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koko & everything else

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mesmerized by a Memory: Trip to Memory Lane Tagaytay

I heard it before and saw it on TV, local actress Jolina Magdangal who happens to be a really serious entrepreneur opened up her own restaurant/spa/salon/memorabilia destination in Tagaytay.

I was a bit curious before because the country-style look of the place was beyond intriguing. But I didn’t really have the time before until last week when my high school friends plus everyone’s boyfriend Desi and I decided to get on the road and finally check the place out.

Since it was a Friday, some filed a leave, some took off early and one had to rush from a mental hospital to Makati (true story… for those who knows me and my friends well… you know who that person was) for the meet up. I, for one, had to go to two meetings FAST just to be able to finish up by 4:30PM.

Then off to Tagaytay!

When we got there, the roads were already pretty dark. To get there, you must look for Leslie’s (a famous restaurant known for its bulalo in Tagaytay) then on the first road in front of Leslie’s, turn right. Then straight ahead. You will easily notice the place since it was perfectly lighted. The signs are big enough to be visible even at night.

The place was definitely mesmerizing. It had a homey feel to it. The light blue motif of the place made it more welcoming than it already was. The place was filled with little memorabilia but what I loved about it were the funny signs (posters). I got temporarily addicted to it, and I walked around the place searching for more…. And I ended up taking photos even in the toilet.

But the best part was the food part. We decided to order a few specialties just to try it out.

The Salad… I forgot what it was called but it was filled with greens, tomatoes and cucumbers. I think it’s a Caesar salad… but anyways it was great… so I totally recommend it, whatever it was called.

Spicy Salpicao… okay… this one is okay. I think I’ll give it a 3 out of 5… the only problem was… I didn’t really felt or tasted the spicy part… I don’t know if I am just too accustomed with spice that I failed to taste it… or it’s just not spicy at all… but well.. it was yummy though… minus the actual spice.

Sinigang na Lechon… their best seller… and it was the best!!!! It had the right taste to it… and the lechon bits was beyond expectation…. It wasn’t saggy or anything like that even drenched in soup… I think this is one of the best sinigangs I have ever tasted… and believe me… I tasted so many…. This one surely tops the charts

The Kare-Kare… it was a lot of Kare-Kare… it had a thick peanut buttery feel to it. Although I don’t really eat kare kare much… I think this one will pass most Kare-Kare lovers… it surely did satisfied Desi… he was savoring it the whole time….

Rice… well… what can I say… the rice tasted like RICE.

Too bad we weren’t able to try out the massages or the treatments… but we swore that we will be coming back to this place. We are even already planning our barkada anniversary here (which is in fact in December… so I guess we shouldn’t really hurry with the reservations).

But I guess next time; we should come a bit early and just dine there for lunch. The place opens at 11:00am and closes at 9:30pm.

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