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Monday, May 28, 2012


Brgy. Puray with the Energizer and One Million Lights Team

Solar Powered Light Set with 2 Solar Panels

Last May 26, 2012, I joined a very noble project with the PRC Inc. Team at the ENERGIZER-ONE MILLION LIGHT event at Brgy. Puray, Rodriguez, Rizal where a distribution of solar-powered lights to 280 families, who had been living in the dark for years, took place.

Personally, I never thought there’s still a place in Rizal (which I really consider as part of the Metro) where electricity is a mere distant dream but as soon as I hopped in the PRC van and headed there, I realized I was so clueless of so many things… the barangay is situated within mountains where the roads are still rough… power is surely out of reach.

When we got to Barangay Puray, people were already settled in the town’s covered basketball court. All thanks to Governor Ynares I guess (the name’s all over the place… but no offense to that… I think they really need a place to unwind). But what really surprised me is that they were a lot of people there; kids were everywhere, there were even some elderly that “WALKED” their way there just to get those lamps.

We had a chance to chat with some of them and they said they left their houses at 5AM and arrived at the court at 11AM. And the sad truth was, the travel was so long, since they travelled on foot since for them any mode of transportation is already a luxury they couldn’t afford.

I spent the day just observing these people and I realized how spoiled I may seem like. For them, my lifestyle would be that of how I perceive Paris Hilton's. I feel so bad of myself for taking for granted what I thought to be just another commodity. But for them, electricity was just another thing; it is a treasure that they aspire to get.

I know their local government is doing a LOT just to give their community a chance of a better life. But with the geographical location of the place and the fact that NOT a LOT of PRIVATE Companies are willing to help to get electricity in the community, I think it will take a lot of effort and time to get power into this town.

The Light-Less Barangay Hall
Textbooks stocked at the Barangay Hall for the children of Brgy. Puray
People of Brgy. Puray waiting for the program to begin
I am so glad that I joined this event. I love the fact that Energizer went out of their way and gave out a huge donation just to make this project work. I mean, it might seem so little of a light, but for them, these are already something that could help them have a better life. And through ONE MILLION LIGHTS Philippines, Energizer was able to reach out to these people.

Rizal was just one stop, and there are plenty more of places they need to get to, to share the gift of light.

Distribution of the Solar Powered Lights
Energizer Team explains usage and care for the Solar Powered Lights

Did I mention that ONE MILLION LIGHTS Philippines’ Country Manager is an 18 year old guy named Mark Lozano? This young lad is just the boy you would be so proud to be associated with. According to his mom, she saw early signs of his very noble acts even when he was younger. At 10, he liked the idea of giving out his toys to less privileged kids. At 18, he already gave out so many lights and a huge amount of hope to so many people in the country. If this guy ran for president in the NEAR FUTURE, this is the perfect guy. What more could he do in the years ahead? I AM SO SURE, IT WILL BE GREATER. We have here a modern day HERO for you!

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  1. it was a real noble act from unselfish few. sana marami pa mabiyayaan ng proyektong ito.
    Pero naisip ko lang, kung nakapagpatayo ang panlalawigang gobyerno ng covered court, bakit hindi sila mabigyan ng kuryente? Lumaki ako sa probinsya, at halos 4 na kilometro ang kailangang lakarin para makarating sa sakayan ng tricycle, then almost 45 mins ang byahe naman papunta sa sakayan ng jeep na patungo sa bayan. Imagine kung gaano kaliblib yung lugar namin, pero mula ng magkamalay ako, may kuryente na kami. Sa Rizal pa kaya? Ano ang problema?