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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Relationship FAQ: Partner with the same or different profession?

This has been one of the most frequently asked or pondered questions when it comes to relationships. Should we or should we not date someone with the same job? I am not Doctor Love and I am no expert with relationship tangles as well. But based on experience… I think for me, I would rather be with someone who is not doing the same work as mine.

Although, it may seem so ideal that you date your co-worker or colleague just because you might be able to spend more quality time together being in the same turf, it might result to long term disasters when not cautious.

SCENARIO #1: Your partner is your boss
Advantage: If your boss is really head over heels in love with you and is clouded by that emotion, it might mean a step or a lotta steps up the career ladder. Or the least would be, you could get a little here and there rest, get away with the little things, just because your partner got your back.
Disadvantage: Your other co-workers may think of a lot of bad things about you including the S-L-blank-blank word. Or your boss (coz he/she might be too guilty to function) may be tougher on you just to prove to your other co-workers that you don’t get special treatment for dating him/her.

SCENARIO # 2: Your partner works the same “job” as you
Advantage: You may enjoy a lot of things in common coz of pursuing the same career. You may even be finishing each other’s statements by now. And everything is clicking the way things you would want to click coz you are just so alike.
Disadvantage: It gets boring. You get stuck with the same world. You wouldn’t get a piece of what the other half of the world may be doing. Your conversation topics would be so redundant that you will end up fighting on little things like who gets to take a shower first.
ANOTHER DISADVANTAGE: You may likely be sharing the same workload, same duration of work time that you memorize by heart what the other’s schedule might be. That if the other one, even try to take a little more time on work… you might freak out and even think that your partner is lying, cheating or drifting away.

These are just some of what might happen in the process. And I know, it is not something you look forward to. Just to show you why I would rather date someone on other fields, here are some of the advantages.

- No one would think the other is smarter or dumber
- No one would get bored of the same topics coz you just wouldn’t end up
doing the same thing
- You and your partner wouldn’t disagree on a sensitive “work” issue coz most
of the time, you are clueless with what he/she is talking about that you
end up just admiring how smart your partner is for knowing such a thing
- You are going to have a lot of compliments from your partner of a JOB DONE
coz he/she is also clueless of what you do
- You wouldn’t get into debates coz you wouldn’t really be debating over the
same thing
- When the other messes something up at work, the other would be very
understanding and supportive coz he/she will never be part of that failed
- And lastly, your partner cannot scold you for the stupid things you like to
do at work

But of course, there will also be disadvantages, like big efforts on the quality time part coz there is a big possibility that you don’t share the same work load and schedule. But then, with great effort and advanced technologies like using the phone, email, webcam, text messaging and so on, your quality time may be longer than you would expect. And it is actually an advantage coz you will miss each other and when you get to see each other… There would probably a lot of sweet nothings on your way.

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