had a delicious rendezvous when they showcased their latest offerings for the most awaited season of the country. And boy, was I impressed! Not only was I intrigued by the colorful treats, but the moment I took a guilty bite… let’s just say “they got me”.

Of course, not many of you would take my word for it. But then it wouldn’t hurt to try, right? But beyond what your palate can celebrate for, the Julie’s Bakeshop Summer Breads are just right for the pocket, especially now that it’s summer and the kids are probably hanging out at home. So why not, make the most out of the vacation not only by going out on a trip, but bringing delectable munchies along the way. The price range of the summer breads is from Php 5.00 to Php 45.00 per piece, a lot cheaper than the others. And kids will especially love it, since it is literally an eye-candy!

So without further ado, here it is:

Yummy Yoyos
Rainbow Cupcake
Chicken Empanada
Rainbow Round Cake

My fellow bloggers are also in for a sweet treat:

For more information regarding Julie’s Bakeshop Summer Breads, visit their Facebook account http://facebook.com/JuliesBakeshop, follow them on Twitter @JuliesBakeshop1 and also on Instagram @JuliesBakeshop.

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