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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Going Bananas Over Banana Boat Sunscreen

There’s only two seasons in the Philippines, and that’s rainy or sunny. And that’s getting trickier than it used to be. Like today, just this morning, I woke up with extreme sun rays putting my face on fire… then this afternoon, it’s already raining non-stop. With such type of weather we got, it’s hard to pick the right clothes. We end up wearing sleeveless tops to prep for the heat but bringing along our jackets, in case it rains. We can never be more prepared, so the best thing to do as well is to be prepped for the sun and the simple answer to that is to wear sunscreen.

We all know our current sunshine is not as favorable as it used to be. And in fact, it is more harming than helpful. That’s why most dermatologists and other skin experts campaign on the use of sunscreen. It’s not only anti-aging, but it can also prevent far more serious skin conditions.

Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion is formulated with AvoTriplex technology, a three-way skin protection that starts the moment it lands on your skin. It stabilizes UV rays as it touched your skin, protects your skin from sunburns and it stays longer than ordinary sunscreen lotions.

And the effectiveness of Banana Boat Sunscreen lotions were exhibited at the recently concluded Banana Boat’s Fun Under the Sun Media Relay Challenge at Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo.

The relay started with shooting hoops then a relay at the resort’s Blind Man’s trails that’s filled with challenging obstacles. After the tricky mazes and obstacles, it was off to the gulping down of halo-halo before finally marking the end of the relay by hollering “Banana Boat!”.

Every part of the relay was done under the heat of the sun, but the media teams had so much fun without worries because they were protected by Banana Boat. “People want products that can keep up with their active lifestyle and products that won’t let them down and breakdown easily. Banana Boat Sunscreen lotion offers superior protection that fits any active lifestyle,” Banana Boat Sunscreen Brand Manager Kristine Benigno said.

Banana Boat Product Line:
Banana Boat Ultra Protect line available in SPF50 and SPF80 variants with Aloe Vera and Vitamin C & E
Banana Boat Sport line available in SPF50 and SPF110
Banana Boat Kids line available in SPF50

“Our vision is to be the leader in protective family sun care. Banana Boat is a family brand and we offer a wide range of products for you and your family,” Benigno said. “We want your family to enjoy memories under the sun. Because, as we all know, the best memories with kids and loved ones are spent outdoors,” she added.  Truly Banana Boat lives up to their promise, “We’ve Got You Covered!”

Banana Boat Sunscreen lotions are available at leading supermarkets, drugstores and health & beauty stores nationwide. 

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