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koko & everything else

Friday, January 20, 2012

Why I got Lost and now I’m Back

For a few months I wasn’t able to update my blog. Which really made me sad but hey, a girl’s gotta work right?

Well anyways, there are a few things that happened to me:

1. I lay low on the family business and decided to do it on my own
2. I went to join a big manufacturing company
3. I resigned from the big manufacturing company
4. I went jobless and super broke
5. I began writing again
6. And now I am working as a freelance writer and still helping out with the family business
7. I think I will be a partner to another business (but that is another story)

Okay and all those things happened in just 4 months. How about that? I think I should really congratulate myself for living a fast life…. Literally, I mean who could have had the most unsettling life?

Yep,,,, that’s me.

I am not proud of this though. ( I don’t know if I seem to show the contrary) I just cant believe myself that I pulled that one in so little time… and in between those things I was able to tag along with my aunt who visited us here in the Philippines and went out-of-town and things like that.

It was a roller coaster ride for me but I think the good thing about it is I learned a few lessons along the way (YES, I DID… OKAY)

1. Having a stable income doesn’t guarantee happiness
2. Having no plans will definitely not give any results
3. Write down plans or make your own vision board and place it to a place you wouldn’t miss
4. Be happy with what you have but don’t settle for less
5. And… yellow is the lucky color for the year of the dragon!

Okay, so the last one has nothing to do with what happened… But I read this a few hours ago and I feel like it is my obligation to share it LOL

So anyways, I am definitely back to writing and of course, I AM SO BACK BLOGGING… and Happy CHINESE new YEAR to all… how do they say it in Chinese? I think its Kung Hey Fat Choy (or something like that… No offense to my Chinese friends… please understand… I am not Chinese… although a lot says I do look like one… )

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