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koko & everything else

Monday, June 14, 2010

Independence Day Parade - the COWS are coming OUT

we saw these on our way home from work...

you see i live far south (Cavite) and we have to like go through this long road called Daang Hari (which is like so dark at night, streetlight posts are actually there for no reason coz the freakin lights are never turned on)

so aside from Daang Hari... we also have to go along Aguinaldo Highway (its the national road to the south)

and surrounding these long roads are rice fields, corn fields or some kinda fields that i really dont know which is what... (I dont really know agriculture or anything related to that matter) well to cut it short there were lotta GREENS out here...

so its exopected to see cows, goats, hoirses and even carabaos EVERYDAY././.

but last June 12, 2010, It was the Philippines' Indepeendence Day... we were on our way home... and just so i thought that the heavy traffic may be over by 9PM (coz news said most major roads will be closed for the parade that day)

but i was WRONG and i didnt really expected to see this kind of parade at night...

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