koko & everything else

koko & everything else

Friday, June 11, 2010

THINGS you shouldnt expect from this blog

for those people who got nothing to do and decided to read my blogs... hmmm i dont know if i should thank you for giving a piece of your time... but then again... you have NOTHING to do... so maybe you should be thanking me coz you got something now on your plate.

okay for the THINGS YOU SHOULDNT EXPECT from this BLOG

1. Do not expect to see a well-written article on certain topics... i may mispelled alotta things (coz my fingers keep tangling with each other and im too lazy to edit it) i do not intend to construct a grammatically correct and structured articles/blogs... i would like to say anything in randomness... so please bear with the here and there comments

2. i may blog about serious topics like climate change, envirinment protection and stuff lke that but dont expect that everyday coz sometimes or most of the time i may blog about FLYING ROACHES and my trauma with it

3. i dont expect you to read my blogs... this is just a mere outlet for the daily stress... but if you do read this... well... i hope youll be entertained.... but dont epxect me to blog regularly... i have things to do.. you know....

4. dont expect praises and positive comments from me... but if i do.. then that thing must be really great.... but do expect a lot of sarcasm and negative remarks... i do that all the time... not to insult though... its for improvement... im not perfect... and so is everything else

5. usually i may run out of things to say... so dont expect much from me... but if you think you can do better,... then write your own blog hahaha


btw, i may repost things from my Facebook and deviant art account... but you will be informed on that... haha

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