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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cherry Mobile Unveils OMEGA HD and Quad-Core Smartphone FLAME 2.0

(Press Release)

MANILA, Philippines – March 18, 2013, – In keeping with changing technological trends and consumer demands, Cherry Mobile today introduced two new stylish smartphones that run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean – OMEGA HD and FLAME 2.0.

OMEGA HD boasts a 12-megapixel rear snapper with quick activation from the handset's camera hotkey. Its autofocus cam is equipped with an LED flash and a BSI sensor, which allows users to capture quality images in adverse conditions, such as low light or bright backlighting.

OMEGA HD also gives more experienced users the freedom to adjust the ISO, exposure, and white balance manually. The camera features available through the handset offer shooting modes such as HDR and panorama as well as self-timer, touch focus, scene modes, and color effects. Aside from its rear camera, OMEGA HD also comes with a 2MP BSI front snapper for video calls.

The dual-SIM and dual-standby smartphone is armed with a dual-core processor clocked at 1Ghz and runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It comes with 1GB RAM, 4GB of internal memory (expandable to 32GB via microSD), and 2100 mAh battery. The handset's 5-inch HD IPS capacitive touch panel is protected with Dragon Trail Glass technology, so users wouldn't need to worry too much about scratches. OMEGA HD also boasts its design that looks powerful and elegant.

Meanwhile, Cherry Mobile released its very first QUAD-CORE smartphone powered by a Snapdragon S4 processor. Snapdragon processors are well-suited for multi-tasking.

Flame 2.0 has the specs, features, and price tag that local consumers have been waiting for. The device has a 4.5-inch qHD IPS display, 4GB internal memory, and 1GB of RAM to ensure swift operating speeds for smooth multitasking and fast webpage loading.

“Our smartphones have been very well received by consumers and we are thrilled to add OMEGA HD and FLAME 2.0 to our growing line-up,” said Lonson Alejandrino, Cherry Mobile Product Manager for Smartphones. “Cherry Mobile would keep on evolving to offer great smartphone experience to its customers.”

FLAME 2.0 also comes with a microSD card slot, dual-SIM support, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 1600 mAh battery. With its 5-megapixel snapper with picture-in-picture function, users can take photos simultaneously using the phone's rear and front cameras.

OMEGA HD (srp Php 7,999) and FLAME 2.0 (srp Php 6,999) will be available at all Cherry Mobile stores, kiosks, and participating dealers nationwide in April.

It’s Flaming Hot at Cherry Mobile’s: Launch of Flame 2.0 and Omega HD

March 18, 2013, Roxas Boulevard, Manila – For a fairly mellow weather, it was just too hot to sit back and relax. And it’s actually a good thing since it was the day Cherry Mobile, once again, launches a smartphone that wouldn’t take the country by storm… but with sizzling FLAME.

Yes, the famous Cherry Mobile Flame just got its younger but slicker brother… and boy, this dude is fast! Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon, this quad core baby doesn’t only run faster than its older bro, it is even better looking than its predecessor.

As I mentioned before, I am not tech-genius, in fact, I feel like a sixth grader would have better tech-knowledge than I have. But one thing I know I am good at is COMPARING. Yes, I am a proud owner of the older Flame, and I couldn’t be any happier and satisfied with it. It got me though work and play. It was my constant companion and I can say, the little black dude has my heart… but it doesn’t mean the younger one couldn’t win my heart too… But before I dare to pick one… here’s my amateur yet raw comparison of the two Flames:


Well, definitely FLAME 2.0 is faster when you try to scroll and jump from application to another. There’s also a big difference when you try to scroll and browse through applications. It’s quite a breath of fresh air to have something that works really fast (but gladly not too fast coz somehow I get a little confused when a machine works faster than my brain LOL).

FLAME 2.0 has the bigger RAM making it better at opening and using applications simultaneously. I am not saying though that the FLAME couldn’t, but FLAME 2.0 really upgraded well when it comes to it’s multitasking capabilities.

Although both FLAME and FLAME 2.0 has 5MP rear camera, the FLAME 2.0 has an auto focus feature making it easier and quicker to take photos. But more or less, both have the same clarity. Front camera is still blurry considering both has a VGA type of camera… but hey, it works for me still.

Same vibrant display… I really cannot complain most especially since it’s really affordable. But the vivid display makes playing games quite thrilling. Both models possess the same quality, which makes it quite a catch!

As for the style, although the FLAME 2.0 looks like the iPhone 5 from a distance, I prefer the FLAME’s style, most especially its back cover. The FLAME 2.0 had a glossy back cover which doesn’t really go with my tastes. But hey, the phone’s great and if it’s only the back cover that concerns me, I can always but accessories to match it up with my liking.

As for its other features, I cannot yet tell you much especially its battery life since I still do not have that luxury of spending more time with the FLAME 2.0. But for the price of Php6,999.00 I think any other features or even flaws (if there’s any), we can  already settle with since it’s truly a value for money for a smartphone nowadays!

(Coming Soon: Omega HD Review) 

Omega HD (Scratch-Proof and Water Resistant Screen)

First (Short) Distance Ride Challenge: Daang Hari Road

So… just recently I got into the one sport I never really thought I will get myself involved with… CYCLING/BIKING. I remember those days when I was driving along Daang Hari road and I see packs of bikers riding along the uphill/downhill slopes of the long winding road, and I always tell how I cannot understand the thrill of riding back and forth under the scorching heat of the merciless sun… I cannot even fathom the idea of waking up early just to sweat it out… sleeping out was just too scared for me to give up… THOSE WERE THE DAYS!

Now, ever since I got into biking…. I JUST CAN’T STOP. Now… I know what’s totally addicting with it. The thrill, the challenge and just the overall feeling of getting stronger each day you go for a ride. I started by just riding a few meters around our subdivision and a short trip to the nearby community mall. But now, I wake up at 6:30AM just to get a 30minutes ride and really sweat it out.

Wow… who would have thought I would love the feeling of getting down and dirty under the early sun just before doing everything that I need to do for the day… biking became my wake up call… You can say it has become my own form of meditation (luckily, I live on the outskirts of the metro and our subdivision is still surrounded by rice fields). I love the feeling of riding along the road and enjoying the view of the carabaos and goats, eating fresh grasses and seeing farmers tendering their beloved crops. Yes, it is the FARMVILLE life in the flesh. And I couldn’t help but smile and be thankful I live here.

Anyways, just a few days ago, my girlfriend and I decided to level it up a bit. We wanted to try going the distance and check if we can really go for a trail ride or even a trip to Tagaytay. But even though 30 to 40 kms is a short distance ride for most bikers, it didn’t felt that way for us.

Our point of origin was home, but we decided to drop by at the nearest 7-11 for breakfast (about 1 km away from home). After that, we decided to ride to The District Cavite (it’s located at the opening of Daang Hari about 7 to 8 kms from 7-11). We went there for a coffee break and for a short stroll since we were still undecided if we really are ready for the big step (for us, anyway).

At around 11:30AM (when the sun is at its finest), we finally decided to give it a go. So with our gears and all, we went on for our longest and hardest ride to date.

Our goal was to reach the Mcdonald’s at Evia City in Las Pinas. Whoa, we didn’t expect it to be that hard, and to think that riders think this is an easy and short ride. The heat did not made it any easier, we were challenged by the grilling sun and the humid wind, in short, and it was one hell of a moment for us. Yet, we chose to continue our journey, making the Mcdo, our ultimate reward.

So off we went, going up and down the “slopey” road… we came across some expert riders along the way and couldn’t even figure out how they make it look so easy. We saw that as a way to motivate us, if they can do it so can we… but then again, they are fit for it and has done it thousands of times… while us… well… you be the judge.

After an hour or so… we finally saw the huge “M” logo… and I couldn’t help but grin so big and think about all the fatty and oily things I can grab. We were beyond exhausted and hungry by the time we got there… but somehow the logo gave us a few extra energy (it’s probably an adrenaline rush). In a few quick pedals, we were right at its parking lot.

From the moment we got our orders, it was a blur. We ate and ate and ATE! It was literally gone in just a few minutes, taking one huge bite after another. As soon as we were done, that’s the moment when it finally thought about what just happened: WE DID IT! I know for expert bikers, it was nothing but if you can just imagine how sedentary our lives are and from that lifestyle to this…. It was an accomplishment!

We waited till the sun tamed for a bit to get home. Going home, we just tried to enjoy the view along the road. It isn’t something to be taken for granted. The view was really nice and since the road mostly lead downwards, the ride back going home was easier. I loved how the wind gently hits me as I increase my speed. And that was something that made me realize how great this newfound hobby is.

I know from that day onwards, I would be listing down the places I would want to ride to. And that started quick, right now, I was able to fit in my schedule a ride to Kawit and Dasmarinas, Cavite. Both were actually easier that the Daang Hari challenge, but I enjoyed it.

Next challenge: Tagaytay! Now, for that, I am sure how a bowl of steaming Bulalo can do wonders as a reward… I have to free off a day for that!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Non-Techie Gal Drooling Over a Tablet (Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Press/Blogger Launch)

Definitely not a techie person… for quite some time my idea of technology is my laptop (because it comes with the job). Then little by little I came to understand the beauty of these high-tech gadgets. I used to think that the only use of my mobile phone was to text and call. But now, it has all sorts of feature that I didn’t even realized I needed till just recently, which made me really thank God for it.

Then just a couple of months (or was that weeks?), I got a new phone. It’s a Cherry Mobile Flame. The truth is, from a distance you wouldn’t really know that it’s a local make. From its physical style up to its performance, it’s a competitive piece of gadget that can compete with Apple and Samsung; except for the fact that it’s more than half the price… really valuable for someone so frugal, LIKE ME!

So fast forward to the present: I got invited to a Cherry Mobile launch last February 18, 2013 at Diamond Hotel… Wow! Well, except for the fact that I love Diamond Hotel’s menu (but that’s totally the “matakaw” in me), I got excited over the company’s teaser invitation….

“It’s time to go FOUR TIMES faster!”

Just imagine that. I know most gadgets nowadays operate in light speed but then, for someone so amateur with gadgets, I know that meant something great. I love my Flame now, and I think it’s not even as fast as some other phones are. But hey, it’s pretty fast for me and for the price I paid for it, I think I just got a great DEAL!

At the press and bloggers launch, you can see everyone was excited but a little clueless as to what Cherry Mobile has in store. We started the event with a sumptuous lunch (yehey!) and a simple product introduction.

Just FYI:

Cherry Mobile has three (3) mobile phones model launched since the success of the FLARE (one of their in-demand units):

The one like the FLARE except for its look and you can get it too for only Php3,999.00

It’s the upgraded one with better performance and sleeker style; it’s priced at Php 4,999.00

Then there’s the brother of the famous Cherry Mobile Titan, but now it comes with a TV and it’s only for Php 6,999.00

On the first half of the showcase, two (2) units were raffled off to lucky guests: one BURST and one THUNDER.  Off to the next part of the event, the launch of the “four-times faster” unit soon to hit the shelves!

Coming this March 2013 is Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt, powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean! It has an A9 Quad Core processor and a 7” high definition IPS display. With dual camera, 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM with expandable memory up to 32GB, the Fusion Bolt is a great catch!

Not many would think that this piece of superb technology is a local brand. Gone were the days when the local brands get overthrown by the industry giants, today, Cherry Mobile really changed the game.
And of course, more than great products, the company lives on with their tagline “Values Your Lifestyle.” So when it comes to the price talk, the media had several guesses depending on how Cherry Mobile markets its products and of course, with the features of the celebrated tablet.

One yelled, “Php 6,999.00”, some guessed Php 9,000.00. I personally thought of P{hp 7,000.00.

Then suddenly, a slide appeared in front of us… Php8,000.00! For me, hey, that’s affordable. I may want to consider getting one for myself.

Then other images came up…

WOW! Php3,999.00? Seriously, media and bloggers were hyped up with that news. It’s really very seldom you see “news” people getting excited over news but this one really surprised everyone. So when another RAFFLE came up, everyone was really shaking and anxious and HOPING that they’ll win!

Three (3) units were raffled off and somehow, the people from Jack TV and a blogger won. I felt a little sting in my heart, I really wished I could have won, but then, I rarely win anything from raffles… so I guess it’s not my time…. OR SO I THOUGHT!

Suddenly, the guys from Cherry Mobile announced that each guest who attended will get ONE (1) FUSION BOLT! Can this day get any better?!!! Yes, I took home one rockin’ tablet, which is not even on the market yet! How cool is that? Cherry Mobile really was very generous to share such great piece of technology to us!

Another FYI:
As soon as I had the chance to play with my new FUSION BOLT tablet, I downloaded Temple Run 2. I used to play this from different gadgets and some of the units weren’t able to keep up with the game. But the Fusion Bolt seemed to give justice to the game, it’s really responsive and since it’s fairly light, I was able to maneuver throughout the game easily.

Then I checked out the camera, I think for a VGA front camera and 2MP back camera, it’s pretty great. I wouldn’t say I can now trade off SLR’s and digicams for this but then, it’s good enough.

Social media apps works great! Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram! I love the fact that the display is really vivid and clear, I enjoyed browsing with this tablet.

Lastly, the battery! Just imagine, since I turned it on yesterday at 80% battery. I played with it, used WIFI, and even played videos. Today, I woke up with 30% left… when they said it has a fairly long battery life, I did not expect this long. For something so affordable, the Fusion Bolt gets a TWO THUMBS UP! (If I had more thumbs, I would probably raise them all!)

Thanks to Cherry Mobile and Sir Sherwin for the invite! I enjoyed your event, and I love the Fusion Bolt, as well as the other freebies! I think I will enjoy getting a little techie from now on!

For more info: Visit Cherry Mobile's FB Page (https://www.facebook.com/cherrymobile) or follow their Twitter @cherrymobilePH