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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Splice: Revealing Men’s Dark Side

Just so you know what I’m talking about. Splice is a movie showing right now (or so I’ve told) and it’s about these two scientists (a married couple) heading a scientific breakthrough of creating one-of-a-kind creatures (male and female) that could produce a certain compound that would cure certain medical diseases.

This creature is supposed to be a product of combining different specie DNA. So that means it is something that we have never seen before, it actually looks like a very large worm/slug-like creature.

Anyways, these two scientists are working for a giant pharmaceutical company, and being the company that they are, the upper management is more interested on mass producing the compound rather than the scientific breakthrough of being able to create a different kind of life form. They are actually more interested in the amount of money it could bring them which is not surprising.

But the two scientists were more eager to further take this experiment to the next level, so they added a human DNA to the existing specimen without the knowledge of the higher management. And that’s where the story began.

But of course I am not going to tell the whole story in this blog. I would just like to point out how this movie showed a very dark side of the male specie, in any form they may be.

I couldn’t remember the exact lines, but it was something like, you cannot contain two males in a single container or they kill each other. In the movie, the said worm/slug like creature evolved from female to male. What supposed to be a union between two creatures (since they thought they had contained male and female) turned into a bloody massacre.

Well, the half-human creature there named DREN started as female specie and when it turned into male, it became very aggressive and killed everyone on sight. Yes, when it was a she, it got little aggressive tendencies but not to the point of killing people. It did killed animals but not the people around it. But the moment it turned male, it seemed like it was hunting to kill. That is actually very disturbing.

I just have two scenes to prove this one. The guy scientist had intercourse with DREN when it was a female. Imagine that, the scientist had s*x with an animal. Next scene, when DREN turned into male, it actually raped the female scientist. I rest my case.

I am not actually saying that the female characters here don’t have a bad side. In fact, the female scientist was the root of all these problems. She was the one to convince her husband to actually create DREN.

But generally, these three characteristics must not be literally understood. But in context, yes, men have such tendencies. It is actually sad that this movie had to show how dark it is to be men.

JUST A NOTE: I do not hate men, hahahah I am just sharing with you what the movie was about. In my opinion, there are a few good men out there… well that’s the problem… only a few… so c’mon guys… you must take this movie as a challenge and show that MEN do have good sides too. PEACE!!! =P

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everybody's Getting Pregnant!

For a few days now, I have been seeing my high school friends, batch mates, acquaintances getting bigger… and I don’t mean that they are getting fat… instead, they are getting PREGNANT.

Just a little trip to the past… I remember when I was in my sophomore year in high school, our biology teacher made us watch this horrible video. It was video of a mother in labor. And yes, I was one of the very few who sat in front (coz I was trying to get near the air conditioning and that spot was well ventilated) and saw the actual baby splurging out of the mother’s vagina.

It was hell. I felt so weak in the knees that I ended up holding my class mate’s arm in disgust. I didn’t felt anything miraculous. It felt like our teacher made us watch a horror flick during class time. Since then, the thought of getting pregnant would be too far from my imagination.

But then, as I was saying, I have seen so many people getting pregnant. And they are not just people; some of them are close to me. And all I kept asking myself was, “how the hell would they get over the pain of getting that baby out of their womb?”

I mean, it is flesh tore up to make way for a human being. How scary is that?

But then, I feel something that jumps inside. How wonderful it may be to have a baby? I mean, is it worth the pain?

My mom always says I shall never reach the climax of my womanhood if I don’t get to be a mother. But then, I see so many women in their most powerful state, and they are not mothers. So how can she say that?

I am turning 25 this year, and I don’t think I am ready to be one. I see myself fulfilling my dreams without a child anytime soon. But yes, I do see myself with a kid one day. Maybe, I’d love to have a little kid of my own. But I am seriously considering ADOPTION. I mean, who am I kidding? I have the lowest tolerance for pain. And I couldn’t really imagine going through that pain. Unless there will be a PAINLESS way to delivering a little being. And I am not pertaining to a C-section. I mean, just plain painless. No needles, no cuts, something of an instant baby. Do they have one of those?

I know someday, if I get to have a kid, he or she will be so mad at me for posting this. But what can I say? I would need a LOT of preparation before I get to face that kind of pain. I mean I cry of simple stomachache. How much more if I get pregnant?

Tsk Tsk Tsk!!!!

Still thinking of ADOPTION… I mean, I shall not be less of a mother for not being the one giving birth… right? And it’s actually a noble thing to do, giving a new chance of life to an innocent creature.

Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock and even Katherine Heigl do that… so why can’t i?

Monday, August 2, 2010

I write like CORY DOCTOROV

I hot this from http://maierz.blogspot.com/... she tried this I WRITE LIKE... and got interested... and tried it myself....

and voila!

I write like
Cory Doctorow

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

who the hell is CORY DOCTOROW???

sorry if i seem stupid... but in all honesty... i dont know this Cory. wait let me GOOGLE this one...

Dumb + Dumb: formula to a smooth relationship

Few days ago, I was on my way home I turned my radio on coz I was kind of sick of playing the same playlist over and over again.

Great! It was GOOD TIMES WITH MO!, the only decent radio program I listen to every now and then. And on that day, they were talking about the “best relationship”. And knowing Mo Twister, he says the most psycho things, but deep down you know it’s pretty logical.

He was telling ANGELICOPTER that the best relationship would be between two stupid people. Why? Just imagine this scenario:

GIRL: Where have you been? It’s already 1am.
BOY: Uh… Work.
GIRL: Work? But it’s 1am!
BOY: I got lost on the way home.
GIRL: Awww my poor baby. I love you
BOY: I love you too.

See? It’s stupid but it’s simple. No complicated alibis. These people do not have the capacity to even think of anything. They just believe what the other would say. And everything is okay. Kiss, kiss, mwah, mwah.

With smart people, it would be different:

GIRL: Where have you been? It’s already 1am.
BOY: I was at work. Over time again.
GIRL: Oh yeah? How come I was calling you at the office and no one was answering.
BOY: Yeah I heard it, but I was so busy, I was the only one left so I didn’t bother to
answer it.
GIRL: How about your cellphone? I called you there a few times too.
BOY: Yeah, sorry about that. I put in on silent mode. I haven’t checked my phone yet.

And so on. This conversation would probably last for hours with the girl investigating every angle on why the guy came home late. But for stupid people, this issue would be a conversation that would run from 1 second to 2 minutes max.

Maybe that is why more and more people now are getting divorced. Maybe people are getting smarter. And in fact, they are so smart that they don’t even bother to get married, coz they think it will just be a waste of time since they will someday get separated one way or another.

Think of this. People are too smart that they even know what would happen in the future. How about that, it’s like people developed a certain ability to see the future and predict that every relationship would be torn apart in X number of months and so, getting married would just be a waste of time, effort and energy.

The so-called heart had become another functioning organ in our body and the metaphor it lives up to which is LOVE is nothing more but a mere figment of our imagination just like Santa clause and the tooth fairy.

I mean, I am as logical as I can get. But I don’t think LOVE is just for kids or just for stupid people as they say. It really does make the world go round. It makes life like Disneyland. It may not be as perfect as it may seem, but the fact that you are in Disneyland, it’s worth it.

So call me stupid if you must, but at least I enjoy LOVE as much a child enjoys Christmas. It gives you hope, it keeps you alive and yes, the pain would be dreadful than a disease, but again, it’s worth it.

However, yes, stupid people still makes the smoothest relationships. They just can’t get their brains working to even try arguing. They probably would be lost in their own alibis. HAHA!

the penniless hardworker and the couch potato millionaire....

Life is cruel.

“Where’s the justice in that?” my friend told me while we were chatting over YM. We were actually yapping about how unfair life can get when here we are working our ass off while some people we know are not even working like we do and yet they are driving sports cars.

I am dumbfounded when I realized this. I graduated from a very prestigious university in the country and yes, I may not be a straight-A student but still, I wasn’t that bad at all. I was working with an “okay” publishing company before then decided that I need to be more involved with my parents’ business. And by that, it meant turning down a great opportunity to work with a big and famous corporation here in the Philippines.

And now, I am running the family business, with an okay income, with a second-hand car who’s very good to me although could be a little pain-in-the-ass sometimes, with an okay house with my mom, yaya, three dogs, one cat and a hamster, with little savings and no investments whatsoever.

Then there go some of the people we know…

They are driving great, powerful cars, talking on their state-of-the-art cellphones, tweeting on their iPads, living in the most sought-after condo in the metro, and getting six-digits income from their “part-time” jobs.

Where is the JUSTICE in that? And they weren’t even the most promising students then.

I have been racking my brains with this for days now. I mean, I need to have something to call MINE. I mean something not branded by my parents. I even want to have my own pad… not so big, but just something that I can call my own home, the fruit of my labor.

I haven’t been able to see whatever kind of fruit yet from my so-called labor. I really don’t like the feeling of living from one bill to another. I am a decent human being and I don’t deserve to live to pay the bills. Where’s the LIFE in that?

So what made me become a penniless hard worker while some can be the couch potato millionaires? Is it like fate? Or is it just plain life’s humor; the wickedly ironic kind of humor?

I still can’t figure out why this happens. But like the movies say, there will always be a happy ending to those who suffer in the beginning.

There’s just a little tiny thing that’s bothering me. Am I still in the beginning? Coz this freakin feels like it’s been going on for so long already.