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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It’s Flaming Hot at Cherry Mobile’s: Launch of Flame 2.0 and Omega HD

March 18, 2013, Roxas Boulevard, Manila – For a fairly mellow weather, it was just too hot to sit back and relax. And it’s actually a good thing since it was the day Cherry Mobile, once again, launches a smartphone that wouldn’t take the country by storm… but with sizzling FLAME.

Yes, the famous Cherry Mobile Flame just got its younger but slicker brother… and boy, this dude is fast! Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon, this quad core baby doesn’t only run faster than its older bro, it is even better looking than its predecessor.

As I mentioned before, I am not tech-genius, in fact, I feel like a sixth grader would have better tech-knowledge than I have. But one thing I know I am good at is COMPARING. Yes, I am a proud owner of the older Flame, and I couldn’t be any happier and satisfied with it. It got me though work and play. It was my constant companion and I can say, the little black dude has my heart… but it doesn’t mean the younger one couldn’t win my heart too… But before I dare to pick one… here’s my amateur yet raw comparison of the two Flames:


Well, definitely FLAME 2.0 is faster when you try to scroll and jump from application to another. There’s also a big difference when you try to scroll and browse through applications. It’s quite a breath of fresh air to have something that works really fast (but gladly not too fast coz somehow I get a little confused when a machine works faster than my brain LOL).

FLAME 2.0 has the bigger RAM making it better at opening and using applications simultaneously. I am not saying though that the FLAME couldn’t, but FLAME 2.0 really upgraded well when it comes to it’s multitasking capabilities.

Although both FLAME and FLAME 2.0 has 5MP rear camera, the FLAME 2.0 has an auto focus feature making it easier and quicker to take photos. But more or less, both have the same clarity. Front camera is still blurry considering both has a VGA type of camera… but hey, it works for me still.

Same vibrant display… I really cannot complain most especially since it’s really affordable. But the vivid display makes playing games quite thrilling. Both models possess the same quality, which makes it quite a catch!

As for the style, although the FLAME 2.0 looks like the iPhone 5 from a distance, I prefer the FLAME’s style, most especially its back cover. The FLAME 2.0 had a glossy back cover which doesn’t really go with my tastes. But hey, the phone’s great and if it’s only the back cover that concerns me, I can always but accessories to match it up with my liking.

As for its other features, I cannot yet tell you much especially its battery life since I still do not have that luxury of spending more time with the FLAME 2.0. But for the price of Php6,999.00 I think any other features or even flaws (if there’s any), we can  already settle with since it’s truly a value for money for a smartphone nowadays!

(Coming Soon: Omega HD Review) 

Omega HD (Scratch-Proof and Water Resistant Screen)

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