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Monday, March 28, 2011

CAFÉ on a MISSION: Nature’s Original Vegetarian and Natural Food

(Photos by Hazel Rebutoc http://hazhazie.multiply.com)
(Flyers by PETA, from Nature's Original)

It was actually an unplanned trip to Silang in search of good ‘ol kapeng barako that my mom loves so much. But what seemed to be an innocent spur-of-the-moment trip became somewhat eye-opener for me in the world of vegetarianism.

I remember a few years ago, I already got the chance to visit this place and drink their unlimited coffee with muscovado sugar sweetener. I was young then, and although I have always been fascinated with the ambiance of the area, I would always choose to just go to Starbucks Tagaytay over this simple café.

But just recently, I got the chance to visit it again. And still, I still got hooked appreciating their collections of mugs and their Hindu-like theme of the whole café with matching painting and figurines. It was really a nice place to chill and appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

We ordered the usual: coffee with muscovado sugar (but this time it wasn’t bottomless unlike when I was a kid). But what really got me curious was their huge sign that says, “Vegetarian”. I admit, for me, that word is like a dreaded disease. I love meat and I will always enjoy a decent juicy burger!

But their intense advocacy towards vegetarianism really got me curious. But what really made me interested was when this guy handed out a couple of flyers and pamphlets for us to read. It was a brochure from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and on its front page was this line, “IF YOU WOULDN’T EAT YOUR DOG…” in bold white letters with a huge photo of a dog caught in fishing rod hook.

I love dogs! I have four actually and two of them actually are adopted ones from a person who couldn’t really take care of her anymore and the other one, we just came across the road going to the office (but that’s another story that I would also blog in another time). But the image of a dog maltreated this way made my heart hurt a bit. How could anyone be so cruel?

But then, as I read through the pamphlet, I understood what they meant. The piece of paper was trying to make people realize what they are doing to the fishes. We parade around saying we love animals, but in reality, most people love just dogs or cats, or just their own pets. But to love animals in general was another thing.

And here it said so many points oh why we should stop eating fish (or maybe just stop hurting them).

Another flyer discussed about circus animals, and how we should stop supporting such entertainment because behind the happy faces of circus performers are animals caged and being denied of their freedom. They may be making us happy for a short while, but in exchange the animals get “lonely days and scary nights” as the flyer says.

Other flyers also discussed animal rights and protection.

One more thing, there was a simple flyer that invites people to a free meal for free that’s all vegetarian. And this on the other hand was intended if you’re interested to learn more about Krishna, chanting and vegetarianism.

This simple coffee trip really made me realize how sad it is that the world became so cruel to animals. And I am glad that there are people who are concerned and really try to advocate proper animal treatments.

Although, I honestly cannot imagine myself being vegetarian and trying to do so would be very hard for me, I still try to practice other means of protecting animals and making other people realize it as well. Maybe in the long run, people would start caring more for these innocent living creatures that are made by God to live among us. Let’s not deny them the good life that we enjoy. The earth is big enough for all of us, we don’t need to hurt them or deny them good life for our mere entertainment and satisfaction. How selfish can we get?

Nature’s Original Vegetarian and Natural Food
Located at: 082 Km, 53 Gen. Aguinaldo Hiway, Brgy. Buho, Silang, Cavite
Cellphone #s: 0917-7389982 / 0927-9092088

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