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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Run of the Year: Valucare Run 2012

A half of the year had passed and just decided to join my very first fun run of the year. I’ve been very lazy and inactive… 2012 was a year of many changes for me (including work) and now, I just decided to change my lifestyle altogether (well, not that much but I decided to make it a little healthier).

So I went on and joined the Valucare Run last June 16, 2012. Without even doing some pre-work-outs, I joined a 3K long challenge. Although, I jogged (once) and tried playing football (once!) this year, aside from those two (which made me a cripple for a week), I had zero work-out for the first half of the year!

That's me on the left and my running mate, Peggy on the right

I invited my cousin Pegs to be my running mate. Unlike me, she enrolled at the gym and even run regularly whenever she can. So she is rather more prepared than I was. But well, I really didn’t care and just went on. My only goal was not to finish the run and not to finish last. Good thing is I actually attained my goals!

With Chona, running aficionado!
Check out my bib number... weird that of all numbers....

We got there before 5:30AM… Driving early in the morning was refreshing… no traffic and fresher air! As we got there, a lot of runners were already there stretching and all. We weren’t that late and we even caught Julieanne San Jose (did I spelled her name right?) sing. After a couple of minutes, we were instructed to get ready for the run… and so it happened!

Getting ready for the run!

Just a few minutes before the gun shot, Running host Boy Ramos even lead a simple pre-run stretching. As the gun fired, everyone started running. I had a great start. I ran but then after a couple of steps, I got caught in a running barkada (aka running fence). Yes, those were the guys who ran together and blocking other’s way. I found myself on a running obstacle course, making me more exhausted than I already was.

Searching for my running mate!

By the time I got out of the mess, I found my running mate too far for me to catch up. So instead of running after her, I just decided to run on my own pace. The weather is nice… windy and cold… but good thing it didn’t drizzled while we were running. After what seemed like forever, I finally saw the 1KM mark. GREAT! I am still alive!

That's me... sleeping while running! LOL

Getting so close.... few more steps!

Then a couple of minutes of running/jogging and mostly walking fast, I saw the 2KM mark. I just thought, FINALLY… just one more KM to go and I’m done. That boosted up my energy a bit. And when I finally saw the FINISH line, I got so excited that I ran a little bit faster!

Finally! I’m done and I saw my running mate taking photos of me… ALIVE! LOL

The Valucare Run 2012 was amazing! The race started almost on time and it was very organized. Water was plenty, so runners weren’t that scared of getting dehydrated. There were plenty of freebies too! Although the rain poured on us making it a bit hard to visit every booth in the event, all in all.. I think the guys behind the run did a GREAT JOB!

Me and Pegs with Ms. Rizza from Dermplus
ValuCare Run 2012 benefits BANTAY BATA and the EAT BULAGA’s PLASTIC NI JUAN project. And so, it felt really good to know that you are really a part of something that can help the kids for a brighter future.  This event is presented to you by Value Care Health Systems, Inc. in partnership with Veritas 846 Radyo Totoo, Chris Sports, Pocari Sweat, TravelTime Travel and Tours, Crossover FM 105.1 Manila, Malaya Business Insight, FAME, Inc., DiabetEASE, Zen Health, and Travel Plus. In cooperation with FTX Gym, Kangoo Jumps, Adbocan Organic Spa, Nature’s Spring, King Sue, Blush and Brush, 4U Souvenirs, New World Diagnostics, Walter Health Nutrition, NEO, DermPlus Sunblock, TopHealth Medical Clinics, St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City, DLSU Medical Center, Makati Medical Centre, Shakey’s, BDO, Patient First Medical Center, Calamba Doctors Hospital and Assist America.

I hope there’s gonna be a PART 2 of this run!

BTW, here's the result courtesy of Runningmate.Ph

Rank 64 
Category 3k 
Time 00:25:08
Pace 0:08:22

Rank 87
Name MARIKO Tamura  <<<<<<< This is ME!
Category 3k
Time 00:27:45
Pace 0:09:15

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  1. Congratulations. I wish I can also join such but too little spare time.