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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Music + Fashion = URBAN ATHLETICS Pulse Saturday: We Got Dibs 2

I am a virgin when it comes to hip hop music and fashion. So forgive me if I mix up the performers and the songs and all the little details of the night… but one thing’s for sure… I had a blast at the Urban Athletics’ Pulse Saturday event.

Urban Athletics on Regular Days
Urban Athletics on Pulse Saturday

I have to be honest, the moment I walked in the Urban Athletics store… I was shock! Not in a bad way though, I just got surprised with the total make-over. I mean, I’ve seen the place on a regular day, though I know the place’s cool and all… for this night… it’s a total party haven!

The music was also pumping! I mean, yes, I may not know every single song on the playlist and I only heard it a few times on the radio, but when you’re there, you get to enjoy it… and really, I never thought I would appreciate the hip hop scene until that night.

Ooohhh before I forget, I did enjoy browsing the store’s shoe displays… I love the brands that I saw like Reef, Sanuk, Converse, among others. But I did love the other stuff too like the shirts and all… That’s why I couldn’t wait to see the new product lines and brands to be launched that night like SUPRA, Empire X Fanboy, The One, WIP Caps and Vurs. And I tell you when they presented the new releases, I didn’t thing anyone was disappointed because everything was stylish and fresh. The crowd couldn’t wait to get their hands on it.

As for the performers of the night, there was MC Dash with his new album, Kenjohns, Thyro with the beautiful and talented Kat Alano, Muriel and R&B artist, Quest. I have to admit, they made me see the other side of the music. I saw how creative, passionate and alive they are… more than their music, the way they performed and really connected to the crowd were inspiring.

And I didn’t mind seeing a few celebrities like Will de Vaughn, Gab Valenciano and even, Shirley Fuentes! The flowing beer was also a treat that I couldn’t say NO to. Mr. Toby Claudio of Urban Athletics also graced the event!

But what really got me tuned to the event was the launch of the clothing line with a purpose that’s exclusive at Urban Athletics. Vital Urban Revolutionary Standards or VURS is a line founded by Eric Villarama and Lamont Waters: a genius creation filled with simple yet powerful words and images that are socially conscious and inspirational.

In fact, it supports MTV Exit in their campaign against human trafficking by donating 15% of purchased VURS merchandise to help fund the project’s activities to fight social injustices. VURS is doing something grand and other people should start following their footsteps. This is a great example of how individual efforts is better than depending on the government too much in solving our problem coz the truth is, the government couldn’t do it on their own and they need us and companies like VURS to make a difference.

We Got DIBS 2 of Urban Athletics Pulse Saturday happened last July 7, 2012 at the Urban Athletic’s Greenbelt 3 branch. The event was hosted by Tyler and Suzie of Magic 89.9 and was made possible by Team Strata, media partners Urban Myx, Magic 89.9, JACK TV, and Clavel magazine with drink sponsors Bigshot Energy Drink, Tanduay Ice, Manila Beer and Coors Light.


About Urban Athletics

On the street, it's not about what you've got, but what you can do with what you have.
Inspired by the raw originality of the street is a store that brings modern urban lifestyle to the forefront: Urban Athletics.

Urban Athletics bravely combines athleticism with urban fashion. As new fashion forms broke out across the globe, we saw how sportswear evolved into streetwear, and vice versa. This fashion phenomenon led us to bring together elements from skateboarding, parkour, music, street culture and everything in between to allow every urban hipster invest new styles and make a statement on the streets.

Other sports and street wear brands offered by Urban Athletic are Adidas Originals, Converse, Vans, Radii, Zoo York, Nike 6.0, Zuriick, Manhattan Portage and more, forms a cutting edge store that infuses attitude with style.
Urban Athletic is located at the 2nd level of Greenbelt 3 in Makati.

For more details, updates, and events by urbanAthletics, call (632) 501-3274. You can also visit the website, www.urbanathletics.com.ph or you can find them on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. hi koko!! its so nice to meet you there :) thanks for the invite :)
    The Bargain Doll

    1. it was really nice to meet fellow bloggers as well. Hope to see you again next time!!! =)