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koko & everything else

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Saved by the "FLYING ILAW THING" (term coined by Maiers of Randomness is Bliss)

(Photos by Hazhazie: http://hazhazie.multiply.com)

A few nights ago, as we were preparing for our beauty (or the lack of) rest… we were surprised by pitch darkness…

Yes, after many years or months of uninterrupted power, we, the residents of imus, cavite (excat location will not be disclosed) experienced a black out. Or in the case of us, Filipinos, its popularly known as BROWN OUT.

History of why it’s coined as BROWN OUT is something I really don’t know and I don’t bother to know at all. But anyways….

When the light suddenly went out, I was sitting at the dining area while waiting for “mine” to come out from the bathroom. Of course, she was mid-way done with taking a bath and went blind right there in the bathroom. I quickly searched our kitchen drawers, cupboards and every place o could think of for a decent spare candle with my “very handy” cellphone flash light.

Unfortunately, we ran out of candles and the only candle my yaya could find was a blue damage-ly used candle. I quickly tried to light it and gave it to “mine” in the bathroom.

Then off to another CANDLE SEARCH. Good thing I remembered we had this Christmas figurines that had little tea candles in it. It was little but then, it’s good enough to give us temporary light. With little light, we were able to take a quick shower just before bedtime. The sad news is, it’s very risky to sleep with a candle on… but really creepy to sleep in pitch black.

But our problem was solved. Mine was able to think of something that could save us from that night of darkness.

It was Maier’s Christmas gift: the FLYING ILAW THING (as mai told me)

Yep it was the best BLACK OUT SOLUTION. Less risk, bright light and we were able to take some photos despite the circumstances hahaha

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