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koko & everything else

Monday, December 20, 2010


Subic is known for its beaches, for the safari and even for the monkeys. But who knew, Subic can be an adventure-seeker destination for a thrilling nature escapade.

Tree Top Adventure, located at Jest Area in Subic is the spot. At first glance, it was like being in the set of “Avatar” with tall trees invading the rest of the forest. Then looking closely, you’ll notice metal platforms and bridges connecting one tree to another. It was like having a city on top of the trees, seeing people walking and running here and there instead of Avatars or monkeys.

The adventure started with a simple briefing courtesy of the friendly TREE TOP staff. He immediately introduced all sorts of activities in the place.

Starting off with the trekking and jungle survival demo, which would involve hiking through the trail at the forest. It would take 30 to 45 minutes to go around the forest and would involve a basic workshop on jungle survival. It would be a good activity for the nature lover as you would be exploring and discovering different tree and animal species along the way.

Another way to explore the forest would be from the top by means of the “Canopy Ride” which we preferred to take because we were too lazy to walk. It involves chairs hanging on cables way above the trees. It was like seeing the forest in a bird’s eye view. It’s actually pretty amazing to explore the forest while different birds and insects are joining the expedition. It would feel like you are a part of the Tomb Raider journey, or if you are like myself, I felt like I was Lara Croft.

Next would be the famous “Interactive Free Fall”. Groups are teamed up in three’s according to individual weights. The ride would consist of a metal structure where in you will be harnessed to a horizontal pole around the waist area, and then you will be holding on to a rail just above your head and standing on a slim beam. If that is not enough to make your heart bounce out of your chest, the ride would go up and down about eight times as if you’re endlessly being thrown up and falling down over and over. After that ride’s over, do expect to get weak in the knees.

Next stop, “Superman Ride”! It is actually like that of the usual zipline set-up. You will be strapped on cables in a superman-like position. The only difference is the ride would start by pulling you backwards above the taunting trees that felt so tiny if you’re way up then pulling you again, this time facing ahead. Somehow, it felt like the ride should have been called “Slingshot Ride” because it really felt like that.

But the thrill and scare doesn’t end there, because for the finale, we went on for the “Tree Drop” wherein you will literally be dropped from the top of the tree, with harness of course. But the feeling was beyond imaginable. For a second or two, you will experience what it feels like falling without control. It was way exciting and scarier than riding a roller coaster. Because this time, you will be facing the ground, with just a harness on your waist just like in the movie, “Mission Impossible”. The difference is this involves a quick drop that ranges from two to three seconds maxed. And facing downward, it was like you will be face flat on the ground. But then, around 5 feet off the ground, the drop will smoothly end, it kind of made me feel like praying for gratitude for my second life.

But if you feel like this is too much for you, you could opt for the “Silver Surfer Ride” where in you will hang from a structure that goes left and right, swinging you a few times. It was like surfing without water and high above the ground.

Subic really did evolve from that US Military base we once knew. At present, it is a nearby available destination for families and friends whether you’re looking for thrills or just plain fun. The good news is, it wouldn’t cost much and would not burn a hole in your pockets. Packages at Tree Top Adventure starts at around P500.00 only and the complete package would be around P1,500.00.

For more information on Tree Top Adventure, log in to http://www.treetopadventuresubic.com or call (047) 252-9427.

Monday, December 13, 2010

To find or not to find a DATE?

This morning while I was taking a shower, my mind was flying wild with my imagination and it dragged me to think about dating.

Dating or hooking up is hard. The hassle of getting to know people is a mind-blowing exhausting activity that I don’t like to drag myself into. Then there’s also the risk of meeting borderline psychos that could be fatal.

I’ve had my share of scary or funny dating stories. Some are quite nice to talk about, especially if it’s the funny in a “blooper” kind of way, but some, I don’t dare to share. Just the mere thought of it makes me cringe.

Then as soon as I went out of the bathroom, I asked the first three people I saw: my mom, my yaya and my guy friend who slept over the night before.

Is it so hard to date? Or is it harder to find a date?

Well, both are hard. But I guess the quick conversation led me to the thought that finding a date is harder. It’s not because less and less people are available, but it’s more of the “how to attract people and let them know I am worth the try” kinda thing.

This made me pause a little bit. They were right; getting someone’s attention is harder than actually being on a date. The first step is always the hard one huh?

My mom said it’s all about the physical appearance. Yes, people may say they don’t care about looks but then, it’s always the looks of a person that catches the first glance. Once you’re hooked with the looks, then you’ll be tempted to get-to-know the person. And that’s the only time you’ll get to appreciate the personality. Hooking up/Dating usually goes this pattern: “Outside then Inside” and not the other way around.

She (my mom) has a point. Yeah, no matter how many people swear that they don’t care about the looks, they are bound to get hooked by it no matter what.

So… if this is the case… isn’t it a little too discriminating? I mean, let’s face it, not everyone are blessed with Angelina Jolie lips, Katy Perry eyes and Megan Fox body. How about the rest of us? If you’re the average gal around the corner… who would dare ask you out if you’re standing next to a Barbie doll look alike?

Maybe that’s why online chatting had been invented. I mean, even without the flawless looks, you could attract people through conversation. But then, I tried one of those chat rooms, I met quite a lot of people I enjoyed chatting with but when I met them up personally… I died with boredom plus they weren’t really eye-candy.

So maybe it’s good to try speed dating? I haven’t really tried it… but then, at least you get to talk to the actual person, even in a very limited time. And you would be pressured to talk to them even without the physical attraction coz you are bound to sit in front of them for a time. I mean, the person’s there… the least you could do is talk…
So with all these mumbo jumbo of dating… what have I really learned?

That it’s best to know your best assets and enhance it… both outside and inside. If you have quite nice pair of eyes… why not improve it with make-up or something? or if you got nice legs, wear shorts. Then don’t forget what’s there on the inside… show your sense of humor… intelligence… your free spirit or whatever. Maybe the key is balance. You may not be as hot as Beyonce or as funny as Ellen Degeneres… but at least you got a bit of a thing or two you can be confident about…

Or maybe, if you believe in fate and destiny…. it is just a matter of being the right package for the right person. But to the rest of the world like me, it wouldn’t hurt to be a better person… it would be easier to market a good product with a little advertisements than a bad product with false ads. And don’t forget to improve physically… sometimes it’s also about the packaging.