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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Men's Cheating Ways

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Okay, I know not all men cheat. In fact, I know quite a few guys who remained faithful in their years of commitment. But generally speaking, and I mean, based on the majority of circumstances, a guy have cheated at least once in their lives.

And when it comes to men's cheating, I encountered a lot of articles from so many interesting and informative websites like Snifd.com that explains how to deal with cheating men or how to cope with it. But one thing I want to figure out is the reason why men cheat

I think one reason why men cheat is because the longer a couple stays together, the lesser they put an effort on it. Men seek thrills (have you ever wondered why they love sports so much?); they love the excitement and the fire out of the relationship. Some women tend to slack off and get too comfortable forgetting that they also need to spice things up. It is not really much about fulfilling the guy's needs, it is more of being consistent. If you were able to get the fire going then, then it must be alright to keep it going. Relationships should also need hard work. BUT the fire of the relationship shouldn't stay in bed, I am talking about getting into couple activities like sports and crafts to keep the bond with each other. Men do also need a women's emotional support, you need to be there for him even if you feel like he doesn't even get your emotional highs and lows. 

Then maybe, there goes a guy's competitive nature. Guys love to explore and search for something better. They always say things like they have a missing puzzle in their lives that they need to complete. And sometimes, this puzzle is in form a woman. It might be true that you are not the puzzle, and he has no right to cheat on you, no matter what. But before reaching the point of the "missing puzzle" maybe its best to talk about it subtly and gently. Figure out if your guy feels something is missing and try to figure it out together. Maybe, it's not really another woman that he needs, guys can really just get carried away and get confused sometimes (or most of the times).

Or lastly, maybe he is just a cheater who wants it all. It's like he is on a treasure hunt and he needs to explore every island, every cave, every jungle without really knowing what he is searching for. He may also be really that greedy with women. If this is the case, c'mon, maybe you should just leave him. YOU DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER... and reading and learning about him and why he cheats is a total waste of time. 

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