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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Meeting the Star for All Seasons: Governor Vi of Batangas

I admit, I am always the type pf person who get starstruck, mostly when I am surrounded with god-like creatures, oozing with beauty, confidence and all the other stuff that I seem to lack. 

But as my friend Mai and I had been discussing, it's totally a different experience when you meet someone legendary. In the local showbiz scene, I think there are two famous and legendary people that I am happy to have met, and even had a chance to take a photo with. That's Mr. Eddie Garcia and just recently, the Star for all Seasons and current governor of Batangas, Honorable Vilma Santos-Recto. 

But what makes me really impressed (therefore makes me really into them) is the fact that despite their accomplishments and status in life, both are very humble and welcoming. And you know what, I don't think Gov. Vi is just acting it out. I really think that she is purely and sincerely pleasant. 

She greeted everyone with her smile and inviting attitude. She made everyone comfortable in her presence. She joked and made everyone laugh, but most of all, she made everyone understood her message. 

Her message was to improve the current situation of children (specifically school children) who are suffering with Micronutrient deficiency (MND). Along wit FNRI-DOST (Food and Nutrition Research Institute - Department of Science and Technology and Nestle Bear Brand, they conducted a study on how drinking fortified milk drink can help solve the problem on MND; or the condition where children are deficient of zinc, vitamin C, iron, among other micronutrients. The reality of MND is actually common yet unsolved. This is in fact, one of the reasons why most children do not perform well in school, cannot absorb new knowledge and even why they get sick all the time. 

I learned all these during the Nestle Bear Brand event for the awareness of MND, where I also met Gov. Vi. I am a milk drinker ever since, and though I drink it because I have acquired the love for it, it's a first for me to learn all the other things milk can do for people; more than healthy bones and teeth. 

And thanks to Gov Vi, who was very passionate in explaining even the nitty-gritty of this reality, I was able to absorb it, understand it and I can say, I can even be an advocate of milk drinking because of this. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gov. Vi supports the fight against micronutrient deficiency

She may be occupying the seat of power in the whole province of Batangas, but in her heart Governor Vilma Santos-Recto is simply a mother taking care of the health of her family and of the community. The love and concern she shows to her constituents through her “health-first” policy has earned her the respect and trust of her people.

“As a mom, it is my priority to take care of the health needs of my family, and this extends to my larger family of Batangue├▒os,” she admits. “I have always believed that even if you raise the quality of education, give jobs or livelihoods, or provide infrastructure, it would all be useless if the people suffer from poor health.”

Santos-Recto channels this outlook through her HEARTS Foundation, which stands for Health, Education and Environment, Agriculture, Roads, Tourism and Security. Putting much emphasis on health, she is rightfully concerned about the condition called Micronutrient Deficiency and how it affects millions of Filipino schoolchildren.

This is the reason why, for several years now, she has been supporting health advocacies that fight malnutrition. Her campaigns continuously educate and encourage both parents and kids on the importance of eating healthy foods and drinking milk.  

“Parents should know the right food choices at ito ang dapat na binibigay nila sa mga anak nila,” she says. “Lalo na ngayong panahon na naman ng pasukan, being healthy is very important because otherwise, maaaring maging masakitin ang mga bata, o kaya matamlay, laging nag-aabsent.”

Santos-Recto explains that kids who always seem to lack energy, easily get tired or have a hard time concentrating on their schoolwork are likely candidates for Micronutrient Deficiency. Lacking essential nutrients like Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin C in their diets, these children often grow up to be underweight or stunted, conditions from which roughly half of Filipino kids suffer.

“Ayon nga sa survey ng Food and Nutrition Research Institute ng Department of Science and Technology, four out of five schoolchildren suffer from lack of iron,” she says. “Seven out of ten public school students naman ang may kakulangan ng Vitamin C, samantalang one out of five ang kulang sa Zinc.”

The governor is happy that, through her collaboration with Nestl├ę Philippines and the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST), she is able to communicate to a wider audience the importance of eating nutritious food and drinking milk. BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink is fortified with Tibay Resistensya nutrients Iron, Zinc and Vitamin C to help children in their proper growth and development during their formative years.

“Ako at ang mga kapatid ko ay pinalaki sa gatas kaya yun din ang ginawa ko sa aking mga anak,” says Santos-Recto. “Alam naman natin lahat na talagang masustansya ang gatas lalo na kung fortified ito. “Isa ito sa mga napatunayang paraan para malabanan ang Micronutrient Deficiency – bigyan sila ng wastong nutrisyon kasama ang pag-inom ng gatas na may dagdag Iron, Zinc and Vitamin C gaya ng BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink,” she adds. “Gusto ko ma-absorb ng parents ang importance nitong solusyong para sa pagpapalaki, pagpapalusog at pagaaral ng kanilang mga anak. Ang Micronutrient Deficiency, kaya nating labanan!”

As a respected actress and public official, and as a health advocate, Santos-Recto’s commitment as well as credibility comes from being a mother herself to her family, to her community and, ultimately, to the whole country.