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koko & everything else

Friday, June 1, 2012

JOHNNY ROCKETS Home of the Dancing Waiters and Huge Satisfying Burgers and Unlimited Fries

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The "American Diner" feel inside Johnny Rockets
Plenty of this hanging on their wall... NICE!
Ready to EAT!!!

It wasn’t a planned eat out. Me and my friend Mai of Randomness is Bliss was just walking around Robinson’s Galleria (and even planning to head to Greenhills just to eat something) when we saw the Johnny Rockets diner. It was the perfect all-American diner that I have always loved to see in movies. And to see it right in front of me, well let’s just say I couldn’t say NO.

Mai deciding what to order!
Waiting for the BURGER & FRIES!

And also, I couldn’t refuse a decent burger. Burgers here in the Philippines are tiny and thin and when I see ones with veggies, tomatoes and that sparkling meat patty… WOW… I’m hooked. Of course, since it’s my first time here, I ordered their classic with unlimited fries. And boy, was I happy about that.

Fries make my day complete and when it’s unlimited… that’s like food heaven for me. And to take that guilty pain in my stomach… I just decided to pair it with water…  at least it’s a less sinful way to go.

My Classic Burger with Fries!!!
This is what Mai got... dunno what it was but it had bacon in it! YUMMY!

After a few minutes… VOILA… my BURGER and FRIES… and it were huge and plenty! And there was a cute ketchup-made smiley drawn on the saucer… it really did made me smile. I did not really expected the huge potato wedges…  but hey, I munched on it the second it landed on my table.
Mai, ordered something more special.. it had bacons in it. And Mai is not as animalistic like me when it comes to greasy stuff… Although she did enjoy her burger, she couldn’t really finish it all, including the fries. It was too much for her, so just a heads up, for the slim ones, I suggest you share the burger.

As for mine, well I definitely ate all the burger up to its tiny little pieces. But I wasn’t able to finish the fries, not because I couldn’t but it got cold and I left a few pieces of stale ones. To be honest though, the unlimited was too much though. The fries were thick and plenty, and not unless you haven’t eaten in a few days, I doubt a regular Filipina girl could get another serving of the fries with the burger.

Presenting... the DANCING JOHNNY ROCKETS crew!

Oh and the fun part of it was, the crew danced twice during my whole stay. They danced to a particular song… but I forgot what it was.... LOL. The crew and their manager really got their groove on. It was cute since they were really dancing with choreography and not just pretending to be. 


  1. I found Johnny Rocket's burgers to be bland in taste. :( That's also one of the reasons why my first dine-in there, was also my last..

    1. I actually forgot to mention that your friend and I have the same beautiful nickname..heheh!

  2. It would be nice to see dancing waiters once in a while, we don't have that here... I wonder if I can finish their whole burger. I'd choose the one with the bacon. =)

  3. i hope the dancers are not as rude making fun of you like those singing cooks and waiters before here in QC now sadly they are gone, maybe their antics have really gone wrong... I wonder...

  4. I like Johnny Rockets but their prices are quite expensive so we don't eat here a lot.. hahaha.. Love their unlimited fries though and the fact we can take it out.. :D

  5. I never been to Johnny Rockets yet. :( But as per my boyfie said, the serving was really big and good for sharing. :) I wanna try soon.

  6. I am a real fan of FF - guilty pleasures he!he! Haven't been to Johnny Rockets so this is a must try for me, unlimited fries, wow! and more wow!

  7. burgers looks great, never tried it there...

  8. Yet another burger post and i'm so hungry now.

  9. i love Johnny Rockets.They have franchise in Qatar and the burgers are good

  10. I saw them dancing .. ang kulit nga e... sa Eastwood branch nila kasi 24/7 sila dun diba

  11. The restaurant design reminds me of movies such as Back to the Future and Pleasantville.

  12. Awww, I miss JR. I frequent the place while I was working on ships.

  13. Johnny Rockets is really well-known for their burgers, and I can just imagine how the unlimited fries can be so fulfilling.

    I have a few tips on baking bread! You might want to try it at home. Here's the link: http://blog.josiahcatering.com/04/11/tips-to-baking-bread/