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Thursday, March 10, 2011


I am not the techie type of person. I don’t use gadgets so much. I am just happy that I can text, call, take photos, and browse the internet. That’s it. So for me, getting an iPhone was a no-brainer, NOT A PRIORITY! I don’t even get amused with the applications since I am contended playing games with my laptop or not playing games at all. As for the other apps, oh well, I can live without it.

But just recently, iPhone changed my perception.

Here’s what happened. Every day, I drive an hour just to get home from work. Imagine working all day and driving for another extra hour. That night, I was not alone. My girlfriend was with me and she also stayed all day at the office. So she endured the long day and drive with me, in short.

And because we were exhausted, by the time we get home, we usually shift to our “zombie mode”. Moving and doing things without thinking. And as I parked my car, gathered my things, and automatically got out of the car, my girlfriend (mine) was doing the exact same thing.

Unfortunately, she forgot about her phone on her lap. As she got out from the car with her phone on her lap, the phone just dramatically slid down and dived straight to the drainage (or drains, I don’t really quite get how to identify that hole).

Yes, the iPhone went down the drain! Literally! Mine was in shock that time that she remained standing frozen staring at the hole. I quickly tried to think of a way how to open the manhole just above that freakin’ hole. And while Mine was trying to digest the fact that her phone was now floating away towards the sewers, I just couldn’t let it go.

I grabbed my steering wheel lock, which was actually a metal rod, I tried my best to open the man hole. After like 20 to 30 minutes, I managed to pull it open, with the help of my mom and Mine.

Good thing the drain was not filled up with water. The iPhone was like 5inches submerged in the dirty water, gently lying down the bed of mud. With fishing net on hand, Mine fished for the phone and saved it from the mess it was in (literally).

Of course, the phone was without power. I quickly grabbed it and washed it with running water. So imagine what the iPhone had gone through: 20 to 30 minutes mud dip and a 2 minute shower. You could just imagine how sad Mine looked as she stared at her phone, hopeless.

But amazingly and to my surprise, as Mine was toweling it dry, it turned on.

We quickly turned it off again, and let it dry for the night. So what happened then? The iPhone was alive and kickin’!

1.Always make sure your iPhone is safe and secured in your pocket or in your bag or wherever as long as it will be safe and far from the drains

2.Use cling wrap! Yes, the plastic cover we use for our left overs. What Mine did was wrapped the phone with cling wrap beneath the protector. Her main purpose was to minimize or prevent scratches, but as you can see, it can also make your iPhone almost waterproof.

I am no iPhone fan before this incident. But right now, I am seriously considering buying one if I decided to change my phone. I think the price would be worth it, considering what has happened and the iPhone is still doing great!

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