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Saturday, January 28, 2012


I was writing an article about workaholism and I can’t stop thinking about my dad. You see, my dad is really a great provider. He made sure there were plates on the table, he made sure I get to the good schools and university, he made sure I can watch Power Rangers at Cuneta Astrodome (that was several years ago that my mom hated… hahaha can’t blame her… I’ll hate it now too) and he made sure I can go places. He said that experience is the best teacher so we traveled whenever we can.

But my dad? He is a total workaholic… he spends time thinking about work. I can even say he spends more time working than sleeping, eating, socializing and being with his family combined. I couldn’t really say that its bad… I was the one who benefitted from it, in a way… but I think it’s really putting a toll on his health. One time, I heard a story that right after a medical procedure or something… he rushed out and went to work. What the hell was that…. If I were sick, moreover got operated on… I will be hibernating and resting my ass off.

Then there’s my mom who seem like the carefree person in the world. But her mind is actually full of work thoughts. And when she does have a time off… she still thinks about work. I think the only time she wouldn’t be thinking about work will be when we’re out having a coffee… but then again, one way or another, she’ll be discussing work. But well, my mom also provided me all of the stuff, some I need and some, not really need but I want. She even gave a car at 18 just because I wanted one ever since I was able to talk. But really, despite all the things I got on behalf of their workaholism… I really think it’s bad for them… for anyone for that matter.

But I love my mom and dad for showing me the value of hard work. I saw them with sleepless night doing what seem to be the never ending reports that I wonder what for… I mean, I get why their doing the reports… but it really doesn’t make sense that it never ends. And then there’s the early meeting and the late night meetings… Holy Crap! How can you talk all day? I tried that and I ended up drained with a candy as a topic, and even that seemed hard.

But my parents? After all that? They’ll be doing another reports, proposals, letters… whatever… then they’ll sleep for like 2 hours or less… then back to work again. And if you ask them? They’ll just say they are happy doing it.

And now… with both my parents as workaholics… I ask myself? Will I inherit that? I create a few articles a day. Make proposals here and there. I got to meetings. I do some reports. I make presentations. But all in all, I think I am spending like roughly 25 hours a week for work. I make time for Facebook, for blogging, for cooking (if im up to it). I sleep whenever I want. I eat whenever I want. I spend most time watching movies, reading a book or surfing the net. But I think I really sleep too much… LOL

But if workaholism is hereditary… maybe it skipped a generation. Whenever I compare myself to my parents… I feel like a huge lazy ass. I feel like I am not doing well with my life. But then again, I am happy with what I do. I am a diverse person with many interests. But if it is in fact hereditary… is it something you require with age? I got my wisdom tooth already peeking… is that a sign that I will be eventually a workaholic? LOL

Well… but the truth is… I love my parents even more. I look up to them thinking that if they weren’t like that, I wouldn’t be living a fairly good life. Now that I’m a grown up… with a wisdom tooth… I guess I have to follow their footsteps… but not so much… well for one, I’ll be wearing flip flops as I follow their leather shoe prints… and I’ll be sitting on the sofa as I make my proposals… but either way… I will try to love work on a certain level… but I really don’t know if I’ll ever get to their level.

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