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koko & everything else

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Birthday Bucket List

Little less than a month from now, I shall be turning 25. I’m a quarter passed life… my good friend even went through a what you call “quarter-life crisis”… but for me turning 25 meant a year closer to the END.

Okay, don’t freak out. I am not EMO… it’s actually one of my motivations in life. I believe that the more I think that there’s an END to this life, the more I get things done. It drives and pushes me to my limit and even more, coz I kinda feel like the clock’s ticking and the end is just around the corner.

I am not insane. Well, you can say I may be a little cuckoo to obsess about death. But I just don’t want to end up being stuck in a coffin and everyone at my funeral couldn’t even think of anything that I’ve accomplished. I would want to say that at least I have tried and did one thing successfully. Even just once would be enough to make me happy and just experience LIFE.

Sandra Bullock also believes in that, she tries anything even once and that includes eating a Jalapeno chili, the hottest chili ever found in Mexico (I think). And even Angelina Jolie somehow does the same thing. She also feels that she’s running against time, and that she must do things NOW coz she may never get another chance. And look at her now, UN Ambassador of Goodwill. I think being a little insane could actually take you somewhere. And that’s me now.

So at age 25, I have prepared a list… like that in the movie, I have my very own BUCKET LIST. But unlike in the movie, I am not planning to do it on my 70’s. Instead, I’ll be starting early… 25 is perfect. You’re legally and morally an adult (and society expects you to be one). You are old enough (and earning) to do things without asking your parents’ permission (or money), and your body not young enough to break a bone and not old enough to break a hip.

So here goes my BUCKET LIST… (Listing it randomly and some of it are marked DONE)

1. Eat something exotic (and that includes snake, reptiles, insects, etc)
2. Sky dive
3. Explore a cave… DONE
4. Climb a mountain… DONE
5. Climb a bigger mountain
6. Try a water sport … DONE
7. Learn a water sport
8. Dive with sharks
9. Swim with a huge marine life… DONE (whale shark)
10. Have a baby
11. Have at least three houses
12. Own a motor boat or a yacht (why not)
13. Learn how to sail
14. Drive a race car (Nascar, F1 or even F3)
15. Build a charity shelter for animals
16. Put up my own restaurant
17. Put up my own resort
18. Own a beach house
19. Road trip… DONE
20. Dinner with a big time politician or business tycoon
21. Learn an extreme sports
22. Get an award for business
23. Get published for a literary piece
24. Get an award for a literary piece
25. Visit the Amazons
26. Travel to exotic places
27. Ride an elephant
28. Own at least 1 luxury car
29. Swimming pool at my home
30. Run in a local fun run
31. Have at least a million dollars in savings
32. Eat a whole family-size pizza on my own
33. Be financially stable before I reach 30
34. Join a triathlon

It’s not done yet… but I could work on this list for now… Hmmm I wonder how long it will take to accomplish everything. HAHA!!!

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  1. hahaha i just run at the 101010 run for pasig river... so let's mark No. 30 off the list hehe