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koko & everything else

Sunday, March 11, 2012


A week ago, it was Saturday night and me and my pal MIc (www.morbidmic.deviantart.com) decided to grab some pizza for dinner. It was actually my way of paying up coz he literally fixed my pc at home. BTW, it’s working well now… thanks for reformatting it)

Anyways, on our way to Yellow Cab along Macapagal Avenue (Aseana Park) we were welcomed by heavy traffic since it was already 10:30pm and it was a pyrolympics night. So I had to go straight and make a turn towards the Mall of Asia circle (where the globe is) and had to take the smaller roads to get to Aseana. I was driving pretty slow since the streets were packed. And just when I will be able to finally enter the circle traffic, I was maneuvering to the left to be able to get to the circle; a bus hit me on the side.

And what’s worse, the bus didn’t even noticed and didn’t stop at once, he kept moving for a few seconds… I had to blow my horn so many times, before it put on its brakes.

I quickly got out of the car and checked… good thing the traffic flow was slow or else… I would have put Mic’s life in danger…

I got out and the bus’ conductor came out and checked the damage with me. But the bus driver? He stayed inside the bus with a smug of a face.

I tried to calmly ask why they didn’t stopped the moment they hit me. But the conductor just shrugged and told me he didn’t really saw what happened since he was talking to a passenger when he felt the bump.

So I started to ask why the driver’s not coming out. And so he called the driver and they both went out to check the damage.

And here’s the part where I got pissed off. For one, I was trying to deal with it as calmly as possible… since the driver was a bit older and I wasn’t in the mood to be rude… But what made me freak the hell out was the driver’s initial attitude.

He was so rude. I was asking him questions and he did not even bother to look at me or even answer any of my questions. He just talked to the conductor and even said that it wasn’t that big anyway. I felt my blood rush through my veins, but I tried to hold it in.

Then what really made my bubble burst is when this driver tried to move the bus. He didn’t even bother to ask me. That’s when I had it. I yelled at him and even slammed my hand on the bus’ windshield. I couldn’t remember the exact words but I kind of told him that if he didn’t quit what he was trying to do, I will personally drag him out of the bus. (I know it was out of line but hey, I was furious and starving)

Then he came down and told me, he just wanted to look into the actual damage so he tried to move the bus a couple of inches away. But what made me mad was his attitude. He was rude and disrespectful and treated me like crap.

But when he realized I was getting mad and all.. (I was already yelling at him when he came down the bus), he suddenly became calm and even tried persuading me thinking I will give in. He make remarks like “hindi ko naman kayo tatakbuhan, sa ganda niyong yan, hindi ko naman kayo basta basta tatakbuhan” (for someone as pretty as you, I wouldn’t dare to run). And it made my blood boil… I yelled so hard and told him to shut up coz it wasn’t the time to make stupid remarks like that (okay, I didn’t really said stupid, but I said something like “ilugar mo yang sinasabi mo”)

Then when it hit him that such kind of persuasion wouldn’t do either, he went biblical on me. This is actually the part when I wanted to strangle him but I am glad I didn’t coz I would probably end up in jail. But what he said was… some sort of bible verses about caring and forgiving and he said he was a religious man and that every human being should care for another and learn to forgive. I was so mad at him at that point and I raised my hands and told him to SHUT UP. I said, first, don’t bring the name of God into such circumstances coz it’s not proper. And secondly, I told him how dare of him to say that I should just care, forgive and let go. He damaged my car and got me stranded and starving. I told him to quit whatever he’s doing and just deal with the problem.

He was actually surprised when his little speech did not work.

Okay, I do believe there is a God and I try to live my life within the path of goodness but it really makes me mad when people get all biblical and self-righteous when they f*ck up (please excuse my language). What’s the deal with him anyway? Is he some kind of a psycho with multiple personalities?

First, he was all rude and couldn’t even spend a few seconds to look directly into my eyes when he speaks. Then he turned into this slick freak and tried persuading me with flowery compliments. Then he became all spiritual and biblical. I was so mad that night that I didn’t want to see any more of his freakin personalities.

So after an hour or so, we came into a resolution and made him write a letter with his name and signature on it. But actually, the damage wasn’t that bad but what’s sad about it is that these bus drivers are getting crazier by the second. And if these are the people we entrust our lives with (since we ride public transports every day of our lives) then we are doomed!

Oh another thing… this bus driver hit me outside the yellow lane. As far as I know, buses shouldn’t be allowed to drive outside their lane. This is what happens when bus drivers break the law… they get into accidents, bother some other person’s life or worse, hurt another person. I am just glad that it wasn’t that bad… because all his biblical talks wouldn’t matter if that accident ended up in a much worse scenario.


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  1. uo nga po eh... talagang nakakatakot mag drive yang mga BUS na yan.