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Monday, June 14, 2010

8065 Bagnet - more than the food experience

well all i can say is the food is yummy... well im talking about the Original Banget recipe they had.. it was served with rice, atsara and green mangoes with bagoong... just plain WOW... however i wont recommend the Kare-Kare Bagnet... it wasnt as yummy as the original... it doesnt look pretty and the taste is not great either....

(PHOTO: from Top: Bagnet Kare Kare and Original Bagnet)

but the very reason why i keep coming back and bringing more people with me each time is the whole new dining experience youll get from that place...

actually it was a tiny oplace in makati that at firsat wouldnt really be inviting to check out... but once you get inside.,.. the cool ambiance... the relaxed setting would make you feel so comfortable... it was very artsy at the same time very relaxing... this is something i look for in a restaurant... it was defeinetely worth checking out

but aside from the cool decors... they got stuff there that you wont see anywhere else... like instead of serving an appetizer while waiting... you can like read from their book collections, or maybe write messages on the wall... or maybe on your table... it was liberating... and some nights they got this quiz night thing... that makes the stay worthwhile and FUN

TRIVIA: it was owned by KITCHIE NADAL's sister and partners... my mom went around the place and like interviewed peoiple... haha

Check them out on Facebook as well... if not, then experience it yourself... its along Estrella Street in Makati

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