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koko & everything else

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Simply Sweet, Simply Irresistible! A Haagen-Dazs Experience

What’s better than celebrating a “month-sary” the sweetest way possible? Yep, it would either involve chocolates or ice cream, or maybe just both!

There’s nothing really extra-ordinary with Haagen-Dazs, aside from the fact that its tastier and way pricier than most local brands, but on a special day, a scoop just makes the dessert experience worth every penny, and worthwhile!

So just a few days ago, after dinner, we swung by the Haagen-Dazs shop at the Mall of Asia. It had fancy seats, which were fairly comfortable. Although I wasn’t really game for a total sugar experience since I’m pre-diabetic, I just opt to get a scoop of Rum Raisin. It was served simply but oozing with sweetness, trace of rum and good ‘ol creamy vanilla.

Haz, on the other hand, was craving for something more fancy than what I ordered but not exactly too extravagant. Something basic but with a little twist and so she decided to get a scoop of strawberry on top of their warm, fudgy brownie. She wanted to get the Dark Chocolate Orange at first, unfortunately, it wasn’t available.

Despite the short stay, the whole experience really made the day a sweet and memorable one. But if you want a deeper Haagen-Dazs experience, you may check out their shop at the second level of SM Mall of Asia. You can choose from a variety of scooped ice cream if you want a simple treat like us, or you can just choose from their “coffee table book – like” menu that showcases fancy blended drinks, parfaits, fondues and even ice cream cakes.

Totally a sweet trip you don’t want to miss!

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