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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A piece of YOU in your BATHROOM: American Standard Designer Collection

Wilcon Builders Depot American Standard Showroom

I have always been a bathroom lover; for one, I love the feeling of taking a bath after a long day and the privacy I get in it. In the bathroom, I get to be myself without inhibitions; I can even sing out loud and dance like crazy, without spectators all around.

And that’s why our bathroom should also match our personalities and our lifestyle. Of course, no matter how much I would love a Jacuzzi, my lifestyle and the space wouldn’t really allow it. And that’s why American Standard, a leading manufacturer of bathroom fixtures, went out of their way to create a bathroom fixture line designed to match an individual’s lifestyle. The company collaborated with leading designers across the globe to conceptualize five intimately fashioned models based on the five lifestyles of the modern era: Enchanted, Alchemist, Time Traveler, Wilderness and Illusionist.

Enchanted (CONCEPT)
The enchanted is for the driven individuals on the beginning of their life’s journey. They may be single or just starting out a family of their own. The CONCEPT design for the enchanted is strong yet oozing with simplicity. The soft rims of the edges make it suitable for children; it can also be played with funky a colors that entail the young spirits of the individuals in their early voyage.

 Time Traveler (NOBILE)
The time travelers are those successful enough to get back in time and bring pieces of history into the present. They are the ones who are content and desire the rich stories of the past. International designer Ronen Joseph’s NOBILE is the perfect artifact for time travelers. The design concept plays with historical curves of a lady’s shoes and the roman pillars. This design is for the wise, the established and the curator of one’s own life. 

Alchemist (VENTUNO)
The alchemists are the people who already set foot on their turf. They are strong and powerful enough as the leader of the pack. And their bathroom is not shy to reveal that sense of accomplishments. The VENTUNO design by Italian designer Franco Bertoli expresses that pride without apprehensions. The VENTUNO is the Lamborghini of Bathrooms. You cannot simply let the possessor of this bathroom as someone meek and docile.

Wilderness (LA VITA)
There is a point in a person’s life when we reach that sense of wisdom. We already understand that no matter which road you took in the past, it will always lead back to nature where we all came from. And for the individual who already grasped this reality, it’s inevitable not to live within it. LA VITA is the Mother Nature-inspired concept of American Standard. The rims and trims of the fixtures imitate the slender lines of nature. The whole line will simply turn any bathroom into a natural paradise.

Illusionist (EUROZEN and SATIS)
The illusionists are the individuals who possess the power in the likeness of a royalty. They are beyond limited with life’s struggles and pressure; and they are not afraid to be different and to take risks. The illusionists can get whatever their heart’s desire and one of which may be the EUROZEN and SATIS. The two most hi-tech designs do not only possess superb creativity, but it delivers comfort beyond expectations. It’s a bathroom rockstar who wouldn’t just give you music but also a great time even in the most intimate spot of the house.

Ms. Rose Ong, Executive Vice-President of Wilcon Builders Depot
Welcome Remarks
American Standard Bloggers Briefing (May 10, 2012 - Wilcon Builders Depot Balintawak)

Mr. Noel Tolosa, Marketing Manager of American Standard Phils.
American Standard Presentation
American Standard Bloggers Briefing (May 10, 2012 - Wilcon Builders Depot Balintawak)

Winners of American Standard Raffle and Contest
American Standard Bloggers Briefing (May 10, 2012 - Wilcon Builders Depot Balintawak) 

American Standard products are available at all Wilcon Depot and other leading home improvement stores nationwide. For more info, you may also visit their website www.americanstandard.com.ph

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