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koko & everything else

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Save a Fortune with DIY Room Make-over!

One of the many things I enjoy is watching home improvement TV shows and videos. I am always amazed with how people are able to make an ordinary room into a masterpiece. And most of these people are no experts… most of them are ordinary people without any design or architectural background… all they really have is a creative mind and a lot of drive.

In the Philippines, I noticed that not many people engage in DIY. Although Pinoys are great in creating alternatives, most of the people seek the services of professional painters and carpenters to fix their home and even their furniture. But in other parts of the world, men and women alike build their own cabinets and even paint their own home, it’s because unlike here, the cost of getting professional help abroad is too expensive.

Simple Tools that can Create a Masterpiece!

So what they like to do is just buy stuff at the nearby depot or supplies store and install/do it themselves. It saves a lot of money and it can also be a good time to be all creative! With DIY, you are able to personalize your home!

As for me, I hate spending but I love trying to make our home better. A year won’t pass without me doing something or improving something inside the house. I already made my mom and my yaya beds… although that didn’t worked out well coz I think I suck at measuring things LOL… but I also repaired our dining table chairs, and that went well… if you may ask!

Today, I decided to allot one day to do a room make-over. You see my room had white walls and it kind of makes me feel like I am inside a mental institute; the only thing that’s lacking is the straight jacket. So a couple of days ago, I bought some supplies like paint, sponge and masking tape. I use one of my old magazines as cover to not mess up the entire room and started painting.

Above: Before the DIY Make-Over / Below: With the Red Accent Wall

I started with one of the walls and started sponging it with paint to convert it into an accent wall. The red paint contrasted with the previous white wall. At first, as I was painting the tope left side of the wall… I felt a bit scared that it might not look well… the red paint smudged on the wall resembled blood… and that got me thinking twice with what I was doing. But then, since I already painted a part, I just continued anyway.

After a few minutes, I was able to fill up the wall… and it was great! I loved the effect of the red paint. I feel like it totally showed off my personality. It had a fiery vibe to it, but the sponge effect also made the wall a little toned down.

While letting the wall dry up, I turned to my bare shelf at my working area. I had it installed a few months ago but decided not to have it painted (coz I was thinking of painting it myself). Since I was already covered with paint, I decided to paint it too. The red solid paint really worked well. It gave life to my working area.

Left: The Newly-Painted Shelf of my Working Area; Lights On
Right: Lights Off; Pink Light On

Then I remembered I had pink lights stashed somewhere in my bedroom. It used to be our light at our snack bar near my school back in college. I tested it and surprisingly, it still works! I installed it below the shelf thinking it would make my table brighter. But the pink light made more than just brightening up the table. It actually made my Vision Board amazing!

Panoramic Shot of my Newly-Decorated Room!
I think I spent less than Php500.00 to get the paint, brush, sponge and masking tape. The lights would probably cost less than Php300.00. So all in all, I think if I got everything brand new, I would have spent less than Php1000.00. Without the labor cost, I think I saved as much as Php500.00! That Php500.00 could be spent on something else like utilities and food. Or you could just keep it and add it into your savings!

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