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koko & everything else

Monday, March 12, 2012

"The Mutt Gets Stressed Too: How to De-Stress Your Dog" OUT NOW!!!!

There are two things in my childhood I remember.

One is that I am always surrounded by dogs and how much I loved it. My parents supported this affection for my canine buddies by almost turning our house into a canine zoo. I had all sorts of dogs: japanese spitz, poodles, american spaniel, labrador retriever, golden retriever, pomeranian, boston terrier and even the locally famous "askals" (asong kalye) or as presently called "aspins" (asong pinoy).

Ther other childhood memory is how much I wanted to be a writer. My yaya of 27 years (Im only 26, so just do the math) always remind me of the story when she would always tell me that someday I will be a journalist. Which in some way, I did became one... but not in the sense of TV reporters or newspaper-ish type. I became a feature and PR writer for magazines. I also became a blogger and now, I could say... I am a certified writer.

A few weeks ago, I received the greatest project of all. To write a book under my name. and guess what's the topic.... DOGS.

Something I mastered way way WAY back. I love dogs and lived with them for so long. I couldnt remember the time I was without a furry companion. I adore them and treat them like my very best friends.

And now... I fulfilled one of my many dreams. My ebook is out and its available in Amazon.com

Here it is....

"The Mutt Gets Stressed Too: How to De-Stress Your Dog" by Koko Tamura
(Gosh... I blush as I type my name beside it)

It's not much and its a short ebook on dog rearing but I do hope that it will be able to help some dog owners out there in figuring out their dogs and their behaviors.


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