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koko & everything else

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Awareness: Defense Against What Lies Ahead


A week has passed and by this time, most students are already settled in to their new school environment. For some, a new school year is the beginning of new friendships and new challenges but the truth is, a new school year represents a new chapter; another start of one's life where we acquire new information and if lucky, wisdom.

For me, my school years had been long over. And everyday, I see my life as new chapters unfolding one after another. I used to think that life is such a small playground, but once you're done with it, you thought you're finished but no, you are just beginning.

I was actually browsing again for quotes that could inspire current students. I came across FinestQuote.com and it was filled with so many quotes and saying that most would probably get inspired with. But as I clicked one button after another and scrolled pages after another, I came across such a strong quotation:

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." 
- Martin Luther King Jr. 

Yes, the great man himself. Mr. King is really one of the most influential people of all time and I think it is just fair. The man is really wise and smart. He truly know what he is talking about. Just read this quote! I really believe that ignorance really is such a dangerous thing! It can result into accidents, unfavorable situations or worse, crimes. No wonder I found this under quotes about danger. Stupidity and ignorance are two things that breaks a strong family, friendship and even a country. And this is why, we go to school. To keep us informed and knowledgeable of what goes around us. Being ignorant would either get you into trouble or will force you to initiate trouble. Whichever happens, it usually ends very badly. 

And that led me to another one I found from the quotes on awareness, which is actually really short but so much depth comes with it:

"Awareness is empowering"
- Rita Wilson

It might be really short but if you try to contemplate on it, it is one of the most intelligent lines you would encounter. Yes, being aware cannot only be empowering, it can also give you power because of that certain knowledge. You really cannot expect yourself to be an expert on everything, but through awareness, you prevent yourself to become ignorant; ergo you pull yourself away from danger,

Students who can read this may think I am just writing gibberish but once you get to that point when you are set for the real life, you will understand what I mean. And this post serves as your heads up. Like what I have said, being aware can keep you empowered and away from danger. By allowing yourself to think about what I've said, you are already a step farther from danger. 


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