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koko & everything else

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Looking for a NEW HOME

This is going to be a first on my blog but I decided to help out my girlfriend in selling her pug puppies.

For one, she's running out of space at her place coz she already have four grown dogs at home. and another four pups would really need a LOT of extra space

Another is that, it's getting expensive.... dog food for all eight dogs really needs deep pockets... She's starting to feel that all her hard earned moolah are going to the dogs... she loves them... but the expenses are soaring high

then there goes the VET visits.... she takes good care of them but juggling her work and her other errands keeps her too occupied... she would want to take them regularly for their regular check ups but she's really having a hard time scheduling...

and so... she's selling the pups!!!

Date of Birth: December 4, 2011
with PCCI papers and shots (Of course)

FAWN FEMALE PUG - Already Sold
BLACK MALE PUG - Php 15,0000

If you're interested... you can just text me at (0915) 4695099

I hope there's someone out there who can give a new home to these adorable pups... I would love to get one but I already have three wonderful dogs and I am still recovering from the loss of my TAMTAM (pomeranian) who passed away last year =(

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